Sunday, September 10, 2006


On the Eve of the 11th of September
my heart is very heavy
as I stop to remember
the terrible tragedy
that took place
and erased from this earth
so many a beautiful face.

They were here on this earth
just going about their days
adding love, peace and mirth
in so many ways!

Why this happened
we will never understand
all we know is that
it leaves an ache in so many hearts ... child, woman, and man!

I am at a loss for words
I do not know what else to say
except their memory will always live on
and for them... I shall always pray!

And to all those that lost a loved one
father, daughter, mother, son, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin
nephew, niece, friend, wife, husband...

May their memory
be a blessing
I hope someday soon
your grief shall lessen!


  1. Beautiful verse and sentiment. It captures perfectly what we are all feeling this weekend. Thank you for your tribute.

  2. Thank you for giving voice, in the beautiful way that you do, to the feelings of so many people. I do know that every loving prayer spoken for them helps to ease their pain.

  3. This is a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharng this. Mau all these people rest in peace and may their families be blessed.

    Thank you for stopping by my 9/11.

  4. I love this poem! You did a grat job!

  5. Beautiful poem of Memory!
    "May their memory be a blessing".
    Thanks and best wishes to you !!

  6. A lovely tribute.
    May their soul rest in peace.
    Thanks for sharing.

    P.S: I love your profile pic. A very happy pic :)

  7. just beautiful, my friend. We will always remember that day. It is in our hearts and memories forver.

  8. Very nice Margie...I have one of yours now at my have so many excellent ones, it was hard to pick just one...thank you

  9. WOW Margie, that was very nice of you. The words were so well chosen. Yes it was a horrible thing and may their memories comfort their family... Thanks Margie,

  10. I thank all of you for your comments on my poem...
    brian...Thank you!

    eileen...thank you!

    ma... thank you!

    pat...thank you!

    lindsay...thank you!

    krystyna...thank you!

    ari...thank you!

    choices...thank you!

    kuan...thank you!

    friendly...thank you!


  11. 5yrs gone by but it's still very fresh in my many stolen many many lonley nights...I wish all the families affected peace n bliss and my prayers r always with them...ALWAYS.


  12. Beautiful and poignant.
    A perfect tribute....

  13. Lovely Margie and thank you for saying what lurks in the bottom of our hearts.

    By the way, nice new picture of Margie!

  14. very beautiful tribute, there are so many things and questions on my mind whenever i think of 9/11 but God knows why those evil genius succeeded, its so sad. but for all who lost a loved one, my prayers are with you now and for always.

    God bless you all.

  15. Thank you for this. You're amazing and we're blessed to know you.

  16. Beautiful tribute. I think everyone's heart is heavy today in remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy. I saw a plane flying an enormous American flag and needed a moment of silence. Thanks for this poem, just beautiful.

    On a lighter note: cute pic of you Margie! Tres belle!


  17. That really was very very nice. Amen.

  18. This was a beautiful heartfelt poem. Thank you for writing it.

    I wrote a tribute for one of the 9/11 victims, if you would like to read it, my blog is

  19. beautiful! a great tribute I would say!
    You are an amazing poet!

  20. checkout my other blog

  21. My prayers and thoughts were with the families of all the people who lost their lives and the ones who were injured.I cannot believe 5 years have passed.Beautiful poem margie.

  22. Margie I know ur sad today...and so am I. So many memories still so raw of that fateful day. So many of our friends had to just sit n wait for their death...they had no other choice. It's really breaking my heart to even think abt this day. That I couldnt do anything to get those ppl down. That I couldnt be there for them but watch them say goodbye forever. I know how u feel Margie. Im with u. All we can do right now is hug n cry for our lost friends. Someday we will all be together again...smiling and a place where no one hurts anybody else.


  23. Nice one Margie,the memory of that fateful day shud make each one of us more humble...hope one day we find answers to this hate...again nice poem !!

  24. hi margie,
    great tribute to those who lost their life that day..
    may god give peace to their soul and strenght to their families..
    take care..

  25. A nice tribute to all who lost their lives.

    As for the reason why all this happened, there are many just look around. The sad fact is there not even a start to remedy the causes why all this is happening to our world. Hope the solution comes soon.

  26. Keshi
    Thank you for those wonderful
    5 years gone already, but to those that lost a loved one, I can imagine it probably seems like yesterday!
    I have them in my prayers also!

  27. ash
    Thank you so much!
    Thank you for reading my poem...

  28. don
    thanks so much!
    I felt it was important to write this poem!
    Writing it helped me deal a little better with all the sadness I have felt over 9/11.
    oh... thanks for the nice comment on my new pic.

  29. Thank you christabelle!
    I appreciate all your comments very much also.

  30. Kathi
    Thank you!
    What wonderful kind words!
    Your words mean so much to me!

  31. Thank you Robyn
    Yes, many heavy hearts, yesterday about 9/11.
    But, not just yesterday...
    our hearts will always be heavy when we remember this tragedy!
    The memories were just fresher yesterday!

    And thanks for the nice comments on my new pic.
    Take care!

  32. harmonica man
    Thank you!
    Thank you for that wonderful tribute you did for Denease(Denny)!

  33. cathy
    Thank you for those kind words!
    I will come by later today to read your tribute!

  34. contented
    Thank you!
    I so appreciate those kind words!

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  36. Starry
    Thank you so much!
    I am sure your prayers... and all those of others are a help to all those lost souls!

  37. keshi
    I feel so very much the same way you do!
    Thank you for expressing all that!
    It helped me!
    Yesterday was such a very hard day for me!
    Bless you Keshi!

  38. vibhor
    thank you!
    Yes, I also pray God will give peace to those that lost so much!

  39. Thank you for writing such a heartfelt poem... As a New Yorker, it still stings.

    Love to you and yours!

  40. on 9/11
    save some tears for the IRAQI women and children too

  41. and today I hope ur feeling much better. TC Margie.


  42. thank you Deb!
    love to you and yours too!

  43. keshi
    today i am glad
    how about you
    don't like to be sad
    you be happy too!


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