Thursday, August 06, 2009


I find the end of life may be
Far better than the start
I carry so much more of love
Within a grateful heart ~

I've learned a lot there was to learn
And though there is much more
I know the joy of learning now
As I could not before ~

I have compassion I had not
When I was very young
Friendships so meaningful to me
Echo like songs I've sung ~

I've coped with life and fear
And think I can survive
The tragedies and painful hours
That may yet some day arrive

But if I am granted the time
I have wisdom to try
And make myself more than I am
Before my time to die.


  1. Once again, such a great poem full of wisdom. I wonder if most ppl in this world wud ever realise that Margie :( cos it seems so many ppl r living w.o. really enjoying each day as if it's their last.

    And like u said, learning has only become more enjoyable with each new year of life. We can almost cope with anything now. Thats the beauty of wanting to live and learn.

    hv a great wknd!


  2. Hey Margie!!!

    I have compassion I had not
    When I was very young
    Friendships so meaningful to me
    Echo like songs I've sung ~...loved this line!!

    But I still lack compassion..... :(

    But have meaningful friendship!!! :)

    And learning is not yet a joy!! :(

    But I'll survive!! :D :P

    Loved it

    Take Care

  3. Margie, what a beautiful poem. Your writing just gets better and better.
    The one thing I have learned since getting older is that I still have much to learn......and the blessing is I do learn something new almost every day.....:-) Hugs

  4. Wow! Margie! This one is very good. As we take one day at a time and stop to smell the flowers, we can also take the time to learn something new.

  5. Living in the present to the best of our ability with gratitude! Yes!!

  6. Hi Margie-
    WHen my sister lost her husband this past January it was tragic. They were married 40+ years and 'together 45. Aas we gathee in his hospital room that day I knew, felt, experienced him passing from ths life to the next and I can tell you that in that moment the room was filled with love, not death. It was a tribute in many ways to how he lived. There is a post of mine from January titled, "A Room With A Window Facing East". If you get a chance to go and read it I believe you will be glad you did.
    Also, I have posted a new post at my blog to 'lighten the mood' over there. :-)
    Love Gail

  7. Hi Mrgie, I came to your blog by reading the poem about marriage on TechnoBabes Blog, I love what I see and feel here, so I have become a follower. Keep writing, your very inspiring. Take care,

  8. Hello Margie,
    What a beautiful post! I love your blog. I will put you on my blogroll.
    Thank you for visiting my blog too!
    Wishing you a very nice weekend.

  9. Hello Keshi
    Thank you, my dear!
    I wonder that many right at this moment are not appreciating the "given moment"
    That's all we really have, isn't it!

    Living & learning each day...let's you & I continue to do that and love doing so!

    Miss you...don't be gone too long!



  10. Hi Akshat
    So, you loved it!
    I'm so glad!
    Thanks so much!

    And, learning will become a joy...someday!
    Enjoy your life now as what is it today will never come again!


  11. Thank you so much, Bernie!
    You have such a great it!
    Keep on learning and it will continue to enrich your life...each and every day!

    Hugs to you!


  12. Hello Anne
    Thanks very much!
    Oh yes, we must stop and smell the flowers & learn something new each day!
    That is the way to go!


  13. Hi TechoBabe
    *Living in the present to the best of our ability with gratitude! Yes!

    Yes, yes!!!
    Thank you...


  14. Hello Gail
    I can imagine it must have been a
    wonderful moment for all that were there at the time of his passing!
    Thank you for sharing that!


  15. Hello Cinner
    A warm welcome to my blog!
    Your kind words are most appreciated & nice to have you as a follower...I'm following you too!


  16. Hi Gypsy Butterfly (Lydia)
    So very nice having you visit!
    Many thanks for the very nice comment!
    Love your blog too!
    And thank you for the addition to your blogroll.

    Have a great sunday!


  17. APPLAUSE! Dear Margie, As I read your words, your sensitivity and depth of heart are felt. Once we have faced the concept of death, accepted it as a particular event in life, we can fully face life and ENJOY its offerings.

  18. Nice poem, Margie :)

    I was reading Keshi's life as if the next moment you will die is living life the fullest...not all know how to live that...reading the words, people tend to make their own readings :)

    anyway, they are entitled to read so...but dear Keshi, don't judge people by your scales...this is not to annoy you....but I often find people doing that and that i think is the base for many a conflict....well conflict isn't that negative a could be made one of the postive tools,

    anyway, Margie I have used your space to communicate more than i would have...But then its all a part of relationship building I think...and I hope you and Keshi take it in that spirit :)


  19. I just loved this poem coz its so practical and relates to every one of them born in this world.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker