Sunday, August 30, 2009


Day and night they travel onward
Hour by hour as on parade ...
Some thoughts travel on to action
Some at home forever stayed ...
Some are languid passing onward
Leaving not a joy or pain ...
Transient as the smiles that greet us
Never to return again.

Thoughts can mar our souls
Forever blighting beauty from within ...
Sealing there our hearts forever
As in bondage so grim ...
Others soar to heights of glory
Wielding power that bringeth fame ...
Sweet the thoughts with flower's laden scented
As perfume they came ...
As ye think therefore ye liveth
Soar thou high above the rife ...
Feed thy soul with living beauty
For as ye think ye fashion life.


  1. Your heart and words in bloom they be
    And at this hour so gifted to me
    Your thoughts so clear and so profound
    In your poem much wisdom to be found!

    So very well done Dear Margie.

  2. Beautiful, we don't often stop and think, or even realize how much power our thoughts have in creating our lives.....a shift in thought makes for a shift in attitude which can lead us onto the path of sweet happiness.
    Have a wonderful day......:-) Hugs

  3. Very beautiful again, I think you should get these published. For as ye think ye fashion life. That is so true. Inspiring Margie.

  4. Positively beautiful, dear MArgie.
    Your writing is always so deep. I just love it
    Thank you
    Hugs :) :)

  5. oh so true margie and so well put...

    when I hear anyone (particularly my family) going on about slights, hurts, injustices, etc. I tell them to get over it and move on because I believe bad thoughts are self-destructive and you have to find the positive, not dwell on the negative because the only one you ultimately hurt is yourself.

    oh margie, thank you for the comments on my pictures - I'm not a real photographer (like I'm not a real poet). I have a cheap little digital camera bought because I liked the colour (it's red) and bought primarly to take pics of my grandchildren - when I see them - because they live two thousand miles away from me

    lotsa luv ann xoxoxox

  6. Our thoughts are our own and they may not be spoken out loud or shared but they are known to others by how we act.

  7. Margie,
    A beautiful expression of the power of thoughts.
    Take care.

  8. So very beautiful! Some people cannot say in prose what you so easily express in your poetry! :)

  9. MARIE-
    I love this poem as it speaks to our thoughts and the many possibilities/opportunities they provide. Thoughts are just that, thoughts and no one knows what we are thinking until we act on a thought - thoughts hurt or help no one, they are, as your poem so beautifully says, meaningful in their action.

    Love Gail'

  10. Your poetry is gripping, Margie :)

    and love the flow to it :)


  11. just lovely, Margie... those raging thoughts that sweep through like wildfire every single day, and even through some nights... we can grab hold of any one of them and soar to our highest of heights or dive to our lowest of lows... regardless of any one of them we may visit with for awhile, they are transient like the wind... blowing in and then blowing back out again...

  12. Hi Margie:)


    Lovely , practical and useful poem to think, digest and implement.

    Your last line hit the nail on the head---FOR AS YE THINK YE FASHION LIFE.

    If we nurture good thoughts, productive thoughts, useful thoughts, positive thoughts , we will find ourselves moving forward with confidence and courage towards self fulfillment, achievement and success. On the other hand, if our thoughts our negative, dwell on past failures, fixed upon our inadequacies then we are surely going to plunge into despair,darkness, destruction and doom.

    Beautiful, colorful flowers made me feel very happy.

    Have a nice day Margie:)

  13. Thoughts can be ur Day, and thoughts can also be ur Night.

    Margie that was beautifully and very cleverly put!

    Hv a beautiful day ahead *HUGZ* :)


  14. That is lovely - love those last lines. Our lives are definitely the manifestations of our thoughts. Well said Margie.

  15. Hello Margie,
    This is a very touching poem. Very well written and beautiful.
    Have a nice night,

  16. Hello Rose Marie
    The poem you left for me was so very special and tells me that my poem was meaningful to you!
    Thank you so much!


    Hi Bernie
    How right you are when you say that a shift in thoughts can lead to a change in attitude.
    I know that when my thoughts are gloomy I am gloomy too.
    Then when I think about something of a happy nature I feel joy!
    There are so many wonderful & beautiful things in life to focus our thoughts on, so why not do it?

    As always, thanks very much for your kind words!

    Wishing you a day of joy...HUGS!


    Hello Cinner
    I'm so glad to know that you found my poem to be inspiring.
    I thank you so much for the very nice comment!


    Hi Dulce
    Many thanks for the lovely words about my poetry.
    I am enjoying yours very much as well.

    And you are most welcome!


    Hello Ann
    Keep on telling those people to get over it and move on as you are doing them a big service!

    I so agree with you about not dwelling in nagative thoughts as the only one you ultimately hurt is yourself.

    Oh, I so disagree about you not being a real photographer or real poet as you are very much "real" in both!
    Love your poems and now I love your photos!
    And keep taking pictures of your sweet little grandchildren & sharing them.
    It's hard being so far away from them, huh?

    Thanks very much for your kind words!


    Hi TechoBabe
    Yes, our thoughts very often can be known to others by how we act!
    Thank you for your visit & comment.


    Thanks very much, Anne for the kind comment on my is appreciated.


    Hello Lena
    How kind of you to say that!
    Many thanks for the lovely comment.


    Hi Gail
    Your kind words are much appreciated.
    Thanks very much.


    Hello Joanne
    What you shared here says so much...poetry in your words!
    Thanks for the sharing and thanks very much for your lovely comment on my poem.


    Hi Joseph
    Your visit and kind comment about my poem is appreciated!
    Thanks so much.

    And, I'm glad that you had a appreciation for my last line...
    "For as ye think ye fashion life"
    Really, that is what it's all about, right!

    I love colorful and beautiful flowers and glad that the ones here made you feel happy.


  17. Hello Keshi
    It's so nice having a visit from you!
    How very true...thoughts can be ur day and thoughts can be ur night. Thanks so much for your kind words!

    Keshi, I hope you are having days of much are missed in Blogville!

    *HUGZ* and love, my friend!


    Hello janice
    Thanks very much for your kind comment.
    So glad you loved the last lines.


    Hi Lydia
    Many thanks for you very nice is appreciated!


  18. Hello Jimmy
    If you happen to come by to read my reply comments you will notice that I deleted yours.
    It was just a RIDICULOUS comment and I did not appreciate it in the least!
    Please refrain from leaving such commets on my blog!


  19. Hello Devika
    I knew I forget sorry!
    How kind your words are!
    I thank you very much.

    I am reading your poems and enjoying them very much!

    Take care, Devika!


  20. Hi Margie,

    I do so very much appreciate the joy you bring into the hearts of so many.

    Words of beauty yes and good feelings as food for the heart.

    Thank you for your offerings.

    Goodlife my friend,


  21. I definitely think you SHOULD publish...

  22. Hello Robert
    And, I so very much appreciate your most kind words to me!
    Many thanks on them!

    If I am able to do that, I am very gladto do so!

    AndI thank you for all the wisdom that you share in your posts.
    I have learned so much from you and really appreciate your teachings!

    Goodlife my friend


  23. Hi Alicia
    Maybe, maybe!
    Thanks my friend.


  24. true that...but that gives us such great power too eh...long as we are thinking the right things...


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker