Tuesday, August 04, 2009


No need to worry for the to-morrow
Life will be what we make of it to-day ...
From this day's joy, I shall never borrow
To-morrow's need, I shall not have to pay ...
To-day is ours, just all we have to live
No other day we ever have to fear ...
To fill our lives with joy to-day, to give
For the to-morrow's need is never here.

I shall live to the fullest every day
From life's springs of joy, I shall always drink ...
I'll pluck life's flowers, and strew them o'er the way
For just to-day is all I need to think ...
And I shall always fill to-day with cheer
For we know --- to-morrow is never here!


  1. The moment NOW is the only reality we truly live. Live your poem and your life will indeed be the joy you seek. Blessings dear Margie.

  2. Thanks for this beautiful poem ....a very true way of living life..

  3. So nice to read this today, Margie :)

    there's so much to cherish, yet we find most people deprived...perhaps they don't know what they are missing to see :)


  4. Every time i feel deprived, i shake myself up to the beauty of nature around me...

    so much...so much to be happy about,


  5. You remind us the importance of living in the present. Very nice poem. Would you give me permission to use your previous post "Marriage" on my blog some day?

  6. wow Marfie! I love this one. Something so hard to remember sometimes!

  7. Beautifully, expressed as to how we should take one day at a time and cherish every bit of it. A reminder to look at the beauty around us, to be thankful for our loved ones, and friends, and be thankful for life. I have even learned that you shouldn't forget to stop and smell the flowers. Sometimes, I do.

  8. Hi MArgie-

    Lovely sentiments. Each moment is so precious and SO true in it's realism, regardless of the detail.

    Love to you

  9. Indeed, "hope cannot keep you warm at night" Ram Dass said this and it seems to bring concise the idea that one must live in the present.

    I am feeling much better now with only a dull achy back ,which is livable with!

  10. What a perfect way to live and what a perfect post in time for my current post :)

    u r special Margie. ppl like u r rare. The gift of optimism in u is very hard to find. Treasure it and may all ur TODAYs be happy n healthy!



  11. Tomorrow is never here....yay I've an exam tomorrow....So I would not have to give it!!! :P....kidding!!

    The poem as usual was very good....

    "We only have the "now moment."

    Yesterday is gathering dust
    in the files of our brains.

    And tomorrow is only a thought.

    There will never be a tomorrow!

    When tomorrow comes
    it will always be "now."

    That's why the
    now moment
    is "eternal"!"

    So true...

    Aren't you set to live in the moment!!

    Optimism at its best....

    Love You

    Take Care

  12. Margie ty so much for that surprise call this morning! I was touched...very much. *HUGZ*

    When my sis bought the phone to me I had soap all over my face and looked like a ghost hahahahaha! I was getting ready to go to work :) but u really started the day off beautifully for me. TY from the bottom of my heart!

    I hope ur smiling now...as ur hubby said..lol that was cute!

    hv a fun day with Jake!


  13. o btw hv I told ya that Im so blessed to hv a friend like u? even tho we hv never met, it's like we've known each other for many lifetimes. Its really special. u r the best!


  14. Yes, Rose Marie, that moment NOW is the only true reality that we truly live.
    I have this friend that is always telling me, "I just cannot wait for tomorrow, and hope it will be better than today!"
    I tell her she had better enjoy her "today" as tomorrow may not ever come to her!

    I shall do just as you said...to live my poem and indeed my life will be the joy I seek.

    Thanks so much!

    Blessings to you!


  15. Hi Kavita
    You are most welcome!
    Thanks for the kind words!


  16. Hello Devika
    I'm glad you enjoyed reading my poem!
    Isn't it remarkable how through the beauty of nature we can be of a appreciating spirit!
    I do the same thing & it makes me so very happy!
    As you said, "so much, so much to be happy about."
    I so agree with you, Devika!
    Thanks very much!


  17. Hi TechoBabe
    Many thanks!
    And yes, you most certaintly may use my poem, "Marriage" on your blog.

    Take care ~


  18. Hello Adie
    So glad to know you loved my poem!
    Thank you so much!

    And yes, it's sometimes hard to remember but just keep reminding yourself that, "This moment is all I have!"


  19. Hi Anne
    Oh gosh, I remember how you used to tell me about how your good friend told you, "you should stop & smell the flowers" ...and now you do, and I do, also!
    I know that you live each day fully and appreciate it...whatever may come your way!

    Thanks very much for the very nice comment!


  20. Hello Gail
    Many thanks to you!
    Yes, each moment is so very precious!

    Love returned to you!


  21. Hi Goatman
    Great words by Ram Dass...indeed!
    Glad that you are feeling much better but do take care of your back!
    My hubby has a bad back & at times it gives him much pain, so I feel for you!


  22. Hello Keshi
    Hey, your post was a perfectly beautiful post & I'm so glad this post could complement it!
    Thank you, my dear for the kind words!
    And you know that is just how I think of you...a special & rare and loving person!



  23. Hi Akshat
    LOL, on your exam comment!
    Hope it went well!

    Thanks so much for appreciating my poem!

    Love to you!


  24. Hey Keshi
    You are so welcome!
    Oh, it was so lovely to talk to you!
    I loved it!
    And, it was a beautiful start to my evening!
    Yes, I'm still smiling :)

    *o btw hv I told ya that Im so blessed to hv a friend like u? even tho we hv never met, it's like we've known each other for many lifetimes. Its really special. u r the best!
    (So very sweet of you!)
    Ditto, my dear!



  25. A profound piece. Thanks for sharing

  26. Hello Glynis
    Thank you very much & I'm always happy to share!



Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker