Sunday, February 01, 2009


All the way to the north end of town
over the dunes and down
to our rock cliff with spruce trees growing right on the beach ...

"This is our Magic Beach"
she would tell us as children
while we'd sit in the calm and peace
at the end of the beach
with our sack of oranges
and our beautiful mother
resting her head against against the logs in the sun.


  1. Aaah.that was a nice one, Margie :)

    A very life-like image..


  2. hey, you've been busy! :)
    as always, your poems are food for soul

  3. Margie,
    Wow! This poem beautifully describes a wonderful and happy childhood memory! It brought tears to my eyes.

  4. Beautifully written memory Margie, really like the way you laid this out.. :)

  5. Ah those childhood memories - what a delightful poem Margie.
    I like the different structures you're using for your poetry.It's neat trying something different isn't it.

  6. took me back in years!



  7. wow....awesome with beautiful wordings :)..


  8. I would love to visit this magic beach :D

  9. awww Im glad u wore those earrings and received some wonderful compilments too!

    Even a simple stone wud look like a diamond when word by beautiful ppl.



  10. so beautiful...and it brings back wonderful memories of days spent at the beach with my family...we loved to eat grapes at the beach!

  11. I love the "feel" of this- brings back memories, even though they're not mine. :)

  12. Sic sic sic
    these passes by women on women

    wasted passes
    pass me one K

  13. Dunes and Down. Love the sound of it..

  14. Hi Devika
    Thank you very much for the nice comment!

    Yes, a little busy since I've been back.
    Thank you so much, Polona!
    "Food for soul" I like that!

    Hello Kai
    Thanks very much!

    Hi Anne
    Happy childood memories are the best kind of memories.
    Thanks so much, my friend!

    And soon you will be starting a new life making some beautiful mamories of your own!
    I'm so thrilled for you!

    Hello Eric
    Thanks so much for the very nice comment.
    I appreciate it!
    Did this one a little bit differently from my other poems.

    Hi Janice
    Yes, it's neat trying something different with the structure and you noticed the difference.

    Thanks so much for the kind words!

    Thanks very much, Keshi!

  15. Hello Hemu
    Thanks so much for the nice comment!

    It's a truly magical place, Betty!
    I have not been there in a while but my heart always goes back quite often.
    Thank you, my friend!

    Love those earrings, Keshi and wear them often.
    You are sweet!

    Hello Joanne
    Those kind of memories are precious!
    You ate grapes at the beach with your family and I ate oranges with mine.

    Thanks very much for your kind comment!

    Thanks so much, Andrew!

    Hello Jimmmmy:):):)

    Hi magiceye
    I appreciate your kind words.
    Thanks so much!

    Hello gautami
    Thank you very much!

  16. Makes me want to take my shoes off. Very good Margie!!

  17. That's very beautiful, Margie.

  18. Hi Margie,

    Thanks for passing by. Not felt like doing anything ... under the circumstances
    I love this poem. We all have a place ... a special place to be.
    A walk on a deserted beach.
    hugs for you
    Im so glad you are back!

  19. Hi Pat
    I liked your comment!
    Thanks very much!

  20. Hello Aurora
    What a pleasant surprise it is to see you here.
    I hope all is going well for you.
    I know you are very busy with Magnapoets.

    Thank you so very much for visiting and your kind comment!

    Take care and all my very best wishes to you for much success and joy in your life.

    You are missed in the blogging world!

  21. Dear Marie
    I do hope you are on the mend.
    Take good care of yourself!
    Thank you so much for your visit & kind words!

    Hugs for you!

  22. Oh, I love this one! Very special ideed.

  23. Hello Shayla and welcome!
    So glad to know you enjoyed it.
    Many thanks to on your kind words!



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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker