Monday, September 04, 2006


What does it take to make your heart glad?
Relief from worry, maybe.
Seeing someone you love happy?
Even hearing two public figures amiably agree on something worthwhile
gives us hope... doesn't it?

However important those things might be to my daily outlook
there are swift moments
when very brief glimpses of the good life
give me great joy!

I love the sudden burst of mimicry from the mockingbird
as though he is too full to contain it all!

I am so pleased for a smile
from a complete stranger.

And someone's whistle in the dark
gives me a feeling that I am not alone.

But the frosting on the cake
is someone's prayers
said especially for me!

Now that really makes my heart glad!


  1. I pray that Margie continues to expand in her ever-present journey of good health, fulfillment and joy!

    Thank you for your gladness today :-)

  2. u make my heart glad Margie.

    I just needed this today. Im feeling so down.


  3. Thank you Eileen!
    That means so very much to me!
    And, I am so happy to share my gladness!

  4. Keshi
    You make my heart glad too!
    And,I know you are sad sweetie!
    I will remember you in my prayers tonight!

  5. If it's mockingbirds that you like, come down here! We'red covere with them. You don't know if your hearing the real thing or not, there is so many. :)

  6. Beautiful as usual. isnt' it great when a stranger gives you a smile.

  7. Beautiful and so optimistic! It's truly the simple things in life that can cheer you up!

    Take care :)

  8. Yes lots of mockingbirds where you are Andrew!
    I actually am going on a trip to Ark. soon!
    I will be on the lookout for the mockingbirds!

  9. Starry,
    Thank you!
    Yes, so wondeful when we get a smile from a stranger!

  10. Thank you Robyn!
    Yes, the simple and little things in life can give us the most meaning!
    Take care!:)

  11. Reading your poetry.....makes my heart glad!

  12. Kind of partial to the frosting on the cake!! Very good Margie!!

  13. Beautifully said Margie. Thanks for the lift!

  14. Ah Margie, you and your creations are such a comfort.
    It reminds me a lot of the beautiful trees that were on the street where I grew up. They grew in a stately manner and when you would walk down the street, or perhaps drive down, because of the way they arched over the street it created a feeling of reverence for life.
    That is my experience often when reading your blog. Goodlife.

  15. yes, a happy post indeed, when I look around at the mighty works of Gods hands I feel real glad.

  16. Hi Marg...I should learn to notice these small things and cheer myself up..I think i just walk past these things..worrying about the problems which appear liek mountains to me

  17. Nothing makes me so glad
    As my lover's breath
    and beating heart

  18. Seeing someone (family n friends) makes me happy.
    A big smile when shared makes me happy
    A warm comfort from my husband make me happy.

  19. "I am so pleased for a smile
    from a complete stranger."
    I feel the same way Margie... I love it when that happens... especially when they initiate it... lovely moments..!

    and..."But the frosting on the cake
    is someone's prayers
    said especially for me!" You've got mine...! :)

  20. Hi Margie, glad to see that you are continuing to be glad and warm-hearted. thanks for sharing your poetry, and for being you! I pray that you are safe and well and receive all the guidance and support you want and need. :^)

  21. Pat
    Thank you so much!
    You like the frosting on the cake one best... like I do!

  22. Robert
    You cannot imagine how your words made me feel!
    I am so touched!
    Thank you so very much!

  23. kai
    Thank you sweetie!
    Take care!:)

  24. dodi
    I am sure you can look around and see it all... all the small things in each day to make you happy.
    Don't worry to much... you are too young for worry!
    Take care!
    Be Happy!

  25. oz
    Yes, that is something wonderful to be glad for!
    Me too!

  26. priya
    Those are very nice things to be
    happy about!

  27. Kathleen
    You like a smile from a stranger also... yes, lovely moments!

    How Touching " to have your prayers"
    Thank you Kathleen!

  28. Steve
    I so appreciate your kind and thoughtful words... and the prayer!
    It means so much!
    Thank you!

  29. I do a lot of whistling in the dark!
    Geez Louise it is so refreshing to find something positive and uplifting.
    My wazoo appreciates the extra sunshine..thank you.

  30. HE
    Always happy if I can add a little
    Maybe that was you whistling in the dark... I heard the other night!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker