Sunday, March 28, 2010


Musings on Trees and These!

These Friends!

A forest of Trees is a portfolio of Friends

Durability, strength, sometimes rough, burly

But how dependable! Graceful, adaptable

Quiet in a listening attitude of understanding

Inspiring, tender

A forest of Trees is a portfolio of Friends

May I be ever in the midst of Trees - and These ...

When God had finished making Trees

I think He set out to work on These

These things that we call Friends

The beauty and the strength of wood

Dependable and good ...

Of oak and birch and balsam pine

To these, I liken friends of mine

Of leaves, the charm and added grace

Like tenderness of lady's lace

And quiet understanding, proven

As green-grown branches, closely woven

Last, knowing These are always there

Root, branch and trunk, when leaves fall bare!

When God had finished making Trees

Love and Perfection gave us These

These things that we call FRIENDS!


Photo courtesy of Lorraine at:

Thanks so much, Lorraine!


  1. I really enjoyed your poem Margie! Trees and friends are favorites. The different characteristics in trees can be likened to the different qualities in people. I just know I'm not a tall Oak, maybe a low growing Redbud or Dogwood tree though.

  2. it's true, the semblance of strong, solid wood and the human existence and relationship... amazing how they all come into one full circle of life. Beautiful writing, once again!

  3. i love trees and i love this little poem :)

  4. Really a neat posty, Margie, and the photo I blew up for my destop background (for a few days). Nice!

    I think of trees--and friends, first as comforting as a bowl of "Mom's Cream of Tomato Soup...

    Next I think of trees--and friends, as strong, powerful, rooted beings, roots as deep as we wish to take them. I'm glad I stopped by.


  5. Tree gaves us shade and security and very often people just take them for granted.

  6. Oooo, Margie... the essance, the importance of FRIENDS. Wonderful, and LL's photo fits so well!

    __Just remembered. Please see my comment at LL's "whats on my mind" blog, your -mismatched sox-, Margie, March 23rd... you might smile some. _m

  7. and even a dream can alight on a twig. ~ Joyce Rupp

  8. enjoyed reading this poem Margie, yes trees are like friends they branch out and sometimes encircle and are forever there strong and tall.Beautiful poem.

  9. Margie this has to be one of your best poems wonderful you can think of your friends this way.......:-) Hugs

  10. Lovely! I love trees, they are such beautiful living things. Your poem describes them so very adequately.;)
    I have featured birch trees in my post numerous time, in fact I am just about o return with a progressive photography of a new birch season; from bare to green.;)
    Have a lovely Monday dear Margie,

  11. I love this piece, Margie!
    My favorite things in all the world are trees. Always has been, always will.
    Hugs, Laura

  12. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I love trees and friends and how all falls into place for each of us in due time. Thanks for the beauty of it.

  13. Oh Margie, I love trees so much, your words...they do sing for trees, I love it so!

  14. So Lovely! Trees give us so much and friends give us so much. I love how you put the two together.
    One of your best!
    Wanted to comment before I go off to work.
    Will talk soon. Hope your weekend was good.
    Have a good day.

  15. Margie your writings are so heart touching and so much truth. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hello, Margie! May all your friendships be as strong as trees and as beautiful and lasting. This is a wonderful poem that we can all relate to and aspire to in our lives. Trees like people aren't just beautiful on the outside. Hope your day is filled with peace and harmony.

  17. Beautiful poetic tribute, Margie. I don't know what I'd do without my trees. Sounds silly, but they ground me. We bought this house specifically because of the trees - old and graceful and full of wisdom.

  18. Again it's a perfect poem dear friend.

    But I afraid that one day God can punishment all of us using the nature badly.We have to surround our friends with love.

    With my best wishes..

  19. Hi Margie!
    I enjoyed very much your beautiful poem, this pic and all comments!
    You have a good communion with nature.


  20. Simply marvelous Margie. I loved the theme, the rhyme everything here. very much enjoyed reading this, thank you.

  21. said...
    What a beautiful poem Margie!
    I love trees. I love the blossoms in the spring, the green in the summer and all the vibrant colors the leaves turn in the fall.
    Even the bareness of a tree gives off very interesting shadows against the powdery white snow when the sun is shining.
    Have a great evening!

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  23. Thanks Margie so very much for the Birthday Wishes.

  24. the pic is really beautiful, & the poem matches perfectly!
    Trees have withstood the test of onslaughts of weather & time, & are always there for us, more than the best of friends...
    expressed stirringly!

  25. Dear friends and readers
    All of your comments are so very much appreciated.
    Thank you for visiting and sharing your most welcome words on my poetry.
    They mean a great deal to me!

    Margie :)

  26. i am a tree hugger from way back...i find solace in the trees...

  27. ha i keep picking the same ones to read...smiles.


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