Monday, September 14, 2009


When he was born I looked at him and thought:
What a precious little one.
I looked at him again and said: Is this
My son?

When he was three I looked at him and thought:
His troubles have just begun.
Look at him pucker his baby lips. How can I say:
No, son!

When he was five he started to school
His strong little legs in a run.
I saw him stumble and bump his nose. I cried:
O, son!

When he was seventeen he finished high school
With the highest of honors won.
I looked at him and proudly said: This is
My son!

O, world of turmoil
With your race for the young to run,
I beg you: Please be careful what you do with


  1. So handsome your son! Lucky him, lucky you.
    God bless you both.
    Lovely writing
    Smiles :)

  2. HI MARGIE -

    Oh my, this is so beautiful as is the photo of you and your son. I know so well your heart as it speaks to mine, is just like mine, as my son is a beautiful young man too that I am so very connected to. I love your hearts words.


  3. What a fitting tribute to a son, who has been set on the right path, and continues to walk it. Son of Margie, continue on!

    (Hey, my friend Dulce is on here--commenting!)

  4. Margie,
    What a beautiful poem about your son. It brought tears to my eyes. Your son has grownup to be a very handsome young man. I know how proud you are of him. Don't worry, your son will continue to do well in this world.
    Take care, my friend.

  5. he your SON ?

    very hansome indeed :)

  6. that's a sweet post..
    oh, i missed my mom.

    Godbless you both!

  7. Margie, beautiful photo of the two of you, very handsome young man you have there. all the best to both of you. Big hug.

  8. Margie I have tears in my eyes, I love this poem and such a beautiful picture of you and your son....he is so handsome.
    The love you have for your son shows through in every word, you both are blessed to have each other. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.
    Love you my friend...:) Hugs

  9. Margie...what a lovely poem and the picture is very beautiful,a beautiful mom standing together with her handsome son.I wish that God always bless your family.
    This poem is very special for me because just today my son is three...i am writing this down in my diary.Thanks

  10. Its amazing how beautifully you have penned down motherly feeling..

  11. oh Margie that was lovely poem about your son.
    Just read on Keshi's blog that Jake is not well. Hope all goes well...
    hugs trinity.
    ps I am creating greeting cards at the moment and also digital artwork. So I have been so busy ... I thought I could get back into blog every day ... not at the moment. So it will be monthly till further notice.

  12. Delightful tribute Margie. A handsome son! Children bring such joy to our lives.

  13. The last part really got to me. My son is somewhat older than your son but you and I have that in common: we love our sons and want the best for them. This is a wonderful photo of you and your son. I know you cherish it.

  14. Glad for you to visit me, Margie--I put you into my sidebar "favorites" also.

    Anyone who ends their "about me" with: "I take nothing for granted. I treasure everything!"...well, I want to keep on reading that kind of attitude. I call it ENTHUSIASM!


  15. A beautiful poem, a beautiful picture. You made me cry, Margie.

  16. You touch my heart, Margie!
    Beautiful, lovely!
    My best wishes and blessings to
    your son
    and his mom and dad.

  17. Hello Dulce
    I must tell you I am the luckiest and most blessed mom to have such a wonderful son!
    He is handsome yes, but so much more than that, he is loving and very kind!
    Thanks very much for the lovely comment.
    And God bless you too!

    Hi Gail
    I know you know so well my heart as we both share that connection of loving mothers to our sons.
    Thanks so much for your kind words.


    Hello Steve
    I do appreciate your very nice comment.
    Many thanks.
    And I know my son shall continue on that "right path" you spoke of.

    Yes, Dulce is here too and I so enjoy her visits and comments.
    She is a good writer, isn't she!

    Hi Anne
    Can you believe how grown up he is now....I can't!
    Tears from you, oh gosh, me too as I had tears when I was writing my poem!
    And you do know how proud I am of him.
    I know my son will do well in this big, wide world.

    Thanks very much for your kind comment, my friend.


    Hello White Forest
    Yes, it's my son.
    So handsome and so wonderful he is!
    Thanks so much.


    Hi ambiguous_ angel and welcome.
    Thanks so much for the visit and nice comment.
    Sorry about your missing your mom.
    God bless you as well.


    Thanks very much, Cinner.
    Your kind words are appreciated.
    Big hug to you.

    Hello Bernie
    Oh gosh, tears from you too, like Anne.
    When my poems can bring one to tears I know it has touched one's heart and I love that!
    Yes, so very blessed we are to have each and my son.

    As always, Bernie I so appreciate your lovely comment.
    Many thanks for it.
    And I was so happy to share so you are most welcome.

    Love to you.


    Hi Kavita
    First, let me wish your son a wonderful and happy birthday.
    Three years old today.
    Oh, I remember those birthday's with my son when he was a little boy, days of joy and wonder.
    May you share a very special birthday with your sweet son.
    The picture of you and him in your profile picture is so adorble.
    And may God bless you family too.

