Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I've a wonderful neighbor I'll try to describe
one whom everyone loves at first sight
her twinlking blue eyes speak of kindness and truth
her manners are pleasingly right.

She's tactful and gracious to each everyone
she smiles often and is most sincere
if it were in my power my neighbor would win
the "Good Neighbor reward of the Year."

You can tell she has faith as she carries her load
for she labors in love every day
hope is her strength and joy her reward
she deserves to be "Queen for a Day!"


  1. Hy Margie,
    What a wonderful poem! This poem reminds me a of nieghbor that I had. Because of personality that you described, we have become such good friends. It is such a light and happy poem!

    Great job, my friend!

  2. Such a sweet tribute to your neighbor Margie! Hope she gets to see this lovely poem.

  3. thank you ...sounds like your neighbor is wonderful

  4. To say all these wonderful things about neighbor says something about you too Margie, that she also has beautiful neighbor like you! :))

  5. I would love to meet your neighbour someday Margie :) I need such lady in my neighbourhood too :D

  6. Its rare that one finds a great neighbor. Im so very glad for ya! The reason why ur neighbor is so great is cos ur a great person too. How can anyone be mean to an angel?


  7. Margie how nice of you to write about your neighbor,I am sure she is wonderful.I wish I had a neighbor like that.(actually My neigbors are good.)sorry have not been around much was not well.

  8. I know many like her,
    Neighbours forming theme for a peom is nice :)

    and a Good one, Margie


  9. nice poem...

    i loved it..

    a good one on those who live close by

    thanks for dropping by


    commenting from my mail account cos i am doing some repair work in my page

  10. Hi, Margie. I had a neighbour like that once!

    It's good to read your poetry again. I'm sure you're going to look gorgeous on Valentine's Day in your pretty pink shirt. :)

  11. I love the lyrical poetry, gives such a lilt, as if in song.. Nicely done Margie.. :)

  12. wow...that is so nice...and such a lovely gesture

    hug, p

  13. Hello Anne
    I'm glad you liked "my light & happy" (as you described it) poem.
    Thanks very much!

    Thanks so much, Janice!
    Yes, my friend saw it and she said it made her feel very special!
    That is how I wanted her to feel.

    Hello Kai
    She is truly wonderful!
    Thank you.

    Hi Asha
    That was so sweet of you to say that.
    Thanks very much!

    Hello Betty
    If you met her you would love her!
    Neighbors like her are so special!

    Hi Keshi
    You are sweet!
    Thank you for saying that.

    Hello Starry
    I hope you are feeling better.
    Do take care.

    I enjoyed writing about my neighbor as she is so special and also my friend.

    I am glad to know you have good neighbors too.

    Hi Andrew
    It is always nice to have such a neighbor!

    Thank you, Devika and I'm glad you know many like my neighbor.

    Hello Chronicwriter
    Thanks for the visit & comment.
    I appreciate it.

    Thanks so much, Art!

    Hi Aurora
    Aren't neighbors like this just wonderful.
    I'm happy to know you had one like the one I wrote about.

    Thanks so much for your visit and I'm very happy you came by to read my poetry.

    Ah, the pink shirt I plan on wearing on Valentine's Day.
    It is very pretty.
    How sweet of you to mention it:)

    Hi Eric
    Oh, I'm so glad it could give a lift, as if in song.
    So nice of you to say that!
    Thanks very much!

    Hi Patricija
    I appreciate your kind words.
    Thank you so much!
    A hug to you.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker