Thursday, March 18, 2010


Rain is for remembering
Its little voices fall
Soft as the memories
They recall ...
My mother used to say
"This is a hot cinnamom roll day"
I'd watch her strong hands shape each bun
And poke in raisins one by one
And soon their sweet spiced smell would stain
The kitchen window washed with rain ...
And then sometimes my father would say
"Let's take a walk this rainy day"
And we would set out hand in hand
Across the grey bedraggled land
We'd turn our faces to the skies
And let the rain fall on our eyes
And breathe in air all scented sweet
By rain-soaked grass beneath our feet ...
Rain is for remembering
Another spring
Another spring


  1. Oh that spring will fill you with flowers all around... for sure

    Sweetly written

  2. Hi MARGIE-

    Beautiful words full of image, sound, sight and scent. I can smell those cinnamon rolls baking, see the rain and fel it on my face - I can see the landscape and your hand snug in your Dad's. :-)

    Lovely, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Hi Margie,
    I can smell those Cinnamon Buns as they come out of the oven that your mother made. I can picture you walking hand in hand with your father out in the rain. Such beautiful memories of them. I love this one!
    Hope you had a fun trip.
    Talk to you soon.

  4. Beautiful! I can smell the cinnamon and the rain. What great detail! :o)

  5. Such beautiful words!!!:):)

    Enjoy your weekend:)


  6. Rain is for reflection and reminiscing :)

    Beautiful post!

  7. Margie,
    __'spose I might have one of those cinnaMOM (intended I fully expect) rolls?
    __This is beauty, I love the family involvement here and the "rain-soaked grass beneath our feet... ."
    __A conversation with an old friend brought to mind "Shelly;" my posts of 3/14 and 3/17 are, of that conversation, inter-connective.
    __I am honored by your visit, Margie, Thank you! _m

  8. words which reflect the rain drops :)...nice post margie :)..


  9. Rain has many good uses besides watering the plants. This is one of them. Very nice way to put a visual of cinnamon buns and walks in the rain. Rain doesn't have to mean bad memories, as this proves. Very nice poem and brings a hint of spring.

  10. Now I am looking forward to our first rainy day....I could almost smell the cinnamom buns baking and see the raindrops on the window pane....another wonderful poem Margie......:-) Hugs

  11. Margie,
    I miss you too. I kinda hate it when my work messes up with my social life. Hehe! :))

    We don't have Spring here and I'm so excited to hit the beach since it's already Summer here. :))

    You must try Yogurt ice cream. Yummy and healthy at the same time.

    How have you been? I so like the poem. :D

    You, too, take care always. :)


  12. Beautiful written And I was watching drops falling over eyes. Rain Rain - waiting. Come soon.

  13. So beautiful! MAde me sense spring coming in your little poem.


  14. What beauty and sentiments in your words, so alive and beautiful...and the photo is perfect, absolutely perfect

  15. Your poem makes me remember playing in the rain when a child. I love spring rains and thunderstorms, if not too severe! Enjoyed your lovely poem Margie!
    Hope you are enjoying spring!

  16. this really dropped me back into memory. i remember my mom making cinnamon rolls. yum! thanks for the trip along memory lane ;)

  17. Rain brings with it memories, and we tend to remember only the sweet ones such as: mother shaping cinnamon bunns, father suggesting a walk in the rain, both parents and the child (you Margie) walking in the rain and breathing the scented air of another Spring.
    Oh, how nice it all looked!

  18. Love it I feel so cosy reading this and can can feel the drops spatter on my skin. You are a wonderful writer Margie

  19. oh yes... how i love the rain... it's probably finished here now for the most part... the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining... and my memories of the amazing rain are just that now... memories...

    rain is... for remembering

    a beautiful poem again, Margie :)


  20. Another spring, another spring, another lovely poem, another lovely poem dear Margie!

  21. beautiful poem! I can visualize each word
    came here from starry

  22. Margie, your words are beautiful. I have always loved rain and thunderstorms. Thanks dear for sharing.

  23. Hey Margie,

    Thank you so much for visiting and joining my blog. :)
    And here's where I usually blog. Would absolutely love to have u here as well.

  24. you have some of the best and nicest memories...and I love the picture. Have a gentle weekend Margie...Your spirit comforts and even in the shine. Sarah

  25. Dear Margie, this was absolutely lovely! What a beautiful sentiments about rain; I agree. It is raining here today and I welcome it so.;) The nature needs it...
    Thank you for your lovely words at my place and for stopping by even in my absence. I am back now.:))
    Hope you are having a lovely first spring weekend,

  26. Hello Matgie!
    Excellent words and very nice pictures,
    Have a nice weekend.

  27. Nice. Congratulations.
    Daniel D. Peaceman, writer and editor

  28. Realy rain is for remembering another spring, another spring and
    perhaps remembering the old loves.

    Have a nice weekend with your family.

    Best wishes from Turkey..

  29. I love the smell of the first rain of the season. Lovely writing Margie.
    When I was a young girl I remember sneaking out and dancing in the rain. It was sooo fun.

  30. You have such a gift for bringing forth goodness, Margie. Thank you for this.

  31. The pleasure is mine. Best wishes to you from all editorial team of CHMagazine!

    Daniel D. Peaceman

  32. "Let the rain fall on our eyes"..I remember that glad you visited..and here I am now!!

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  34. I can smell the rain and the cinnamon buns.I love the rain,especially if I can stay home and read a book.I love the way you described a rainy day.Just beautiful Margie.

  35. How I love the way you embraced Spring & Rain :D

  36. Dear friends and readers ...
    Once again, I thank you all for your visits and very special comments.
    I'm still very busy with the little lady I'm taking care of (she is 89 and such a dear!) and have no time to reply to each comment.
    I'll be with her till Wednesday.
    Just know how very much I appreciate your visits and comments.
    Thank you all so very, very much!
    I'm so very glad to know all of you!

    Be happy!
    Be well!

    Margie :)xo

  37. Hi, Margie! I enjoyed this poem so much.

    "Rain is for remembering" - what a beautiful line. It's so true, too.

    And the family moments - just lovely!

  38. The smell of rain and hot cinnamon rolls, what a delight!

    Lovely words.

  39. Very true, even I had the same experience.

  40. Hi Talon
    So nice to have you visit and nice to know you enjoyed my poem!
    I really appreacite your kind comment!
    Thank you!

    Margie :)

  41. Hello Glynis
    Thank you for the kind words!
    They are appreciated!

    Margie :)

  42. Hi c'est la vie
    Nice to know you had the same experience!
    Such experiences are treasures, don't you think?
    Thanks for your visit!

    Margie :)

  43. Beautiful words full of image, sound, sight and scent. I can smell those cinnamon rolls baking, see the rain and fel it on my face - I can see the landscape and your hand snug in your Dad's.
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  44. Such rich images! I think most of us consider rain to be a nuisance and something to ruin an otherwise beautiful day. How wonderful is the attitude you describe...go out and meet the rain full on. Turn your face into it and drink it up.

    This reminds me of how my daughters always remark on the first chill day of fall that they know where Mom is! In the kitchen cooking! There is something about having the furnace come on for the first time that makes me want to cozy up the house with the smell and taste of homecooked food!


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