Sunday, September 27, 2009


She unlocked the door of his tool-shed
She took a spade and hoe ...
A rake - and a ball of twine ...
To measure the garden row.

She brought none of his skill to the gardening
Just a poignantly awkward grace ...
But never, since the day he died ...
Have I seen such peace in her face.


  1. Acceptance is a wonderful thing, and to carry on....remembering all the good when life was unchanged and to move forward with the challenges in love and tribute is a marvellous and amazing conquest....another great poem my is time to publish!!!!
    Love you.......:-) Hugs

  2. Gosh...short and to the point. It reminds me of someone I know who for ten years looked after her spouse who had that horrible Alzheimer's disease.
    Excellent writing Margie.

  3. that is what gardening does to ya



  4. So much beauty in so few words. Wonderful.

  5. So short and so much said. Sometimes we connect with our loved ones through things they loved to do. Makes us closer even if we are worlds apart.

  6. this poem is so beautiful and well written

  7. MARGIE-

    Lovely words - strung together with honored memory. Every time we do what one of lour loved one's did best we are honoring their life and keeping them "alive" by our actions. This is so wonderful. I often use 'phrases' of my Dad's - so much so that people who never knew him when he was alive know his phrases and saying quite well! :-)
    Thank you Margie

    Love to you

  8. Hi Margie, this is so full of love. I can picture someone carrying on and taking a first step by learning to garden, not as a substitute for the one who is no longer there, but in his or her own right.

  9. I understand she's got a relief because he's died... no one has to tell her what's wrong and what is right...
    That's what I read between these lines my sweet Margie ;)

  10. This poem of yours made me think a lot...i see a many interpretations..i wonder was he in a lot of pain or was he a pain himself?Margie,i am very impressed by your style of make your readers stop and think.

  11. What a beautiful tribute that you wrote to unnamed love.
    Very beautiful, heartfelt peace, Margie.

    Today I see that
    Summer gone,
    it's rainy, cold day.
    I'm in nostalgic mood.
    My soul needs deeper reflection.
    I found it here.

    Take care, dear Margie!

  12. That actually brought tears to my eyes. Great writing, Margie!

  13. "Poignantly awkward grace"


  14. Hi Margie, thank you for adding to the wealth of the world your kind heart, perspective and vision.

    Goodlife my friend.

  15. Hello Bernie
    When we lose a loved one, everthing changes and it's not always easy to move on.
    But as you said, "to move forward with the challenges in love and tribute ia a marvellous and amazing conquest" I agree completely with you, my friend.
    That is just what you have done in your life ... I admire you very much for that.

    Thanks very much for your kind words on my poem.

    Love & hugs to you.


    Hi Janice
    Many thanks for your nice comment on my poem.
    It is very appreciated, my friend.


    Hello Alicia
    Oh, the things gardening can do, in this case, a lovely memorial to a loved one.



    Dear Paula
    Your kind words are much appreciated.
    Thanks so much.

    I have you in my good thoughts.
    The time you are facing will not be easy but I know you will come through it prayers are with you.


    Hello Lena
    Yes, Lena, we do connect to our loved ones from the things they loved to do.
    That is just what my poem is all about.
    That connection can bring us much peace.
    Thanks so much for your visit and comment.
    Take care.


    Thanks so much for your kind words, Sarah.


    Hello Gail
    How wonderful it is that you use
    'phrases' your dad used and keep him 'alive' and others get to know your dad through the words you now speak that he spoke.
    That is lovely!
    I have this prayer book of my mom's and I keep it close to me and touch it and turn the pages that she turned and prayed so often from and from that I feel so much peace and connected to her in a beautiful way.

    Thanks very much for the kind comment on my poem.

    Love and peace to you.


    Hi TechoBabe
    You pictured my poem in just the way I wanted.
    Many thanks for the nice comment.


    Hello Dulce
    Well, not really a relief.
    Just her going on and feeling a deep peace from doing something that he did that he did with skill and loved to do.


    Hi Kavita
    I'm happy that you like how I write.
    Thank you dear.

    Actually, he was not a pain or in pain.
    The poem is meant to covey a peace that came from doing something he loved to do that she took up, gardening.
    Thank you for reading and searching for the meaning to my poem.


    Hello Krystyna
    How wonderful that from my poem you found that deeper soul reflection.
    I'm honored.

    Your kind words mean a lot.
    Many thanks to you, dear Krystyna.



  16. Hi kai
    Thanks very much and I'm so glad you had a good day.


  17. Hello Aurora
    Gosh, that my poem brought tears to you is so touching to me.
    That makes me realize you felt the meaning in a very heartfelt way.

    I appreciate the kind words ... many thanks.


  18. Hi Mark
    So glad to know you loved my poem.
    Thanks very much for the nice comment.


  19. Hello Robert
    How very kind of you to share that lovely comment.
    Thanks so very much.
    It means a great deal to me.

    And I would like to share the same words with you ... "thank you, Robert, for adding to the wealth of the world, your kind heart, perspective and vision.

    Goodlife to you, my friend.


  20. Hi Ash
    Such a nice surprise having a visit from you again.
    Many thanks on the kind words.


  21. Thank you Margie for explaining it to a student i was never shy to ask my teacher if i was confused..i will bother you too from time to time.

  22. You brought back sad yet sweet memories of my Gran clearing my Gramps shed. She was at peace and shared many memories that day.

  23. You brought back sad yet sweet memories of my Gran clearing my Gramps shed. She was at peace and shared many memories that day.

  24. No problem, Kavita... you are welcome.
    Always feel free to ask anything you are puzzled on.


  25. Hello Glynis
    I hope the sweet memories will always be a source of joy for you.
    How wonderful that your gran was at peace when cleaning out the shed of your gramps.


  26. i am glad she returned to something he loved...perhaps she feels a bit closer to him for a time...nice verse margie

    slept like a champ last night..


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