    Thanks so much for the most kind words.
    It makes me happy that my poem was so special to you that you wrote it in your diary...awwww!


    Hello anamika
    So glad you found my poem to be so.
    It was so easy to write as my heart overpours with motherly love.
    Always happy to have you visit...many thanks for the nice comment.


    Hi Marie
    Your kind comment is most appreciated ... thanks very much and your concern for Jake means a lot to me.
    He is doing some better now.
    You know I love jake just like my kids and when he is sick I am so sad:(

    My goodness, you sure are busy.
    I wish you much luck with your greeting cards and digital artwork.
    I'm sure they will be beautiful as you are such a gifted artist.

    See you when you return and look forward to your next post.


    Hello Janice
    Yes, the joy our children bring to our lives is the best joy ever.

    Many thanks for your nice comment.


  18. Hi TechoBabe
    I can understand why that last part of my poem got to you.
    You are the mother to a son that you love and want all good things in his life.
    May your son always have nothing but good things in his life!

    I really appreciate your kind words...thanks very much.
    And I do so cherish this picture.
    It makes me so happy:)


  19. Thanks very much for return visit, Steve.
    That was very nice of you and it makes me happy that you like my attitude...thanks very much and I am glad to have you as a follower.
    I like your attitude too.


  20. Hello Aurora
    More tears, oh gosh!
    You are the third person but I know they were good tears and that is a source of joy to me.
    And your kind words made me smile.

    Thanks very much, Aurora.


  21. What a totally joyful tribute! I most certainly echo your expressed sentiments. Blessings to a most handsome son and beautifully expressive loving mother. These are the treasures of time that only love can create. I know cyberspace must be smiling knowing it is delivering such love filled tidings to your blog followers.

  22. Hi Krystyna
    That my post could touch your heart makes me quite happy.

    Your lovely comment is very appreciated.
    Many thanks to you.


  23. Hello Rose Marie
    What a lovely and gracious comment.
    It really meant a lot to me.
    Thank you so very much!


  24. Hey Margie, I can see that you are so proud of your Son :) What a handsome young man there and I can see the similarity in both your smiles.

  25. He looks handsome and best wishes to him.

  26. Hello Shionge
    Oh, that I am ... so very proud of him and I'm glad that you noticed our similar smiles...that makes me glad.
    Thanks for your nice words.


  27. Thanks so much, priya.
    So nice having a visit from you again.


  28. *faints!*

    lol Margie u know how I feel abt ur very handsome son :):) Just tell him that I developed a massive crush on him ever seen I laid my eyes on him!

    *HUGZ* ;-)

  29. btw the poem is beautiful. both of u r very lucky to hv each other in ur lives!


  30. awhhhhhhhhhhh

    How proud you must feel - your heart bursting...
    can only imagine

  31. Hey Keshi
    As you faint upon looking at that handsome son of mine...LOl!
    I shall tell him that a beautiful girl by the name of Keshi has a big or did you say massive crush on him!

    Thanks hun for the kind words on my poem.
    I do know how very lucky we are to have each other.
    My son means so much to me!



  32. Hello Alicia
    You know just how I feel, don't you!
    Yes, my heart bursts with pure joy!
    Thank you dear.
    And I shall be in touch tomorrow.


  33. nice :)...he seems taller then me hehe :)..thats a beautiful poem for ur sweet of u :)..


  34. Hello Margie,
    You have a very handsome son! What a beautiful picture of the both of you!

  35. Oh Margie! What a beautiful poem! So much to be proud of! He is so nice and I love your picture of the two of you!

  36. i must say
    your son is handsome:)

    he's lucky to have you:)


  37. Hi Hemanth
    How are you?
    Glad you liked my poem and I hope my son will too when I give it to him. (oh, I know he will as he has a tender heart)
    Thanks for your visit and nice comment.


  38. Hello Lydia
    Thanks very much.
    Your kind words are appreciated.


  39. Hi Adie
    Oh yes, so much to be proud of!
    And you do know how nice he is, that is one of the things I am most proud of...just to be a nice person is a wonderful thing, don't you think so?

    Thanks so much for visiting, Adie and the nice comment.

    Oh, I love this picture too and whenever I look at it, I just smile.


  40. Hello Kai
    Yes, he is handsome and so sweet!
    I think I am just as lucky to have him and also blessed that he is my son as I could never have a more wonderful son.
    I'm sure he thinks he is also lucky to have me as his mother!

    Many thanks on the nice words!

    Hugs to you, dear!


  41. Sorry for the late comment...I have been away for awhile...Handsome son and lovely writing!

  42. Hello Zee
    No need to be sorry.
    So nice to have you visit again.
    I hope your time away was good for you.

    Thanks so much for the nice comment.


  43. Thanks very much, iharshad!



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