Tuesday, October 06, 2009


These friendly hills are now attired
To dance to tunes by winds inspired
Each golden tree will swing and sway
With oakbrush dressed another way
Confetti leaves will fill the air
Ripe apples will be royal fare
The harvest moon will shed its light
So dancing can go on all night.

But when the festival is through
The friendly hills find rest is due
And so in ermine robes they keep
A rendevous with healing sleep.


  1. This whole beautiful post and photo just "taste out LOUD" of Colorado...is that correct?

    Two of my AA friends are leaving Powderhorn TODAY, and heading for the beaches of Naples, FL.

    Do "not be fretted nor vexed", they'll be back in April or May!


  2. Hi Margie,
    I absolutely love this poem. This poem and the picture remind me of how much I miss Colorado.
    This describes Colorado at it's finest. When I want to take a taste of Colorado I will come here and visit. Thanks so much sharing.
    Take care, my friend.

  3. I love this party time and the way you depict it
    Wonderful writing... as always
    Sweet hugs!! ***

  4. Autumn truly is a beautiful season - you have captured it well with your words Margie.


    your words and picture are such a beautiful blend of all that is magical and promising of the seasons changes.

    Love Gail

  6. hi Margie...

    a beautiful fall poem... i can feel autumn in every word...


  7. i wish i could have more words to describe my feeling after reading ur beautiful poem...its just so wonderful :)...i can feel the autumn festival in ur poetic words :)...so wonderful..


  8. Beautiful writing. I seem to fall in love with Autumn over and over again...and it happened again when I read this poem. :) There's a lovely flow and rhythm to this...wonderful!!!

  9. Love the poem, Margie...all the more because to me Autumn seemed a sad season (and it isn't that beautiful here....But I always loved to see those pictures...and now your poem adds a new dimension :)


  10. Once me and Chandan were in your country during Autumn....it is very beautiful out there.Your poem brought back many good memories of those days,only few can do justice to describe the true beauty of nature like you have done.The picture selection is too good.Thanks for posting...hugs !!!

  11. Okay, Colorado is fully printed on my bucket list....gosh I loved this poem, it is magical....
    Missed you my friend and am so happy to be back....:-) Hugs

  12. autumn - my lovely season
    beautiful foto

  13. Your words make autumn sound like so much fun and absolutely beautiful.

  14. Hello Margie,
    Very nice autumn poem. I'm enjoying the fresh apples right now too!!!!!
    Have a nice night,

  15. beautiful verse there!

    Im enjoying Spring here tho :) Margie I got all ur msgs tnxx hun! I hv been away from the PC for abt 10 days now...yes still on my mini break.

    Abt the earrings...aww how sweet! Im so v glad both u and the lil boy like em :) It made me so happy to read ur comments!

    Enjoy ur Autumn weather...tho it's Spring here, it's unusually VERY COLD these days and it's snowing close by! Strange weather all ard the world these days...

    MWAH! Shall email ya later. TC

  16. Hi Steve
    Yes, Colorado it is.
    It's so gorgeous here in the fall.

    Many thanks on your nice comment.

    Hope your friends have a great trip.

    Wishing you a splendid day!


    Hello Anne
    Oh, I know you miss Colorado and all the beauty it has to offer especially at this time of year.

    So glad to know you enjoyed my poem that much.
    And please come back at anytime and enjoy that taste of Co.

    So appreciate your kind words, my friend.

    Thanks very much.


    Hi Dulce
    The party is right here, for your enjoyment.
    So glad you loved it.

    And I so enjoyed your very nice comment.
    Thanks so much.

    Sweet hugs returned to you!
    Take good care.


    Thank you very much, Janice.
    I hope you had a great day.


    Hello Gail
    Many thanks on the kind words.
    Always appreciated.


    Hi Joanne
    So glad my poem gave you the feeling of autumn that I wanted.
    Thanks so much for the nice comment.


    Hello Hemanth
    Oh, how very nice of you.
    The words you used told me how much you enjoyed my poem.
    That is wonderful.
    I thank you very much for those kind words.


    Hi Kristin
    How lovely that my poem could affect you that way.
    Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year, isn't it!
    I love it as you do.

    Many thanks on the lovely comment.


    Hello Devika
    Oh, so glad to know you loved my poem and that it added another dimension to autumn for you ... not a sad time ...
    Me, I do get somewhat sad when the trees are all bare but now it's a time of great beauty and I celebrate the beauty of autumn.

    I appreciate your visit and kind words, Devika.
    Thanks so much.


    Hello Kavita
    Oh, I love the new profile picture of you and your daughter ...it's very sweet.

    So you and Chandan were here during the lovely season of autumn.
    How wonderful and I'm very glad my poem brought back those good memories of that time.

    As always, you are most kind with your comment and I appreciate it very much.
    Thanks very much.



    Hi Bernie
    Welcome back.
    Oh, you must come to Colorado ... you will simply love it.

    Happy that you loved my poem.
    Many thanks for the kind words.



    Welcome to my blog, eddie
    Yes, autumn is indeed a lovely season.
    Thanks very much for the visit ... I enjoyed my visits to your blog .. it's very nice.

  17. Hi TechoBabe
    Oh, that is just what I wanted to portray in my poem.
    I really appreciate your very nice comment.
    Many thanks to you.


  18. Hello Lydia
    Oh, I love fresh autumn apples and this weekend am going to go and pick some at an orchard.
    Enjoy yours .... I bet they are yummy.

    Thanks very much for the nice words on my poem.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening.


  19. Oh gosh, look who is here .... Keshi, I was just thinking about you as I was replying to all my commenters here and there you were when I was just about done.

    How happy I am to see you here as I missed not hearing from you.

    So, you are still on your mini break ... well, I hope you are having the most fantastic time!

    Spring there and Autumn here.
    Cold there now, huh?
    And snow close by.... BRRRRRR!
    I know before too long we will have snow and I am just not ready for it.
    It was gorgeous here today, though.
    I was outside a lot with Mason (the sweet little guy that liked the earrings) and his sister Mallory.
    We had such fun together!

    Happy that my comments made you happy hun.
    Always want you to be nothing but happy.
    We all should be right, life is just too short not to be.

    Shall wait to hear from you.

    Take good care, Keshi.
    Have a ball!



  20. Keshi, I forget to thank you for the kind words on my poem.

    Thank you so much!



  21. This is really beautiful. The rhythm is spritely and energetic, like early fall, and like a fall dance, but then winds down effectively for the closing lines. Well done, Margie!

  22. It sings nature's beauty, I love it.

  23. Just beautiful, Margie. I can feel the fall in every line.
    I heard your words, from the poem you sent to me, in my mind today as I watched the ocean - thank you for caring and for your words of encouragement. :-) They make each day a little brighter.
    Hope all is well with you.

  24. Hello Aurora
    I really do appreciate your wonderful comment on my poem.
    Coming from an exceptional writer like you it's so nice to receive.
    Thank you very much!


  25. Many thanks for the kind words, Glynis...so glad to know you loved my poem.
    Take care.


  26. Hi Quieten
    Oh, thank you very much for the very nice comment.

    And how wonderful that you got to the ocean today and it makes me very happy that you could hear the words of that poem I sent you.
    I do hope your time there was a time of peace.

    And of-course you are so very welcome.
    I keep you and George in my good thoughts and prayers.



  27. And the picture was painted...entirly beautiful.

  28. Very nice poem, thank you for sharing. Blessings!


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Untie the ribbons.

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