Thursday, February 05, 2009


I like to be alone with me
I find myself good company

I think and feel and deeply muse
and learn to know my innermost views

There are surprises endlessly
I know not what my thoughts will be

And time goes skimming by so fast
the peaceful hours are soon past

I hear some speak of evenings long
and slowly passed as time gone wrong

Not so for me! These hours are mine
as precious gifts, and almost divine

Oh, I need friends and company
and cherish all they mean to me

For solitude cannot be long
and swiftly must it sing its song

Life needs contrast as does true art
and interludes are ever short

Activity must precede rest
and peace well-earned has met its test

But as the shadows follow sun
so do my special hours run

When solitude succeeds life's pace
I find peace in my own space.


  1. this is completely my type of poem :)..i need so many frnds around and feel sad sometimes if they leave :)..

    **Life needs contrast as does true art
    and interludes are ever short

    superb lines :)...


  2. Margie,
    This poem truly describes what solitude is. This poem shows that we need time to reflect, think, and enjoy the time by ourselves. In are lives we need this time, to be a better person and then we can enjoy being with others.

    Great one!

  3. Nice to know the person you are, Margie :)


  4. Nice - solitude can be a wonderful thing~

  5. this is so wonderful, Margie...

    time for just be with refill...recharge... bask in the I am...and then to bask in others and soak in them too...yes... the need for contrast...

    thank you for this...just beautiful and so inspired and inspiring...

  6. lovely, margie... i wish i had more time alone wih me...

  7. Sounds like I am that woman, Margie! I would rather spend most time in solitude than socializing! :D

  8. Nice poem Margie. I definitely need my alone time too. : )

  9. Great to have our own space to be with ourself :D

  10. Solitude is as important as interaction. Good one Margie - much enjoyed.

  11. hi...keshi has dedicated to u on my blog...plz come n chk it out :)

  12. Yes,
    One's own space is beautiful.
    Sometimes finding that space is so hard when all around you is collapsing. If we can find that space to rejuevenate and find solace. It is then we find the solution to all that which is around us. Being you is Good!

  13. Very nice. Would solitude be the yin or the yang , , , I wonder?

  14. Hi.....
    Your inspiring poetry made me put on my thinking cap and activated my brain cells. Many thanks.

  15. that was beautifully my kind of a person...findin solace in oneself n ones own thoughts...

    Transfixed by time...unbroken.

  16. Solitude is a great company, I should know..

  17. I love this one Margie and can so, defernately relate.. ;)

  18. Hello Hemu
    Thank you very much for your nice comment on my poem.
    ** Life needs contrast as does true art
    and interludes are ever short**
    I'm glad to know you appreciated those lines.

    Hi Anne
    Thank you so much, my friend!
    In solitude we understand who we really are.

    Thanks very much, Devika!
    I enjoyed writing this one.

    Hello Art
    Thank you so much!
    Yes, a wonderful thing.

    Your wonderful comment on my poem is much appreciated!
    Thanks so very much!

    Hi Polona
    That alone time is not always easy to find.
    Thank you for the nice words!

    Hello Asha
    Then I guess you could really relate to this poem.
    Enjoy your times of solitude.

    Thank you, Anali
    Alone time is good for our souls!

    It's a very good thing....I agree with you, Betty.

    Isn't that so very true, Janice.
    Thank you & I'm so glad you enjoyed!

    Hi Mayz
    Thank you for letting me know about that.

    Hello Marie
    ** One's own space is beautiful.**
    Yes, I'm in complete agreement with you on that.
    We need time for solitude, time to be quiet and alone and look within.

    Thank you, Goatman.
    I would say it's both.

    Hello Susan
    Welcome & your kind words on my poetry are very appreciated.
    Thanks very much!

    Thank you for the return visit and very nice comment on my poem.

    ** Solitude ... unspoken
    Transfixed by time...unbroken **
    Lovely....I love that!

    Hello Gautami
    That is great...enjoy!

    Hi Eric
    Very glad to know you relate.
    Many thanks to you!


  19. Just love this piece of solitutde:))


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker