Sunday, October 04, 2009


You who love all little things
A humming bird with shiny wings
A violet, a blade of grass
Whispering when at dusk You pass
You who love each little note
Lilting from a young bird's throat
Who put into the sky at night
Tiny bits of golden light
Called stars, and in the sky by day
Wisps of clouds; to You I pray
Watch over her! I would not dare
Call your attention to this small prayer
But oh, she is so very small
You might not notice her at all!
I wrote this poem when my daughter was a little girl ... she just recently got married ...


  1. Dear MArgie,
    So beautiful and moving... Life flies> she is already old enough to get married! How do you feel about that?

  2. Margie,
    Aww! What a sweet poem this is.
    Thanks for sharing this special poem.
    Talk to you soon.

  3. HI MARGIE -

    Oh my how lovely. And to think that now your baby girl is married - and to think she was already so loved - so loving - so adored - that her sense of self is whole and pure because, in great part, of YOU!!
    Love to you

  4. ...the lightness of "yesterday" midst the lightness of "today" beautiful that is.


  5. It is nice to know that you have been writing poems so many years. You have a gift and I for one appreciate that you share your gift in you blog. Congratulations to your daughter and her new husband!

  6. As I read the poem, not only did I fully enjoy its creation, but I felt a joyous and protective love. When reaching the last lines of the poem, seeing when it was written, and the current married daughter - there came an instant smile and a touched heart. Thank you for its sweet sentiment.

  7. I love this. My daughter is three and to see the world as she sees it is such a gift. This poem captures everything about her that I wish I could hold on to forever. Wonderful!!!

  8. Dear Margie, how moving, sweet and loving. Now she is married already! She will be as great a mother as her own!
    Your poem shoed me once again that parental love can be different to what I experienced. I am grateful every day to have fund your blog. I learn so much from you. Thnaks for being out there. Thanks for being who you are. Love from Munich

  9. Margie...this is exactly how i feel about my daughter right now(6 yrs old),as because of infertility problems i had my kids many years after my marriage(8 yrs),i do tend to worry at times if i will be able to raise them up in an ok manner...your poems written on your kids give me a lot of hope.Your daughter is best wishes for a happy married life .

  10. That was so sweet and now she is married. Time flies.

  11. Oh Margie - this is SO beautiful. Reminds me of my mum ( I'm every bit my mummys girl!!!)

    Wishing your daughter a very happy married life!

  12. Beautiful! It sums up my recently married daughter too!

  13. Your daughter is beautiful and blessed to have you as her mother, Margie.

  14. awwwwww
    thats sweet...wishing your daughter a happy healthy beautiful marriage:)

  15. ha! little girls are a mess than boys....I just get MAAAD myself dealing with them! :)

    But lovely they are....and i love being with them :)


  16. Oh forgot to say..Nice poem, Margie :)


  17. Hello Dulce
    Thanks so much.
    Yes, my lovely daughter is now married and I am so happy for her.
    She has a beautiful life now with a wonderful husband.


    Many thanks to you Anne, on the kind words.
    You are most welcome.
    Talk soon.


    Hi Gail
    My life has been so blessed by the blessing of my loving daughter.
    How quickly they grow up.

    Your lovely comment was so touching.
    Thanks very much, Gail.

    Love and peace to you.


    Thanks so much Steve, for the kind words.
    They are appreciated.


    Hello TechoBabe
    Yes, I have been writing poetry for some time now.
    It's so very nice to know that you appreciate my sharing of it here.
    I so appreciate your telling me so.
    Thank you so much for the kind comment.

    Your wishes for my daughter and her husband are also appreciated.


    Hi Rose Marie
    Oh, your wonderful comment was so very much appreciated.
    As you mentioned that my
    poem gave you a smile and touched heart, your comment gave the same to me.
    Thank you so much.
    And, you are so welcome.


    Hello Kristin
    It's wonderful to me that my poem captured all that you would like to hold onto forever about your dear little girl.
    I keep those beautiful memories of my daughter so close to my heart.

    Thanks very much for the lovely comment, Kristin.

    Oh, I am so enjoying your wonderful poetry.


    Hi Paula
    How very dear you are!
    Your lovely words touched my heart very much.
    Many, many thanks to you!

    And I am grateful to have found your blog as well.
    You are very inspiring to me.
    You are strong and brave and have much courage.

    Love and joy to you, my friend.


    Hello Kavita
    Oh, that the poems I write about my children could give you hope means a great deal to me.
    I just know you are a wonderful mother and should not worry one little bit about raising them.
    They are lucky to have a dear and loving mother like you.

    Yes, my daughter is now married.
    She got married in July.
    Thanks so much for the kind wishes for her on a happily married life.


    Hello Analisa
    Thanks very much.
    Yes, how quickly time flies.
    My daughter is now grown and happily married.
    It's such a joy in my life.


    Hi Ash
    How sweet that you are "every bit your mummy's girl"
    My daughter is too as I was.

    Many thanks for the kind words.
    And I also appreciate the kind wishes to my daughter.

  18. Hi Glynis
    Many thanks on the nice comment.
    I send my best wishes to your daughter on a beautiful and happy life in her marriage.


  19. Dear Aurora
    Oh, you are so very sweet.
    Thanks so much for those lovely and kind words.


  20. Thank you so much, dear kai.
    Your kind comment is very much appreciated.


  21. Hi Devika
    Ha, little girls a mess, yes, but as you said, "lovely they are"
    Yes, so lovely!
    I have this sweet little girl I am nanny to and she is just so precious.
    I love being with her.

    Many thanks on the nice comment on my poem.


  22. Hey Margie,
    I love your poems. I'm just catching up on your blog and I am amazed at your talent. Keep it goin', girl :-)


  23. What a sweet tribute Margie. Lucky daughter!

  24. Oh Margie, I so love this poem, you should frame this in a beautiful frame and give it to your daughter as a gift of love... (perhaps you already have) it is so beautiful it should be passed down from mother to daughter for many generations....ah but that is just ole sentimental me. Luv ya..:-) Hugs

  25. Hello Quieten
    So good to have you visit!
    I appreciate it and also appreciate the kind words.

    Hope that things have eased some some in the last few days.
    You are having so much to deal with.
    You are a trooper.


  26. Thanks very much, Janice.
    And also lucky mom!


  27. Hi Bernie
    Oh, that is a wonderful idea and that is just what I shall do ....frame it in a lovely frame and give it to my sweet daughter.
    Thank you for the great suggestion and also thank you for the kind comment.

    Luv and hugs


  28. So sweet! Just like you both!

  29. Hi Adie
    A sweet comment from sweet you!
    Thanks very much, Adie



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