Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In years to come

There'll be no letters

Yellowed at the edge

To save for generations

Yet unborn ...

There'll be no diaries

Left for them to see

How great-grandfather spent his day

Or worked his way

On freighter ships

Across the seas ...

No love notes

Hidden in a secret drawer

Tied with a faded ribbon

To read again once more

Technology is close at hand

And we no longer understand

The pen ...

How deep the loss

Of all those yesterdays

With joy and sorrow

If they are all forgotten

By tomorrow.


  1. This is SO sad (and true)! Did you write this Margie? I'd love to have a copy!

  2. Of course you wrote it! I've just looked around your "place" a little more. How beautifully you express your heart.

  3. Very true. Another great post.

  4. Hidden in a secret drawer

    Tied with a faded ribbon

    To read again once more

    - Thaz the cutest thing of all.

  5. I wouldn't find any thing to say.

    Can I find?

    Yes,you are a very strong poetess and am very honored to be your blog friend.

    With my best wishes...

  6. It is so true.I miss nt writing letters.I still have all the letters my husband wrote me when we were first married and he was in India.It is nice to read them from time to tme.I feel kids are growing up today without writing letters or just writing.

  7. I have been mourning the loss of the written word for many years and yet in this writing you share even more ways we will be missing something precious. I did not think of the love letters no longer to be written and saved with a ribbon tied around them in love. Technology has brought so many changes and in some ways like in medicine and education it is good but we lose something along the way don't we? Very good writing here today, you have a dear heart.

  8. Oh Please... I hope not!
    paper is necessary and the pen... or at least let's keep printers instead...

    Sad but true
    & so beautifully said.

  9. Very true, Margie. In the coming years the pen might become extinct.

  10. I have felt this for a long time now but you have expressed my feelings so much better than even I could....this poem is so true my friend......:-) Hugs

  11. Such a nice poem. I still hand write letters to those dearest to me. There is something unique and special almost like having a part of someones soul when you hand write a letter. I still seal them with a kiss.....ahhhhh I am the hopeless romantic.
    Tucked safely in my drawer is tons of letters. Funny thing is I still like to write proety to candle light. Somethings should never be forgotten. In a rural area power goes out allot so I enjoy reading and writing in my bedroom.
    I think there is a lot being lost, cultures, and the influences of traditions. I try to keep them alive at the holidays, but i must say it is getting harder as time is going way to fast.
    Thank you Margie for all your love comments on prose.

  12. Yes, Margie, "Future Shock" is now!

    You give us so much food for thought, and you do it with such a fine sense of unmeasured seasonings.

    Your blog is as genuinely attractive as your smile.


  13. .I feel kids are growing up today without writing letters or just writing.
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  14. What a great blog you have! Love the words and images together! Glad to meet you!

  15. There are still a few friends who I correspond with in the old fashioned way. There's something so special about a handwritten note - full of character, full of life.

    Loved this poem, Margie. Beautifully expressed.

  16. So I will always make it a point to send Christmas cards every year..... :)

  17. Beautiful, Margie,
    and so sadly true.
    What will become of pen
    and paper..

  18. So true Margie,

    but look at the brighter side I would have never read this poem if you had written it in your diary)

  19. I have filed about 2000 mails. I considered printing and filing them. Still it didnt feel right, I missed the ink,the aged envelope, the stamp from far away. Yes, it is sad.

  20. Loved this dear Margie. So true, there is nothing like the written word. When I met my Irishman, he used to send me a letter every week; to this day those letters are my most treasured possessions. I love letters.
    Lovely my friend,

  21. Very beautiful and oh so true, I use to copy everything I wrote and put it in a journal, still do a little, but then I think of all the trees that we save and I feel better. Besides, I know that all words written by hearts of gold get imprinted in Heaven, nothing done with Love is ever lost...and wow do I love the photo x

  22. Beautiful and true.
    Unfortunately, writing letters probably already passed

  23. Memorabilia - you couldn't have used a better caption for your lovely poem. The word comes from latin and it refers to objects valued and treasured for their past memories.

    I'm optimistic; I believe good things never vanish completely. Paper, pen and pencil will always serve us faithfully.

  24. Wow! Margie. This post really touched my heart. I do remember writing letters. It was so nice and personal writing those letters. Oh! the joy of receiving a response in the mail. That has been lost. So, thank you for bringing a smile to my face, remembering a time gone by.

  25. Beautifully said, Margie... the technoblight is upon us, and yet it has expanded our view of the world.

  26. I love the immediacy of e-mails and Twitter but there is nothing so wonderful as receiving a real letter in the mail. Loved this!

  27. Hello Margie,
    Your so right! I never thought of this!
    Because of computers, all the romantic letters and old diaries will soon be a thing of the past.
    How sad.
    Have a great evening,

  28. this is so true...amazingly written. Take gentle care. Sarah

  29. Margie, thank you for your truthful words. Blessings.

  30. I still try to write letters to the closest of people and keep their letters close to my heart. They are indeed precious.


  31. Dear friends and readers
    I so enjoyed all of your visits and comments.
    Each comment meant a great deal to me!
    I thank you all so much!
    I will get around to answering each of you separately but it will have to be a later time as I am very busy today and the rest of the weekend.

    Wishing you all a lovely and most enjoyable weekend.

    Be well!
    Be happy!


  32. Electronic books
    thoughts typed into space
    maybe we can retrieve the jist?

    You enable further thought. . .

  33. Beautiful poem and so true! How sad! This is why I make my husband write me a letter for my birthday and Valentine's day :)

  34. So nice .. thanks for sharing :)

  35. hmm..our today's software glories..
    Tomorrow formatted divorcing
    memories...hmmm... what a real perfectly thought out poem...I love it!

  36. i dunno...i still treasure the written word...most all my poems start in one of my present 9 or 10 sit on the shelf yellowing...smiles.

    this is sad though in its truth...

    and thank you so much for that quote is most awesome..smiles.

    hope you have a wonderful weekend margie


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