Friday, March 26, 2010


What our love has done for us
I cannot even begin to speak
Without trembling ...
You and I have left a fading world
Power-crowded ... dust-spun
You and I have left this kind of world
For an infinite one ...
Spinning our circles of earth
And moon into galaxies
And hurling our lives into
Light years of reveries ...
I have only begun to envision
Our possible place
A someday miracle of eternal time
And space ...
Though it begins with such immediate smiles
Your eyes ... a leaf ... your lips on my cheek
Its promise is so boundless
Love ... I dare not speak.


  1. So beautiful, so romantic, and so much love in your world. You are a lucky lady!

  2. BEautiful love words!

    Loved this

  3. Love is invisible even when you express it or not. Lovely.

  4. Yes Margie, what can I say?Always
    giving sense to my thoughts!

    Reading,reading and looking your
    human smile..

    "Though it begins with such immediate smiles..Your eyes a leaf ..your lips on my cheek
    Its promise is so boundless
    Love ..I dare not speak."

    thanks..thanks..a happy weekend!

  5. all the words just speak about love.I can tell that you are so much in love Margie. Thanks for stopping by my other blog.I fixed the comment section.have a great weekend.

  6. Such caring words filled with love and this Margie.
    ......:-) Hugs

  7. Love is powerful and so are your words, Margie.

  8. You and yours are truly blessed in love.

  9. Margie, very beautiful. So well written. Blessings dear one.

  10. This one certainly has a boundless quality. "Light years of reveries ..."

    Great writing, Margie!

  11. Wonderful writing from your heart, Margie. This is beautiful. Your sharing how love can be is a gift to all your readers. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, dear friend.

  12. Love, you wrote...and I sighed song of all!

  13. Oh, this one touched something deep within me dear Margie...
    It is a poem about love that anyone who have loved can relate to.
    Oh, simply gorgeous in words and mental images.
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend and thank you for these beautiful words (and your kind words at my place always),

  14. How exciting!
    Love has transferred you two into a world of dream where time and space are infinite, eternal. Lucky you!

  15. Filled with so much love ....beautiful poetry.Margie, i am very sorry because i am not that regular in blogger since i joined back my full time practice.I want you to know that i miss you.Hugs !!Have a wonderful weekend .

  16. Oh Margie-

    this poem is so powerful, I am so aware.

    Love you

  17. Yes, I am a lucky lady, Anne.
    Thanks for the kind words.
    So nice of you!

    Hi Susie
    Thank you for your visit and I so enjoyed your nice comment!
    I do hope Hamada has felt better the last few days.
    Take good care and know I have the both of you in my good thoughts.

    Thank you, Dulce.
    I really like knowing you loved my poem.
    Hugs back to you!

    Hi Priya
    Always nice to have you visit and thank you for the nice comment.

    Hello aslan
    Your kind comment was much appreciated.
    Many thanks.

    I've had a very happy weekend and wish you the same.

    Hi Starry
    Yes, very much in love, that I am!
    Thanks for your nice comment.

    It was fun to visit your other blog, love what you made for your nephew's niece.
    Take care and I hope your back will get better soon!

    It made me smile to know you loved my poem, Bernie.
    Thank you for the nice comment.

    Hi Magyar
    Loved your 'simply grand' comment.
    Many thanks!

    Hello Talon
    Yes, indeed it is, so very powerful.
    Thanks for your kind words!

    Hi Philip
    Thanks for visiting.

    It is true, Paula.
    Quite blessed!
    Thanks for the nice comment.
    It's appreciated.

    Hi JBR
    Blessings to you too!
    And thank you for the kind words!

    Hello Jenny
    So nice to have you visit and leave such a nice comment on my poem.
    Many thanks!

    Hi TechoBabe
    Oh, you are so generous with your kind words.
    Your lovely comment touched my heart!
    Thank you!

    I've having a most wonderful weekend dear kind lady and hope you are you also!

    Many thanks sweet Lorraine!
    Lovely comment!

  18. Hi Zuzana
    Your very kind words meant a lot to me.
    How lovely that my poem touched you in that way!
    So happy to know that!

    I'm having a great weekend dear Zuzana and hope you had a wonderful one too!

    Margie :)

  19. Hello Glynis
    Many thanks for the nice comment.
    It is appreciated very much!

    Margie :)

  20. Hello Duta
    You understood my poem perfectly!
    Thanks for visiting and the kind words!

    Margie :)

  21. Hi Kavita
    Oh, how very nice to see you here again!
    I missed you too!
    Come back when you can as it's always a pleasure to see your smiling face!
    I do understand completley that you don't have so much time to visit now since you are back at your practice again.

    Your kind words are very appreciated!
    Thanks so much!

    Hugs my friend!

    Margie :)

  22. Hello Gail
    Really enjoyed your nice comment.
    Many thanks!

    Hope you are having a lovely day full of peace and joy!

    Love to you!

    Margie :)

  23. Love
    is in your heart.

    Wonderful poem, Margie!

  24. a someday miracle of eternal time...big smiles there...


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker