Saturday, February 07, 2009


The sun is shining by the seaside
the sands are sparkling on the shore ...
your eyes are shining now upon me
and my heart is sparking to its core ...
I am happy, happy here beside you
and out across the ocean's foam ...
we are seeing dreams and visions
of a shining, sparkling home ...
and your love is all I'm asking
nothing more or less will do ...
and when through all of life I journey
hand in hand, dear heart with you ...
just love me, love me, love me
is all I ask of you.


( Dedicated to my true love, my husband.)


  1. beautiful and i am loving it so much :)...


  2. that is so sweet and lovely...really lovely

    big hug, p

  3. These are truly beautiful words.. :))

    Glad to have you back dear:)) Hope u r well there..

    Take care

  4. Plain, lovely verse Margie :)


  5. Margie,
    This is so beautiful. It is filled with so much love. I know that you feel this way about your hubby. Well, my friend, I can truly say that I feel this way about the soon to be! It make me smile to think that one could feel that way.

  6. What a sweet romantic poem Margie - a tribute to your loving soul. Hubby made an exceptional choice when he picked you my friend. :)

  7. just beautiful!

    he'll be head over heels in love with u all over again Margie :)



  8. aww....that was so sweeet!!
    Your husband is surely a lucky guy.....cause you love him so much that it is dripping out of this post!!!

    Take Care

  9. WOW! that was beautiful Margie.I am sure he is so much in love with you as you are with him.

  10. Thanks so much, Hemu.

    Hi Patricija
    Many thanks for your lovely comment.
    A hug to you!

    Hello Marie
    Such a sweet thing to say.
    Thanks very much!

    Hi Sam
    It's so nice to have you visit again and many thanks on your kind words.
    It's nice to be back...I'm doing well.
    Take care, dear!

    Thank you very much, Devika.

    Hello Anne
    You know how it is with my him so much and I'm sooo thrilled you have found love with your soon to be...HUSBAND!
    Congrats my friend!
    Many thanks for the nice comment!

    Awwww, such a sweet comment!
    You touched my heart!
    Thank you so much, Janice.
    You know, I'm a very lucky girl to have him too.

    Many thanks, Polona!

    Hi Andrew
    It's all I ever wanted...nothing more.
    Thank you.

    Hello Betty
    You are too kind!
    Thank you!

    You think so, Keshi
    Maybe he'll take me on a romantic getaway....I would like that!
    Thanks so much, sweetie!


    Hello Alshat
    Welcome and many thanks for that so nice comment.
    I really liked it!
    And I sure do love my super hubby!

    Hi Starry
    Thanks very much!
    I think we have a mutual love affair of our hearts!


  11. That is very very sweet and romantic.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker