Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Now I shall walk in the rain . . . the friendly rain.
Down a long road until I find a lane
That leads through pastures to the ocean's shore.
Drinking the strength of earth through every pore.
Feeling the glad response of growing things
Hearing the muted hymn that Nature sings
When rain, the friendly rain brings to the earth
Song and a hope renewed and gentle mirth.
The grass takes on a lacquer of new green
While myriads of toad-stools dot the scene
Like exclamation points. Small brooklets spill
In waterfalls and rapids down each hill.
The world is glad again ... and so am I.
The rain beats on my face. I feel the dry
Parched skin relax to loose a gleeful smile
As I trudge on through slushy mile on mile.
I splash in mud and water to my knees
In reclkess pleasure. Wait! Is that a sneeze?
Good gosh! Great Scott! Oh, I say hab you
Ad aspirid? Sniff. Sniff. Ka-choo. Ka-CHOOOOOO!


  1. The thirst is a step towards life.

  2. :)...just awesome....well i to wish the rain dance now :)...and get the cold and sleep tight ;) i also want the rain in my city :)...and want to write some lines on it :)....

    i just loved the total description u have given :)..


  3. Lovely.. ii truly love ur thoughts n ideas n the way you express them Margie.. great work!



  4. Great ending! It was fun walking in the rain with you, Margie!!! Now please pass a tissue.

  5. hee hee, you have great unexpected endings as well!- i loved this so beautiful description of a lively rainy day and time...

  6. Hi MArgie-

    the "rain" theme is catching on. :-) I love your poem about walking in the rain - it is God-sent!

    Love to you

  7. Very nice Margie!
    I love the pic too.
    It's raining here today. It was also raining yesterday.
    I feel rain cleanses the earth and our souls when we need it.
    Have a great day!

  8. Margie, this is wonderful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Blessings....

  9. Margie, love this walk in the rain and really loved the ending, now that was different...Luv ya....Hugs

  10. hehe delightful! big smiles brought to my face on this, a lovely beat flowing as a song :)

  11. Ha! What a fun ending! :)

    I love to walk in the rain too, Margie :).

  12. Dear Margie,
    This so so cute and adorable. Didn't expect that ending-I laughed!
    Did you have a tissue?
    Have a great weekend. Think warm thoughts. I send you warmth, my friend.

  13. DONT walk in the rain
    DANCE in the rain

    barefoot, NUDE

  14. The title got me right away...then I was walking through it...until finally, ha! what a fun ending! :)

    enjoyed, Margie :)


  15. DEVI eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    lets dance in the rain too

    with Margie

  16. Jimmy--

    You are directed to report at your office at the earliest!

    Margie, with your permission :)


  17. hihihihihihi
    I dont earn much Devi

    but I am self employed
    the OFFICE is in my HOME


  18. ha! thats much like me, Jimmy....I earn quite a handsome sum....Start working, stop playing around with girls....and You will earn...

    well if its other way you choose...well then...its up to you,

    NOW, its time I start MY work :)


  19. Margieeeeeeeeeeeeee
    this Devi is hogging your space

    tell her to enable comments in her blog

    she deserves a hair brush handle on her tender ....
    shall I do it on my knee?

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  21. It is amazing how the rain speaks to us when we are ready to listen...each raindrop tells a story. Nature is magical in the way it can reveal the inner secrets. Lovely writing.

  22. That's wonderful...! It made me chuckle. I live in Vancouver, and I love rainy days. And thank goodness too, because we get a lot of them.

    "Ka-choo..." :-)

  23. I share in your mirth and joy. The sound, feel and delight of rain is indeed captured. Well done!

  24. Aw! Rain! I don't know if I'm gonna love it or not. After all the things that we've experienced. Actually, right now, another storm entered our territory. :(

    But your poem is really nice. :D

    Thanks Margie! :D

  25. Quite magical! Thanks for the nourishing walk. Hope you found your way to a cozy fire ;-)

  26. oh no! I've just seen a spammer here!

  27. Thanks you so much for your visit and comment, Margie. I'm loving your poems. They are you are just awesome!

  28. I like the rain because it brings freshness and animates nature. But an excess of rain is not well seen.
    I hope you do not have a runny nose?
    It is very beautiful painting with words. Love your poem, Margie.

    Wish you good health and a lot of blessings!

  29. u have a runny nose Krys?
    then make it stop running

    no more kissing till then

  30. What a wonderful poem and the picture you picked is also beautiful as well. You have a great gift, thanks for sharing it with us, Glenn

  31. Bless you !!!AAATCHUUU...Hey it was fun reading it .It is going to rain here any minute waana join Margie ?

  32. Love the ending, cute, very cute. I've so missed reading your words Marge. Loved this one, could almost feel the rain and actually reached for a tissue at the end!!!!

  33. Oh I am afraid of the last bit when it does not stop raining - as it hasn't around here.
    Otherwise, it is highly romantic, as you expressed it!


  34. damn!..why is every talking abt aachoo!
    Its infectious...Aaacchooo!!

  35. lovely post margie...over here is also raining and I also need a tissue :)

    hug, p

  36. I love the rain, we were parched in Cyprus but after a week of it,I want the sun back!
    I loved this work, thanks for sharing and the ending made me smile.

  37. oh i LOVE this poem, Margie... i so so miss the rain... and your words took me on a walk through a rainy day... yay :)

  38. Hi Margie,

    No updates... just came to check ya out deary.. hope everything is gud with you :)


  39. Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaa is the raining season right here in Singapore and I shall think of you when I see the rain :D

  40. You're such a treasure...thanks for the smile and then the laugh.

  41. Margie...Where I live, it's always raining...I am actually typing while I am hearing the sound of the rain outside...You know when you are in love, you feel this rain wants to hug you and dance with...So, I do not mind walking or dancing in the rain...very beautiful..great work and my apology for not keeping in touch...

  42. Margie,
    I miss you! I really do! Come back soon! I am waiting for you, my friend!
    See you soon!

  43. Stopped by to say another Hello and to say you have been missed. Do hope all is well. Have an extra umbrella if there is need...

    Blessings and Peace,
    Rose Marie

  44. Passing by, leaving a hug. Hope you are doing ok. Love xxx

  45. Come back... will you? Can YOU?
    Take it easy. I am with you... cause you are special to me!
    Sweet hug!

  46. Thanks to all of you wonderful people for the great comments!
    I loved them all!!!!

    Joy and blessings to all of you.


  47. Oh, sweetie this reminds of the days I like rain!

    It it has not been case lately as it has fallen almost not stop, while storming strong...

  48. smiles. love walking in the rain...and playing in the puddles...delicious descriptions...ah the sniffles will go was worth it...smiles.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker