Monday, October 19, 2009


Every day is set apart
From other days
A jewel some remembering heart

May always keep.

Bargained for with care and bought
With reckoning
Borrowed out of time or caught
Upon the wing.

Battled for and dearly won
Given or lent
Freely lived from sun to sun
Freely spent.

Every day is for some heart
A day of days
A jewel life has set apart
To shine always.


  1. Thank God we have NOW--grin!

    Margie, your words simplify life so well.

    Every day IS a jewel for some, if we but look for the true sparkle, the essence. And this day, as my yesterday, will shine always!

    Thank you SO much, Margie.


  2. How very wonderful. May I write your poem down and make it in a nice printout to have it here with me and read it every day?

  3. You shine bright with these words Margie dear.
    I welcome your writing every single day
    Thank you so much for your beautiful poems and comments.
    Youa re a love
    Sweeeet Hug***


    Your heart spills over into your poems and we are blessed to drink from such sweet loving nectar.

    Love to you

  5. What an inspiring poem from you! :)
    Thank you so much! :D
    Been working hard for two weeks.
    It's pain in the ass but fun. :D


  6. Always beautiful and inspiring. Take care.

  7. Two very nice poems, Margie :)

    what i like about yours poems are the ease with which words flow :)


  8. We are grateful for each day but every once in awhile there is a day of days!!! Lovely way to put it.

  9. What a wonderful poem to express the fullness of a day. A jewel of a poem my friend, luv ya....:-) Hugs

  10. You mean it when you say that you consider every day as a blessing..because you do treasure every moment of it...i agree with PAULA...i am going to write it too.

  11. Margie,
    Just beautiful, my friend. Everyday should be treasured. So nicely expressed as always. I hope you had a good day. Mine was great.
    I love teaching at that school!
    Take care and talk to you soon.

  12. Another Gem for your jewel box Margie, very beautifully written. :)

  13. Very nice Margie!
    How true this is too!
    I love the poppy pic too!!!!!!!
    It's so unique.
    Have a nice night,

  14. How very true!

    Not many ppl appreciate the DAYS they hv been given on this Earth. Every single DAY is a gem...a jewel..too many ppl dun appreciate it and thats quite sad.

    I received my Candy again..and thats the 24hrs I got today :)


  15. its just a wonderful poem margie...

    everyday i read ur poems i find a beautiful smile on my face....

    thank u for those smiles :)..


  16. Margie, today I'm feeling a little fragile after learning of the death of a childhood friend.

    Reading this poem brought tears to my eyes because truly, my friend was a jewel and will shine always.

    Thanks Margiex

  17. Hi Margie

    Lovely poem.
    You have a great gift!

    Jim Wilson (Jimmy Couplet)

  18. why does everyday seem like the same day sometimes?

  19. Thanks all for visiting and commenting.
    I so enjoyed having all of you here!
    I shall reply to you tomorrow ...
    I'm very tired and going to get some sleep now ...

    Good night ... sweet dreams!


  20. Oh Margie - this poem is so true. So perfectly stated!
    You get better and better with each poem!
    Also want to thank you for your kind word to me. They do help ease my mind. You and Bernie are helping me stay sane and i will always love you guys for that.

  21. Hello Steve
    I hope your days will shine always.
    Always nice having you visit.
    I appreciate the kind words ....thank you so much.


    Hi paula
    Oh, it's an honor that you want make a printout of my poem ... yes, of-course you may do so.
    I hope that you enjoy it.

    Mant thanks for the very nice comment.


    Dulce, how kind you are.
    You always leave the sweetest comments.
    They are always appreciated.

    I enjoy reading your poems too.
    They are always such a treat!

    Thanks very much for your thoughtful and kind words.

    A hug to you.


    Oh, such a wonderful comment from you Gail.
    You touched my heart!
    I thank you so much.

    Love to you.


    Hi Cez
    I know how busy you are now so how nice of you to drop by and read my poem.
    Many thanks for the nice words.

    Keep having fun on the new job.


    Hello Mrs.Cullen
    You made me smile by telling me that you loved my poem.
    Thank you very much.


    Thanks so much for the kind words, Cinner.
    You take care too.


    Hello Devika
    I appreciate your telling me that you like that about my poems ...the ease with which my words flow .... I do my best.

    Thank you so much.


    Hi TechoBabe
    Yes, grateful for each day and those days of days are simply jewels.

    Many thanks for the nice comment.


    Hello Bernie
    How kind of you to describe my poem as a jewel of a poem.
    That made me :)

    Thanks very much.

    Love and hugs.


    Hi Kavita
    Yes, I do mean it and love each new day.
    I love it that you are going to write my poem out like paula.

    Many thanks for your visit and nice comment.


    Hello Anne
    How was work today?
    I'm sure you had a good day as you always do when you are teaching.

    Thanks very much for the kind words my friend.

    Oh, I'm excited for you on the new adventure.


    How nice having you visit again Eric and so glad you are writing again.

    Thank so much for the kind comment.

    Take good care of yourself Eric.


    Hello Lydia
    I appreciate your nice comment very much.
    Thank you.

    Hope you are having a great day.


    Hello Keshi
    Yes, every single day we are given is a gem and so many are just waiting for tomorrow thinking that joy might be there but miss out on the joy of today.
    I think we can find so much joy in every little minute.

    So glad you got your candy ... much more will come your way.

    Thank you, Keshi.



    Hi Hemanth
    That my poems could put that smile on your face ....well, that makes me smile too.
    That is wonderful to me.

    Your very nice comment is very appreciated.
    Many thanks to you.

  22. Hello Gloria
    I'm so sorry for you in the loss of your childhood friend.
    It's very sad that she is gone ... gone much too soon!
    I know how hard it is to lose a good friend as I lost a very dear friend a few years ago.

    I hope the memory of your friend will always be a blessing.

    Take care, Gloria


  23. A warm welcome to my blog Jim.
    Your kind comment is much appreciated.
    Many thanks.


  24. Hello Constructive Attitude
    I'm hoping today for you is a wonderful new expeience unlike any other day!


  25. Hi Quieten
    Oh, you are so welcome for my visits to your place.
    Sometimes I just do not know what to say as it's such a difficult time for you and George now.
    Bernie is very kind and I'm glad she visits you too.
    I keep you in my good thoughts and hope you both will be able to get through the days ahead ... you both have a lot of courage.
    Be strong and I know love will see you through.

    Many thanks to you on the kind words on my poetry.



  26. every day is special and we should cherish and fight for each moment...hope you are having a lovely sunday


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker