Monday, August 24, 2009


Have you ever noticed
How varied folks can be
How some are springs
And some are wells ...
And when it comes to me
I think that I'm a bit of both
A wellspring ... do you see?

For much that flows
From deep within
Comes bubbling out so free ...
Filling up each lovely day
As easy as can be
And where it all must come from
Is a mystery to me ...
But isn't it a happy thought
To stop and think a bit
That when we're simply being
We are blest by it!


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  2. Hi Margie-

    sorry about my posting a comment and then deleting it.
    Trying again.

    I loved your poem and I feel like you - I am both a well and a spring. I hold many truths in my well and they flow out like a clear spring. :-)

    Love Gail

  3. Hi Margie, beautiful, I hope you had a nice weekend with your family, sometimes these things just come bubbling to the surface don't they. Take care and have a great day.

  4. beautiful flowing words, Margie... yes, both a well and a spring... we all are, i think... all it takes is a willing heart to be open to both... your heart opens so beautifully and responds with so much grace and truth...

    what a wonderful way to start the week :)


  5. Margie, this poem not only moved me but made me think....which one am I? I too am a bit of both but I think more a well, I keep things so very deep inside and most never springs out....but when a bit does spring out it is very honest and from the this poem as it touched me deeply....:-) Hugs

  6. A happy yet thought-provoking poem
    Margie. I guess at various times in life most are a bit of both...I like the idea of "wellspring" to describe our moods!

  7. It is such an inspiring poem, Margie. ;) Thanks for always checking me out. :D Take care always.


  8. A very beautiful poem which deeply touched my must be an incredible person to come up with such beautiful creation.......i'll too stop and think what am i ?

  9. I think more people should stop and think and realise how blessed their lives are, not just when it's a happy day, but even when it isn't

    lotsa luv ann xoxoxox

  10. leeme try my hand in poetry Margie
    dont laff

    dis is my first time

    Wishing you happiness
    more than your heart can hold

    more than your arms
    can encircle

    more precious than Gold
    and Silver
    and American dollars

    this is how
    I feel for u hunny

  11. HA

    I DARE u
    u cant better this

  12. Hello Margie,
    Beautiful, and once again I just love the photo of the sunflower. They're one of my favorites.
    Have a nice evening,

  13. A beautiful poem, Margie :)
    yes, wellspring well describes our mood most of the time...nicely written,


  14. I gott another one Margie

    I once met a girl
    said she loves me

    but dammit
    where was u when I was looking
    for a hubby !

  15. regrets

    it is real sad
    many girls loved me

    but I hesitated and hesitated
    and another guy popped the question

    I wont let it happen again
    will u marry me Keshi

  16. Oh Shit
    I spelled her name rong

    her name begins with the letter D
    and it rhymes with Keshi

  17. This is a lovely and upbeat poem. I love the thought that by just being oneself, we can share with other the joy of life, and in doing that we keep getting filled within.

  18. Hello Gail & many thanks on your nice comment!
    I think we all are a little of both
    of a "wellspring"


    Hi Cinner
    Thanks so much for the kind words!
    And I did have a wonderful weekend...hope you did too.


    Hello Joanne
    You are so sweet & your lovely comment made me feel smile!
    You know you have that same kind of heart!

    How nice that you appreciated my poem the way you did!
    Thank you so much!


    Hello Analisa
    A warm welcome to you & I enjoyed your comment.
    Many thanks!


    Hi Bernie
    That my poem touched you deeply touched me!
    I thank you very much for the very nice comment.

    I used to be more of a "well" when I was younger but now I as just as much a "spring"
    You share a lot of your days (and your heart) and I appreciate that "spring" part of you.


    Hello Janice
    As always, I do appreciate your visits and thanks so much for the kind comment!
    I think "wellspring" works quite well to describe one's moods.

    Hi Anamika
    Thanks so very much!


    Hello Kai
    Oh, I'm glad to know that!
    Many thanks!


    Hi Cez
    I like it when one finds my poems to be inspiring as I do like to inspire people!
    Thanks very much!

    And it's always a pleasure to check in on you so you are most welcome!

    Take care & I just know something very good is waiting for you.


    Hello Kavita
    It's always thrilling to me when my poetry can deeply touch one's heart so I am very happy to know that this poem touched yours in that way.

    And your kinds words deeply touched my heart...thank you so much!


    Hi Ann
    How right you are when you say that "more people should stop and think and realise how blessed their lives are, not just when it's a happy day, but even when it isn't."

    We always have our "sweet-sour" times in our lives but I always have gratitude for the dark days as well as the days brimmimg full of light!
    There are always new beginnings where there are dead-ends!


  19. Hello Jimmy
    A "new poet in town!"
    Thank you! Thank you!


    Hi Lydia
    Many thanks and the sunflower is also one of my favorites.
    Hope you have a great day!


    Hello Devika
    Thanks very much for the kind words on my poem....I enjoyed sharing it!


    Hi TechoBabe
    Thanks so much!
    And, yes, isn't it wonderful how we can do just that!
    Just be who we are and share our joy with others and be so filled by it all!

  20. good one! It is good to be both and then our hearts are open to what ever comes our way.

  21. Thanks so much, AMIT!
    You are most welcome!


  22. Hi Anne
    Always appreciate your visits & nice comments.
    Many thanks!


  23. Yes, you are Dear Margie, a most treasured wellspring! What a blessing you share!

  24. ohh darling
    will our love grow?

    like an evergreen tree

  25. Dear Rose Marie
    I thank you so much for those kind words!
    You too share many blessings!


  26. Jimmy, you are confusing!!!!


  27. This is sooper cool!

    I am glad you are back - I shall know now when you post...

    Big hud my dearest.
    You do have de soul of an angel.

    Love and hugs

  28. Dear Alicia
    It's so lovely having you here again reading my poems ...was so great talking on the phone with you yesterday!

    Your sweet comment made me smile!
    Thanks dear true friend!

    Love and hugs to you!



Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker