Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I went up to the attic
One lonesome rainy day
For there on days such as this
My children used to play.

A swing tied to the rafters
And old board for a seat
And yonder stood a pair of shoes
Minus the little feet.

A doll in a doll cradle
A pencl and a pad
And on the pad was written -
"From David to my dear Dad."

A table in the corner
A hobby-horse and chair
And old couch in the shadow
Day-dreaming I sat there.

The darkness and the quiet
The patter of the rain
Soothed me to quiet slumber
Their laughter I heard again.

The clouds then stopped their weeping
Like mine their tears were spent
The sun shone on the roses
Whose bush the rain had bent.


  1. Margie, I love this poem so very much. It reminds me how I felt and probably how many mother's feel when they first experience "empty nest" or even at an older age when they happen upon something that opens that part of us which is full of memory! ....... :-) Hugs

  2. Hi Margie-
    such a lovely poem of precious memories, days gone by and yet through spirit-heart and mind still so tangible oh yes, tangible indeed.

    Love to you'

  3. That was cool one to read.. :)


  4. Such a moving and lovely poem. Thank you.

  5. Memories Margie,

    Lovely thoughts ... nostalgia
    I love to take the hospital bracelet ... the name tags of when the children were born.
    Gosh! so tiny. How they have all grown. Take the photographs out
    and you look back at all those years, wondering where did they all go. Life!
    Hugs for you Margie

  6. Margie, just beautiful, It brought me to a time when all was well and being a child. Take care.

  7. Margie I almost cried. I am sorry I have been so neglectful of all things blog.

  8. I don't have an attic, but I have my memories of each of my children and the sweet interchanges and surprises they enriched my life with over the years of their growing and learning. This is a very sweet and nostalgic poem.

  9. What a poignant poem filled with delightful memories. Where have the years gone...I love this one Margie. :)

  10. What a beautiful and touching, poem. Time goes fast, isn't it? And then we are just left with memories :)

  11. Beautifully written Margie..In India children r pressurised to be with there parents...but u people let them go so easily without thhinking of yur pain.

  12. Margie....tears blurred my vision kids are very young but i know one day the time will come when they will leave the house(not home)....but again i too did the same....beautiful lines ,hugs for that.

  13. How lovely this poem of yours!
    I like the way you write> your blog. It's a pleasure you've got to mine, thank you .
    I'll be a follower.
    And invite you to be mine.
    :) :)

  14. margie - those are some of the best memories ever; I'm not in the house where my children were brought up, having had to leave my marital home, but the wonderful childhood memories of that place never fade

    anamika - there is a lot of pain when they go and the hollow of an empty nest is tangible. mine are all married now but the love we feel for each other doesn't diminish and I am blessed to have a very close and loving relationship with all my children

  15. Hello Bernie
    Many thanks on your kind comment.
    Even though our children grow up & move out to start their lives, we always have a part of them close at heart...the lovely memories of bygone days!
    I love going back in time & recapturing those lovely days when my children were here with me.
    They have grown up but we are always in contact and so very close in heart!


    Hi Gail
    Thanks very much!
    Yes, those days gone by through spirit- heart and mind are still so tanigible!

    Love to you, also!


    A warm welcome to you Ravi!
    Thanks so much for your visit & comment.


    Thanks very much, Michelle!


    Hello Marie
    Thanks very much.
    And how happy I was to see your new post...welcome back!

    Oh, those memories!
    They just grow up much too quickly, huh?
    It seems like just yesterday when I took my son to play T-ball and now he's a junior in college.

    Marie, I too take the hospital bracelts out with the name tags of my children & I just smile & know that I am blessed to have my wonderful children!
    And the pictures too...I take them out and smile some more.

    Time with our children passes so quickly .... too quickly!
    That's life, huh!

    Hugs to you!


    Hi Cinner
    Many thanks for the nice comment!
    And I'm glad my poem could take you back to that special time in your life!


    Hello Adie
    Guess what, I was crying when I wrote this poem!
    No need to be sorry hun, I understand completely!


    Hi TechoBabe
    And aren't those beautiful memories just the best thing ever!
    I know mine are but now I'm making some new but stiil just as wonderful memories of new & special times with my children!
    They are grown now but we are so very close & will continue to share in each other's lives.

    Thanks so much for your nice comment!


    Hi Janice
    Yes, where have the years gone?
    Gone much too fast!

    So glad you loved my poem, my friend!
    Thanks very much for your kind words!


    Hello Lena
    Welcome to my blog & your comment is much appreciated!
    Oh, yes time goes too fast but we always have lovely memories of our times together with all those we care for & love!
    Thank you so much!


    Hi Anamika
    Thanks very much for your kind words on my poem.
    Oh, it's not been easy to let my children go and there was much pain (more than I like to recall as it takes me back to such sad days)
    But, life goes on & I am just so very happy to have wonderful and loving children & I know how much we all care for one another & that is so very special!
    Take care now!


    Hello AMIT
    Welcome & thanks for the nice comment!


    Hi Kavita
    I did not mean to make you cry but that my poem touched you that much makes me smile! (and cry too)

    Hug your little ones all you can now as they grow up much too fast...mine sure did but hey, I still hug them all the time whenever I see them.
    They are only an hour away.

    Thanks very much for your kind words and hugs back to you!


    Hello Dulce
    Welcome here & many thanks on your nice comment!
    It's much appreciated!

    I am happy that you are a follower & so nice to be following you.
    Such a nice blog you have & wonderful writing!


    Hello Ann
    Many thanks!
    It's not necessary to be living in the house where your children were brought up to keep those wonderful memories alive in your heart!
    Isn't that a lovely thing?

    Thank you for that great explanation to did better than I could!

  16. Another beautiful poem, Margie...i love the way thoughts just flow in your poems :)


  17. That was a lovely memory poem, thanks for sharing Margie.

  18. Margie,
    Looking back on all the memories that we shared with our children is so priceless and they will never be forgotten. So, nicely expressed.

  19. Thank you so much, Devika for the very kind words!


  20. Hello Glynis
    Your kind comment is much appreciated!
    Many thanks & I enjoy sharing my poems so you are most welcome!


  21. Hi Anne
    Yes, all those priceless memories will never be forgotten!
    Thanks so much for your nice comment!


  22. There is pure delight in the entirety of this poem.

    The last lines:

    "The clouds then stopped their weeping
    Like mine their tears were spent
    The sun shone on the roses
    Whose bush the rain had bent."

    are so poignant and so reflective of the spoils of time. APPLAUSE!

  23. Hello Rose Marie
    Your lovely comment is much appreciated!
    Thanks so very much!


  24. Lovely Poetry, to this day when I need to escape I run to the attic. It is kind of my safe haven.
    Like the uplifting colors of your blog and the flowers, like holding on to spring all year.

  25. lovely, lovely...

    also lovely the words you have just above the comments space... how do they come to rest there?

  26. Hello Rachel
    I thank you very much for your kind words!


  27. Hi Alicia
    Thanks so much my friend and those words above the comment space I wrote.


  28. my day will come when i have to see my boys too, though often dont admit, miss their children...


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