Thursday, September 12, 2013

Midnight Visitor ~

when the clouds have wrapped around the night 
and trees have caught the stirring of the wind
across his sleep the dog has smelled the rain 
felt the currents of a summer storm ~

before a human ear has caught the tone
of thunder as it moves around the sky 
he twitches in his dream and starts to moan 
shivers march in furrows down his back ~

a cold nose burrows underneath my hand 
paws are planted firmly on the bed
terror's language I can understand 
take the paws and stroke the noble head ~

last evening, heavy rains, thunder and lighting woke us all up around midnight
Jake had a difficult time with all of it
comforting him ~  he slept soundly ~  cozied up next to me ~ 
(this is one of my favorites photos of Jake, so peaceful)


  1. Beautiful poem. My Sadie reacts pretty much the same way. They must sense the difference in air pressure, because they always know when it is going to storm.

  2. well done, beautiful poem and what a sweetie Jake is, and you are right... it is a great photo, he looks so noble.. xo

  3. Very beautiful and stirring words, Margie! I'd love to hug Jake...what a handsome boy he is~~~


  4. Lovely poem and a beautiful photo to go with it. I think animals sense much more than we do.

  5. Beautiful poem. Your words are lovely. I love the photo of your dog too, he looks so sweet.

  6. What a sweetie and your description is perfect. Don't float away down there - raining here in the high country, too.

  7. oh sorry he got scared, but he is a early warning system as well...and he knows where to go for comfort too...smiles.

  8. A beautiful and cozy poem, Margie. And I see you got your dog a nice brown neoprene nose --goes with his coloring better than the black rubber noses most dogs have.

  9. Jake is lovely! Poor guy. Our shepherd, Riley, who recently passed had a bad time with storms. Our labradoodle isn't too bothered, unless I am and then she gets anxious. We had storms, too, last night. Hours and hours of them. Sorry to hear about the flooding! Hope it abates quickly!

  10. Margie, this is a beautiful poem! I reread it a few times. I love poetry and I could never write even a one poem in my life. It's not given to me.

    When I saw Jake I thought that he looks like my dog Tasha. Your Jake is adorable. He has a difficult time with thunder and lightning and my Tasha also.

    Yes, we have to give them comfort and let them know that they are protected also.

    This is a wonderful picture of Jake. He is so cozy when he is sleeping.

  11. Outstanding when the weather's bad and is so loud you want to snuggle up to those who love you so, I love this Margie!!!!

  12. Olá,
    A foto é espetacular, é uma ternura de um belo amigo, os animais tem mais sensibilidade para sentir o que vai acontecer.



  13. Love you Jake! Beautiful poem my friend ;o)

  14. Hi Margie! Its great to meet you and thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment!

    Jake is so precious and what a beautiful poem. So special and so loving. Have a wonderful weekend. Robin

  15. Margie, it is JOY to read how you put yourself in Jake's head. You can then think like him> I do that even with a tree, sometimes, or a bird, who chirps then responds to my "chirps".

    A lovely poem, with which nearly everyone can identify. Thank you.

    Like the word "noble" in ref to a loved-and-loving animal.

  16. He is so beautiful...I would so love to stroke that noble head too!
    I think an approaching storm must be really uncomfortable to a dog's senses. It even gives me a headache, and animals are so much more sensitive. I really feel for them...:)

  17. i just love the way you paint pictures with your words...and your furry friend warms my heart <3

  18. Wow, how beautiful! Love that photo and your poem.

  19. Ah, yes the knowing and wisdom of our dear pets... allowing us to prepare for the weather ahead... the true meaning of giving comfort without words ever gifted on to us... and this so beautifully expressed in your heart paced words. Thank You dear Margie.

  20. Thanks very much, Bonnie.
    I like the name Sadie, a good friend had a golden Sadie once.

    Cat, thanks so much on the kind words.
    Jake is truly a sweetie.

    Jan, many thanks.
    Jake is a hugger and I'm sure he would love to hug you too.
    A hug from Jake and I to you.

    Martha, thank you very much.
    I appreciate your kind comment.

    Thanks so much, Lisa.
    And Jake is my sweetie.
    Always by my side.

    Barb, thank you.
    We have not floated away but it's so sad how some of Colorado has been hit by the rains.

    Brian, thank you and yes, we comforted each other.

    Thanks a lot, Geo.
    And I love his nose coloring too.

    Kim, thank you.
    Yes, Jake is my lovely boy.

    Kaya, I appreciate the kind words.
    Thanks so much.
    Tasha must be beautiful.

    Lorraine, we snuggle even when the weather is good, we are just a couple of snuggling buddies.
    Thank you, my friend. x

    ag, gracias.

    Stacy, thank you dear.

    Robin, so nice to visit you and have you return the visit.
    Thanks for the kind words.

    Steve, such a lovely comment.
    Many thanks.
    And I can see you "chirping" along with the birdies.
    How nice :)

    Many thanks, Marianne.
    Nice to have you visit again.

    Ygraine, thank you.
    I shall stoke the noble head for you. x

    Feathers, many thanks on the kind words.

    Sandy, thanks so much for the nice comment.

    Rosemarie, your kind words are greatly appreciated.
    I thank you kindly.


    Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed Sunday.


  21. What a sweet boy. There's nothing like cuddling with a furry friend during a thunderstorm!

  22. Very sweet poem Margie!! Jake is so cute!
    My dog is terrified of fireworks. She hides when people are shooting off fireworks every fourth of july.


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