Thursday, September 28, 2006


Oh, canine pal, I see you near
your haunting after-glow
come run with me and reminisce

the love we used to know.

You followed me, I followed you
the paths we used to race
we were a team, inseparable
noone other could replace.

With you I felt companionship
with you I'd never fear
you guarded me throughout my youth
my memory sheds a tear.

We jostled in the morning air
what fun we used to share
the fact that you are gone, my faithful one
is sometimes so hard to bear

Come afternoon you'd tag along
to our favorite hiding place
we chased the wind with panting stride
and you always put a smile upon my face.

I still go back every now and then
to remember you one more time
I loved that dog, and he loved me
I was his and he was mine.


  1. what a wonderful memory of a wonderful friend...a r'ship with a pet is so precious...I know this cos I have had millions of cats n dogs bakk then. And when my fav dog Judy died I cried for years. She even knew how to smile.

    Luv ya and will see u soon MWAHHHHHH!

  2. Morning Margie,

    This made me smile today thinking about a romp in the park. Thanks. TGIF

  3. you have made a true art of poetry!! umm.... i dunno what kinda statement is this... but am sure, you get the essence! :)

  4. We lost both our cockers earlier this year. The little boogers do get under your skin. Good one Margie!!

  5. The day I lost my little three legged yellow lab, was the day I decided I never wanted to have pets again. Memories can sometimes be pure torture, or pure happiness.

  6. Beautiful poem about your pet. never had a pet when I was young because of allergies and not even for my children, They so much wanted a dog but I was afraid because my son is asthmatic.

  7. Lovely capturing of the spirit of our love for our pets.

    As always, Margie, you share your heart in such loving generosity.

    Have a blessed, love-filled weekend.

  8. I just had to put down one of my 13 year old sheep dogs. Her sister is still with us and wondering what happened. She will probably forget thru time; but then her death is in the offing.
    Thanks for your post. I had to remember her and cry one last time (I hope).
    Why do we have to endure this grief?

  9. isn't it amazing how these furry creatures cteep into our hearts...
    another wonderful poem, margie! thank you.

  10. awww.
    thank u for ur wonderful comments..

  11. Got a kitten, a dog and a rabbit and they just know how to make you feel better when things are not ok. They become such a part of the family. Great poem.

  12. reading this, I miss my cat more Margie, he just disappeared one day.
    Sweet person like you must have lots of friends.

  13. Thank you for these words for the furry people in our lives...

    I had a few close, close canine friends and one "soul mate", amazing what he thought me about life and about myself ... about love.
    I had have strong bonds in my life, the one with señor Charlie is to last a lifetime, although he's ben gone for three years now.
    As I am typing, my left foot is touching his favorite plush toy... where he used to sit.

    Blessing to you

  14. keshi
    Thank you!
    It is so hard to lose our "furry creatures" that we love so much!
    Your dog Judy could even smile ... and I am sure she smiled at you all the time!
    luv ya too... cu soon!

    Happy I could make you smile!

    Thank you!
    I do get the essence... how very kind of you!

    Thank you!
    How hard to lose them both in the same year!
    Sorry to hear that!
    Have you another dog now?

  15. andrew
    Thank you!

    I do understand how you feel!

    Thank you!
    Pets are wonderful, but some people just cannot have them for those reasons you mentioned!

    Thanks so much!
    You have a blessed,love-filled weekend also!

  16. goatman
    So sorry to hear about your sheep dog! It is such a hard thing to do!
    You are so welcome for the post!

    Thank you!
    Yes, the furry little darlings creep into our hearts...and never leave... even when they are gone!

    Thank you!
    You are so welcome!

    Thank you!
    Yes, our animals can add so much love to our days!

  17. rauf
    How sad about your cat!
    I hope he might return some day!
    I only have one "four-legged" friend now, I lost my dog Sam a little over a year ago! I think we will be getting another dog soon!

    You are so welcome!
    Your senor Charlie will always be
    a part of you!

  18. makes me think of my cat, mookie. She was like a dog. she greeted me at the door every day and rolled over on her back and loved to me petted on her belly. Animals are so special that become such a part of our family.

  19. choices
    Mookie sounds so cute n adorable!

  20. Good one Margie. Dogs truly are our best friends.

  21. Yeah they are Ari!
    I have to get another dog soon!
    My dog Sam died last June...
    he was the best dog...
    i miss him so much!

  22. this made me feel like the pups was gone and if so i am sorry...animals can be such a part of the family...they teach us so much about unconditional love...


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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker