Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sweet Time ~

Sweet time, exaggerated days 
early beginning at dawn's light 
silent time on the edge of dark 
angels singing quietly, watching 
mankind, throw back the covers 

first sunrays strike my face 
topping the crest over the valley 
sky, rose- streaked coral 
wide awake, wild canaries hail me 

umbilical cord tying me to heaven 
logic eludes me on such a morn 
but the exotic and prickly sense 
of pulsating, throbbing life
impinges, bombards from my toes 
to my astonished eyes 

my heartbeat up several notches 
smiles cavorting 

salivating touch and texture 
rough as tree bark, smooth silk 
aroma, lavender and wild roses 
in the liquid silence, I stand 
stretch, acknowledge this new day
this brand new, beautiful day!
photo is my friend Lorraine's 
thank you for allowing me to use it 


  1. Margie, you're definitely an Earthling. Beautiful description of waking to the wonder of this planet.

  2. Margie,

    This poem has the energetic, uplifting chorous of a fine church choir...Such an endearing praise for the beauty we awake to. I guess there are days when I forget to be thankful..

    Thank you for your visit Margie. Always appreciated, like a visit from a good friend. Makes the world a smaller place:)


  3. I feel so positive and happy when I read this Margie.
    I love the lines that you've written to your daughter too. Beautiful... She is so lucky to have you.

  4. Margie, I began to think about my sweet time and I tried to related to what you wrote and I found a few moments i could relate and it made me happy.

    Beautiful and full of profound meaning poem!!!

    Warm hugs from Kaya to a wonderful poet Margie.

  5. wow what a greating of the day eh? all out...i like the umbilical to heaven as well...not a bad tether to have...i like all the texture you give the day as well...

  6. A beautiful poem and a lovely flower to accompany it. Every day is a beautiful new day!

  7. Oh spirits were so lifted when I read this beautiful poem!
    I am reminded to be profoundly grateful for every single day on this precious planet.
    Hugs xxx

  8. i would have missed a lot if i hadnt stopped by here because when the heart speaks you got to listen :)

    quite a few beautifully written poems..
    thanks for stopping by

  9. And in my mind I whisper your words again, they're soft on my trouble mind and eases are truly and forever, an angel xxxx

  10. Oh, the lovely crocus...first brave bloom to show her face in my Spring garden. What a beautiful beautiful poem, Margie. Soft and tender.

  11. oh my so much to love about this "umbilical cord tying me to heaven" for starters and then that Photo.. oh my gorgeosity!! xo

  12. Hi Margie,
    Wonderful poem and well said!
    Everyday is always a new beginning for us.
    I love the photo!
    Have a wonderful day!:)

  13. Lucky Granddaughter to have you to read and encourage her with prose and poetry at an important time in her life, Margie. Have a wonderful weekend, too.

  14. Beautiful Margie! I can see everything you wrote!
    My friend, you should come to my blog! You will be happy, I hope ;o)

  15. Beautiful poem honoring the start of the day, just lovely... The photo is also very pretty.

  16. Olá,
    mais um poema maravilhoso, que enaltece a natureza, que tanto devia ser preservada.


  17. "Tomorrow is another day" - the ultimate promise.
    Another day, a new day, a new beginning, a fresh start - makes us feel good , energetic. So does your poem, Margie.

  18. beautiful poem Margie and a lovely flower.:)

  19. I can feel your savor... Thank You for the delight...

  20. First off, beautiful photo from Lorraine. Your talent for poetry can only come from one place - God! This is gorgeous.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker