Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Weep not when I am laid to rest
neither mourn nor grieve
for life was blessed beyond belief
and all my days were full of love
and all my love was full of life
and I was ready for The Above.

Mourn not, nor weep nor grieve
when I end my journey here.

I lived, I loved, I worked, I played.

And of God's word I never forgot
but though I sometimes drifted far
the end... I had no fear of.


  1. Margie ty for being you. This verse made me cry...cos it's really beautiful tho its sad. It helps me to move on. U know the sadness I feel right now and by reading this, I felt someone who's passed on is telling me this..to move on. That he is happy out there and not to grieve for too long. That everything is ok at his end.



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  3. Margie that was a very moving epitaph. suited for steve Erwin. he is going to be greatly missed.

  4. Life is counted by the satisfaction you had living not how long you lived. Death will not be a punishment if you've lived your life with love ;-)

  5. Let us not lament the time we will lose but rejoice the time we have had together

  6. Keshi
    I am glad this poem could help you.
    I know you are having a hard time
    with the death of Steve Irwin.
    He is OK!
    He lived his life to the max!
    We all need to do that!
    Take care Keshi!
    Smile... life is too short for sadness!

  7. pavithra
    Yes, what counts in life is not how long we live, but how much satisfaction we had... and if we lived our lives with love!

  8. oz
    ** Let us not lament the time we
    lose but rejoice the time we
    have had together.**

    I agree totally with your words!
    Thank you!

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  10. I always feel this way about death, you mourn the ones left behind for their loss, perhaps, but rejoice for the one that has passed for all they've gained.

  11. What a lovely poem - makes me weepy and happy at the same time.

    Thank you for visiting me!!!

  12. Kathi
    It is always harder for the loved ones left behind...I know I miss so many that I have lost, but their memory is a blessing!

  13. This is great Margie... Death does seem to get a bit of a bad rap doesn't it...! I believe it was Ram Dass that said..."Death is not an outrage!" :)

  14. u go out of ur way to make ppl feel better...that is such a rare. I LOVE U MARGIE!


  15. I'm with you on this one - 100%... and I have found, if we are open, we can continue to have a wonderful and ever-deepening connection with our loved ones who have dropped the robe of physicality.

    Thank you!

  16. Nice tribute! Lots to think about here.

    Margie...how would you describe your religious or spiritual beliefs?

  17. Kathleen
    Thank you!
    Death is not an outrage
    Wise words from Ram Dass

  18. Thank you Keshi!
    I love u too!
    Take care!

  19. Thank you Eileen!
    I feel the connection you are talking about all the time!

  20. Thanks Don!
    I guess I would have to say my religious and spiritual beliefs stem from a mixture of beliefs from a variety of faiths.
    I am always learning!
    God is the ultimate!

  21. Dear Margie..very beautiful and touching. Its made me sad but at the same time hopeful.

  22. dodi
    Thank you for the very kind words!
    When I wrote this poem, I felt both sadness and joy!

  23. Beautiful. :)

    --To have no fear of the end... :)

  24. How comforting.....good words to remember in that difficult time....


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker