Thursday, February 19, 2009


So often, I'm moved by ordinary things
my "doses of reality"
the birds, the clouds, a song ...
I am ecstatic over the beauty of life
the loveliness of nature ...
the majesty of a building.

There are times when I giggle out loud
simply because there is not enough ...
room inside me to contain it
I call those times "doses of reality"

Then there are times
I am moved by
people who are hungry
and things in life that don't work ...
I cry for them, for their plight
their misfortune
and I am thankful for what I have ...
and what I am
and for what I sometimes consider


  1. Margie, That is so nice! It shows alot of feeling and compassion. It makes me think of others in their plight and lucky and grateful for what I have.


  2. this is beautiful, shows that reality can wear many different faces...and that really, loveliness is all around us all the time in the simplest of things...what some of us think in our own lives as ordinary there are others who would see as extraordinary...

  3. So true Margie. It's all about perpective, isn't it?

  4. That makes you a great human beings Margie, in touch with life! :))

    We have Shivaratri festival on Monday, another vegetarian platter I have to make for that. My kids are really really tired of veg food now! ;D

  5. Margie that was simply beautiful and made me a touch misty-eyed. :)

  6. so beautifully expressed... love it.

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  8. Very well-said Margie!

    We r blessed to hv the ordinary things in our lives..cos they make LIFE. And some ppl dun even hv the good fortune of hvn those ordinary things in life.

    The gift of Optimism is very rare and Im glad u hv it, just like me.

    ur a wonderful person Margie!

    One more ordinary yet magical thing happened to me yday...I listened to ur sweet msg on my home phone's ans-machine! TY u made me smile all the way! :) It may hv been just a msg from a friend...but it meant alot to me!



  9. Beautiful sentiments, Margie!

  10. u r a vy beautiful person margie...i thot he had stopped makin ppl like u but i guess i was wrong

  11. SImple things are beautiful with a great heart.

  12. Thank you so much, Anne!
    We all should be grateful for what we know the saying "There but for the grace of God, go you or I."

    Hello Joanne
    As always, your nice comment is most appreciated.
    Thanks very much!

    Yes Art, it certaintly is.
    Thank you for your visit!

    Hi Asha
    I try my best, Asha.
    Many thanks to you, dear!

    Enjoy the Shivaratri festival and I would love the veg plater.
    The kids will just have to smile & enjoy it, too.

    Hello Janice
    Your lovely comment made me smile.
    That my poem made you misty-eyed touched me very much!
    Thanks so much, my friend!

    Thanks very much, polona!

    Hi Keshi
    Yes, it's so true, we are blessed with the ordinary things (ordinary, but beautiful too) and so many don't even have that.
    That is very sad!

    I don't know if I'm wonderful but I try my best to be the best I can be...thanks so much for that, dear!
    Now, you now how much I think about you and your big heart.

    Oh, so glad my little message meant so much to you...I'm smiling:):)


    Hello Mayz
    Your comment is the sweetest one I have ever received.
    You made me all teary-eyed.
    Thanks very, very much!
    You are so kind!


    Thank you, Andrew!

    Hello Priya
    Many thanks for that nice comment!

  13. Missed your comment, Aurora.
    Thank you, very much!
    Your kind words are appreciated!


  14. we are but, the ordinary people, we are the one who make this world, we are the one who are the very cause of everything, we are the one who are blessed, we are the one who can create the difference.

  15. Very, very well said, ! Teq-uila!
    Loved your comment!


  16. I am also taken by your words. It is those who hurt and need the empathy and help that affect me greatly. Usually too proud to ask for help they go on with their lives in hope and promise, trying the best they can against sometimes unbearable odds.
    I help when I can but do not always know who is suffering!

  17. Hi Goatman
    Your comment shows your compassion!
    It touched my heart!

    I agree that we do not always know who is suffering but when we help anyone in need it helps us just as much...probably more, actually!
    To help one in need is a blessing in our life!

    Take care.



Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker