Saturday, February 21, 2009


You are a profound experience ...
like the opening of a rose
the birth of a child
sunset in Laguna.

My soul is colored with love ...
bathed in ecstasy
wrapped in warm pleasure.

You soothe my heart ...
like hot buttered rum
on Christmas Eve.

You are harmony ...
the perfect note
the exact color.

You are ......
a profound experience!


  1. wonderful...I love your poems.

  2. This is just beautiful! It is all about true love and we both found ours!
    Your friend,

  3. Beautiful as always Margie.True love indeed.I am feeling a little better.was not doing too good.thanks for asking.

  4. I do not remember how I found you, but I have been following your blog for quite awhile now. I find your poems so inspiring. ; )

  5. So you are from down home, I am from NB but lived in NS for many years. I too love your poems, you write from your heart and it shows. I am a new blogger and so enjoy browsing other blogs. Have you ever thought to publish your poems? They are so beautiful.

  6. wow so this poem itself is profound Margie!

    I got ur msg...I was away the whole of today..came back in the evening and got ur sweet sweet voice in my ans machine :) tnxx luv!

    Hope ur feeling better...TC of that knee!



  7. o I almost forgot!

    LOVE is the most profound thing on Earth. Very few ppl REALISE that before it's too late.

    And ur one of em.


  8. i kno dat feelin jus wasnt able to express it as beautifully as u did...thanku :)

  9. "My soul is colored with love ...
    bathed in ecstasy
    wrapped in warm pleasure.".. :o :o :o!!


    Margie...this was .... i'm short of Awesome...should sum it up!!

    Love you

    Take Care

  10. Beautiful words, beautiful photo!

  11. ya he did...
    he said thats so cute..

  12. Hey Margie Im extremely busy today. Will catch up with u either later in the day or tmrw ok? tnxx n HUGS!


  13. 'Profoundly' good :D

    Crossing path with you is definitely my profound experience too :)

  14. visiting for the first time. nice blog.
    this is a beautiful poem, i will share it with my friends, with your permission.

  15. who ever this is must really be something! :)

  16. Thank you for note Margie, I'm afraid you will find my blog boring after I have spent so much time reading your beautiful poems. Ordinary Things gives a powerful message that rings so true at the state of things right now. But you my new blogger friend are far from ordinary, your gifts of life, love and nature are something to be treasured. I love this poem and we all need "doses of reality" from time to time, even just to count our blessings. God Bless

  17. I came here by way of "On My Own".
    I loved the poem "Snowflakes" and also "Storm"...from 2006. Will return to red more!

  18. A warm welcome to you, Teresa and Thanks very much!

    Hi Anne
    True love...yes, my friend and you found yours...ah, I'm so happy for you!
    Many thanks, my dear!

    Thanks very much, starry.
    I have been wondering about you and was concerned.
    I'm so glad to know you are doing better.
    Take care, now!

    I hope you will continue to visit, Teresa, it's always nice to hear that my poetry is inspiring.
    Many thanks!

    Hello Bernie
    Warmest welcome to my blog!
    So nice to meet someone from NB.
    I surely love the Martimes!
    Yes, I was born in NS and went to school in Boston & met my husband there and have been in the US ever since.
    I try to go to NS every summer as I love it so much there!
    Many thanks for your kind words on my poetry.
    May think about publishing, someday.
    I shall be back to visit you visit yesterday was just to say "hello".
    Very busy lately.

    Keshi, dear
    I was hoping I could catch you at home...just left my sweet, sweet voice (thanks, sweets!) to let you know I called.
    And, u are welcome!

    Hope you had a great day, out!

    Yes, Keshi, love is truly the most profound thing on earth and my life has been blessed many times over with it....profoundly wonderful LOVE!
    I know that you too recognize the blessings of LOVE and it's profound experience in your life!

    As for my knee, it's not getting any better and causing much pain, so I will have an MRI done this week.


    Hello Mayz
    Yes, I know you know that feeling as you have expressed it so well in your writing.
    Thanks so much for the kind words!

    Awwwww, are so sweet!
    Thanks for that sweet comment!
    A big HUG to you!
    You have a BIG heart!
    And, you write so wonderfully, too!

    Hi Kai
    :) HUGS, dear!

    Thanks so much, Polona!

    Hello Art
    Many thanks!

    Cute it was and sweet, too!

    Ok, Keshi.
    Don't work too hard and I read your last post but I was too tired to leave any significant comment on those words of your friend...hope he'll be ok!

    Thanks very much, Betty!
    For me too!

    Welcome, ! Teq-uila De Zapta
    I'm always happy to share so, of-course you may share my poem with your friends and thanks very much for the kind comment.!

    Yes, Andrew, he is really something and then, some more!:)
    Thank you!

    Hi again, Bernie
    Your comment was so special and touched me very much!
    No, I promise I shall not find you boring.
    Anyone that would come back again to leave such kind words could never be boring in my eyes!
    Thanks so very much, my new blogger friend.
    I promise to came by later today and visit.
    God bless you, too!

    Welcome, Wanda.
    I so appreciate your visit and kind words.
    I shall visit you later.
    Thanks very much!

  19. Absolutely beautiful!! :o) I LOVE IT!!! :oD


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker