Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VERSIFIER (To my Husband)

"You say you have no style for poetry."
Do you know you write each day
A lovely poem formed through your kindness
Of the love words you would say.

That bouquet you bought this morning
Full of beauty, color, shade
Brought its cheer with tender rhythm
Thoughtfulness ... a rich brocade.

Yes! you write me poems of beauty
Words and deeds blend each a part
In the beauteous songs of gladness
That transforms both mind and heart.


  1. Jeff will love this, and it is so true...a day full of kindness, gentle words, respect and generosity is a poem in itself.
    Luv you........:-) Hugs

  2. How sweet !!i hope and wish that everyday is a beautiful poem for you both..awesome.

  3. Hi! Thanks Margie. :) I've just become so busy these past few weeks. This week has been one of the worst week ever. Philippines has been hit by a super typhoon and it was really devastating. Many people lost their homes, belongings and some died. It was heartbreaking. I hope everything can be restored and be back to normal. Now that another storm has just come in and said that it has a possibility that it can be as great as hurricane Katrina.

  4. Hi Margie,
    What a beautiful poem of love, joy and romance to the love of your life!
    Take care,my friend.

  5. Margie, you must be such a beautiful person, both on the inside and the outside to be able to put together such precious words in a form we can all follow. Each and every time I read your prose I am filled and, dare I say, amazed. Makes me view things people do for me or say to me in an entirely different light.

    Another classy piece!!!

  6. WOW WOW Woman poet!
    I wish I had a husband like that! Or... nope! I wish I was your husband!
    ...SO beautiful!!!

    A thousand smiles :) :) :)


    oh such lovely words to celebrate, honor your love, his love, and together loving - beautiful indeed.

    Love Gail

  8. Thank you! I hope we can recover right away now that another typhoon has come into our area of responsibility.

    Thanks! :)

    What a lovely, heart warming piece.

    I like the inherent beauty found in "another expression"...

  10. definately a girl moment of this, so sweet and dear. i could only wish this same thing for everyone.

  11. Margie,
    this poem is full of love between both of you.
    It is inspiring and amazing!

  12. A good collection of poems here, since I left

    I was here before...but that day my Internet system had problem and i couldn't comment...

    lovely, Margie :)


  13. hey margie, this ws good!!

    thank you for all your wishes... am just counting days now and shall send a note! :)

  14. Maggie, how very wonderful. Love it. Your heart speaks a loving language.
    Thanks for thinking of me, I am home again. Hugs and a great weekend to you

  15. You are a wise wife to have the open heart to know that poetry comes in so many versions. I am happy enjoy passion to the max with your hubby in all you do together.

  16. Hello Margie,
    What a sweet poem about your hubby! He must love reading this.
    Wishing you a very nice weekend with your loving hubby!

  17. How sweet and romantic. A delightful love poem Margie.

  18. This is lovely...and so true. There is so much "poetry" in the world that is never written down! My husband also is this kind of poet. :)

  19. This is beautiful, Margie.

  20. Bernie
    My hubby did love it!
    Thank you.

    Luv and hugs to you.


    Oh, thank you so much, Kavita for that sweet comment.
    May it also be that way for you and your beloved as well.


    Dear Cez
    I know how hard hit the Phillipines has been and how devasting it is!
    I have you and your family in my prayers.
    Be safe, dear!


    Hello Anne
    Thanks very much for the very nice comment on my poem.
    I appreciate it.
    Take care, dear friend.


    Hi Gloria
    How very kind you are.
    Your words mean a lot to me.
    Many thanks to you.


    Hello Dulce
    Your comments always put a smile on my face and at times give me a big chuckle ... *nope! I wish I was your husband! hahahah!!!!
    Thanks very much for the kind words about my poem and also for the chuckle.

    Sending all those smiles back to you :):):)


    Hi Gail
    Your very nice comment is very appreciated.
    Many thanks.

    Love and peace to you.


    You're so welcome.
    Be safe.
    Keeping you in my good thoughts and prayers.

    Thanks very much, Alicia.
    Always so enjoy your visits and comments.
    Take care, my dear friend.


    Hello Kay
    Many thanks on the kind words.


    Hi Krystyna
    I am very appreciative of your kind words.
    Thanks so much.


    Hello Devika
    Welcome back.
    So nice to see you here again.

    Thanks very much for the nice comment.


    Hi Neers
    So glad to have a visit from you.
    Thanks so much.

    I know your big day is coming soon.
    I'm so happy for you!
    A baby is life's greatest blessing!

    Hello Paula
    So glad you are home again and how
    sweet of you to visit me so soon.
    Now, take very good care and get lots of rest.
    I hope you also get lots of TLC!

    Your visit and kind words are most appreciated.
    Many thanks to you, dear.
    Lotsa hugs to you.


    Hello TechoBabe
    Oh, thanks very much for that lovely comment.
    It made me smile :)

  21. Hello Lydia
    Your very nice comment is very appreciated.
    Thanks so much and I hope you are having a great weekend.


  22. Hi Janice
    Many thanks on the kind words.
    They are so appreciated.


  23. A warm welcome to you, Norma.
    Thanks very much for the nice comment.


  24. Hello Kristin
    Yes, there is so much 'poetry' in the world that is never written down.
    How wonderful that you have the same kind of 'poet' husband like I do.

    And thanks so much for the kind words on my poem.


  25. mmm..liked it, lovely !!

    (well, just discovered that i am also a poet (hope my wife agrees with my findings !!)

  26. smiles. yes it sounds like he is a poet in his own way...what beautiful love!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker