Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MONARCH DAYS (For my parents who always encouraged me to dream!)

When I was six
Summers were made of
Fireflies and dandelions
And trading mud pies was a priority
With Tommy next door ...
We'd wish for sunny days
And chocolate ice cream
With sprinklers
He was my best friend
Each morning we would begin
A new adventure ...
Our pockets full of plums and crickets
Selling my father's tomatoes
In the driveway ...
I picked raspberries on Thursdays
And ran barefoot through dreams
That seemed a million miles away
And now I know ...
That it was the right thing
To let the lightning bugs go free.


  1. ha! marvellous...very nice, Margie :)


  2. As with so much of life - we savor, we remember. Your feeling words and whimsical image bring those days of abandon anew. Well done!

  3. awwww Margie that was lovely.
    You still have the heart of a child.
    hugs for you
    will fill you in via email

  4. Oh man, you know how to use wonderful words and your words lead all our hearts around and around in a carefree place.

  5. Dear Margie,
    Such a happy poem! Memories of childhood. Ah!The freedom!

  6. Oh woman friend this is so very beautiful and worth not forgetting at all

    *And ran barefoot through dreams

    That seemed a million miles away*

    What an image that is, and so much said there.
    Just remarkable, lovely Margie

  7. This is such an awe-inspiring post Margie! I loved EVERY bit of it. TY for making me go back to my childhood atleats for a lil while...to the fairytales and the magical times I've spent counting stars and looking for mermaids and elves everywhere I went...

    **And ran barefoot through dreams
    That seemed a million miles away

    Beautiful expression!


  8. Margie, this was beautiful. Blessings and thank you for sharing!

  9. Hello Margie,
    What a nice childhood you had!!!! Those memories will be there for you to forever cherish.
    Your description sounds so warming and innocent to what childhood should be like.
    Have a nice evening,
    P.S. I love the photo!!!!!!

  10. just reminded me of my childhood....its so lovely ...i dont know wat else to say just wonderful and loved the expression which made me remember everything of my childhood and naughty things i used to do ...thanks margie for the wonderful post...


  11. Such a sweet poem Margie..I like it.

  12. Our childhoods were somewhat similar and I wouldn't change anything...thank you for the memories my friend...luv ya...hugs

  13. childhood days are always great to raises some anxiety and excitement when ever we think of them ...
    wish those days come back .. and live the life again....

  14. Margie, beautiful, how nice to have a best friend right next door. sounds great being a child. take care.

  15. As beautiful as ever, Margie. Thank you for your beauty.

  16. How lovely childhood,i liked the tomatoes part a lot..hugs Margie !!

  17. mudpies and fireflies and dandelions, sounds like a summer in the north east. It is wonderful that your family is such the inspiration.
    Nature itself opened the gates for me to dream. Sometimes I looked at it as my escape, but as I have mature, I realize I didn't run away to nature, I allowed its embrace to teach me and comfort me and in some instances inspire me.
    When you are young you want to catch a bunny or a firefly to hold it close and than when you do, you have to know let it go free. I think we are all like that you can't imprison the soul, you have to set it free and only then can you truly experience the beauty of life.
    Pretty thoughts Margie!

  18. To be like a child is to be! Thank-you for sharing this wonderful poem.

  19. I so enjoyed all the wonderful comments and shall reply to all of you later.
    Thank you all so much!


  20. I loved this, may I copy it again? The time will come and I send you a book with your own poems! Love you

  21. First of all, TY for taking me down memory lane to my childhood. I loved mud pies, Hated bugs ( still do )running barefoot sometimes, but one of my funnier times would be when the tide went out and we could hop the rocks along the seashore.

    You are a wonderful poet, writer. I really like what you wrote in your profile. Hallmark moment for me
    Thanks for stopping over at my blog, Dulce is , well , all I can say, PERFECT, SMILES and blessings

  22. Margie, this is really beautiful and should be published somewhere.

  23. Fireflies and dandelions...

    Back again.

    Hope you are all keeping well
    love ya

  24. smiles...you brought to life my childhood summers...love fireflies...and we would play at night until well after dark...


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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker