Sunday, September 10, 2006


This is a new day!
I am too much aware of yesterday
and the day before.

I know the mistakes I made then
and I know I have not risen
or progressed as far as I had wanted to.

But the important thing is
that I also know the potential
of this day.

It may be that yesterday
I missed the little things of
that day
a smile
a friendly outlook
joy in the raindrops
the flowers
or the sunlight.

Maybe my gaze was fixed
on the unbeautiful
and my heart
was somewhere else that day.

Now I know
that each day
has its own potential
and each hope is another step
all I want to be.

So any door
that may have closed
to me yesterday
merely allows another
to open wide
for me
this new day!


  1. I need to start think like that in the morning! Great!
    (Why are you up so late? I was shocked when I saw your comment on my blog a minet ago. (I thought I was the only one that stays up this late every day. :) )

  2. Thanks Andrew!
    And, I am still up!
    I am a night-owl... what can I say?
    I never go to bed before 1:30 A.M
    Take care!

  3. Along the path of life we all realize at some point of time that little things are the things that really matter ... sometimes it is ON time and sometimes it is late!

    It is always good to realize it when there is still time!


  4. samuru: Thanks for all the comments on my bloggs! I'm impressed and honored.
    I like you poem as well. Love and life. What more is there? Sorrow? See you later. Take care. And thanks again for visiting my blogg and giving so much input.

  5. Margie,
    This was a perfect poem for me this morning. A new day brings new possibilities. I am a firm believer that when one door closes another one opens. My door will open again with wonderful possibilities.

  6. Such a lovely poem. Did you compose this? Very well said.
    Thanks for passing by and contributing to the tribute.

  7. Again, wonderful poem! You never cease to amaze and YOU have a wonderful day!

  8. Nice one Margie... life changes everyday.... but who you are can not be touched by this... you are always beautiful...!

  9. Thank you for stopping by my project 2996 tribute post for Gilbert. It means so much to all of us to remember the lives of real people, not such numbers on a chart.

    I love all your poetry, I am a poet also and I plan to link this blog, if that is ok with you?

    Please let me know.

  10. Each day if different and each day is so beautiful. ;)

  11. Thank you for this. It was much needed today. :-)

  12. Hi Margie,

    You are offically linked as "Margie is a Poet". If you are interested, my second of three blogs, is called "My Muse, My Poetry, My Life" in which I have stored all my poems, at last count around 200.

    Thank you again for reading and I look forward to seeing you around.If you need any advice on linking just ask me and I'll be glad to help.

    Brian aka hummingbunny

  13. Very good outlook on life my friend. Love your have a way with words my dear.

  14. Encouraging words Margie, TY!


  15. Samuru: I see a change in your profile photo. Its looks nice and cute.

    A good poem from you again.
    /So any door
    that may have closed
    to me yesterday
    merely allows another
    to open wide
    for me
    this new day!/
    Its just the same as we don't clap in one hand, but with two.

  16. danne
    You are welcome!
    Glad you liked my poem!
    Take care!

  17. ckoices
    I am glad it was a perfect poem for you!
    Take care!

  18. friday's child!
    Thank you!
    Yes, I wrote the poem!
    And, thank you for doing that wonderful tribute!
    Yours was the first one that I read among many others!

  19. anali
    Thank you so much!
    I ap;preciate your kind words!

  20. Thank you Kathleen!
    What special and wonderful words!

  21. brian
    Thank you for that wonderful tribute you did for Gilbert!
    And, thanks for the kind words about my poetry!
    And so nice to be a link on your blog!
    Thanks Brian!
    Take care!

  22. lisa
    Thank you!
    Glad my poem had meaning to you!
    Take care!

  23. Thank you Brian!
    I will be around to your blog soon
    to read your poetry!
    I am happy to have met you!
    Take care!

  24. Hi Margie,
    As always you have a way of making me see that there is a lighter side to things. In this poem in particular, I feel aware that I sometimes do get so lost in something else that I fail to notice the smiles, the sweet glances of others, the happy words of encouragement or appreciation. Speaking of appreciation, I appreciate your blog and optimism which is such a nice uplifting reminder to see the light side. Thanks, Steve

  25. steve
    Thank you for that!
    Yours words made me happy!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker