Monday, September 25, 2006


I would have wings with which to fly
Far above this turmoiled world...
To a place of peace
From which all sordid things
Are forever hidden and hurled.

I would have wings
That were silver tipped
That reached to a budding star
And I would learn peace
From my flight on high
That I would scatter near and far.

I would have wings
With which to fly
When the trials of earth rebelled
Yes, I would bring peace to a weary world
Where all wrongs were expelled!


  1. hat a noble thought. Excellent write-up Margie!

    Right now I want wings to fly away from ppl who dun want me in their life. I wonder if they'll ever miss me.

    Hugggggggggggz Margie!

  2. EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! I really like this one! I wish I had wings like that! :o) Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm very glad you like my latest creations, thank you so much! :o)

  3. Very beautiful and serenity continue to display the kindred spirits and souls we so desperately need...thank you

  4. I would have wings..
    I love it Margie. so sweet to experience this poem. Thanks for sharing your beauty.

  5. Thanks Keshi!
    But who are the ppl who dun want you in their life!
    That can't be true... is it?
    Huggggz Sweetie!

  6. kuan
    Thank you for your thoughtful n
    kind words!

  7. ilias
    You are so nice!
    Thank you for the sweet n kind

  8. Your poems are so blissful that whenever i read one i'm mesmerized & theres change in my mindset.:)

  9. I do believe you've got them tucked up inside and they are popping out a lot through your poetry and more. I can't think of a better person for the job :-)

  10. Wonderful!!!

    Sign me up... I'm coming with you!

    Much love and joy to you Samuru dear

  11. Would you were!! Good one Margie!!

  12. Hi Margie
    Your poem has some magical quality in it.Nice work .U will become famous one day.

  13. Margie, our mutual friend, Princess Kai, has a birthday this Saturday. Wouldn't it be great if we all lived near each other and could throw her a slumber party?:)

    So in addition to all the wonderful things you listed in this poem, I wish it were also possible for you to bring us closer to Kai on Saturday. Sometimes this world seems so small, and then at other times, it seems impossibly big.

  14. Hi Margie,
    I'm back though not fully, as I'll be coming down to the US next week if my Visa application is granted.

    I'm doing gr8 and so is my cousin, thanks to your prayers. I'll be back to read ur posts and catch up too. Oh I really missed you!

    Thank you so much for all your supportive words, I really appreciate them.

    Love you sooo much dearie.

  15. Another great one! Your talent is shining more and more each day! Keep it up and continue to share with all your blogging friends.

  16. Beautiful, Margie.

    Your spirit is so beautiful and so graceful and shines through with so much bright intensity. Thank you for your sharing; we are indeed blessed.

    Peace, joy and Love to you.

  17. very nice......
    u always have wings!

    i hope write another love poem...


  18. Thank you so much Margie for sharing that poem. If we had wings to fly.

  19. Thanks so much for all the many many comments you've left on my website in the past weeks! They are all very appreciated! I replyed to your comment on my blog. Weird that you can't comment on the website. I've had a few people say that before, but eventually they've been able to, so keep trying I suppose. What browser are you using? Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or another? I use Firefox, but I have tested my site out in IE as well.

    Anyway, I've been enjoying all your poems when I get the chance to visit. Sadly I don't have time to read them all, but I have read quite a few and they are always brilliant! You have a seriously awesome talent! Really liked the 9-11 poem and The Nicest Thing About the End of the Day. There are others too I loved.

    Those would be the wings to have if ever you were to have wings!

  20. Woudn't be great if you could? Very nice--

  21. Samuru: If I have wings, I will fly to see my mom:-)))

  22. I have no doubt that you would.
    I, on the other hand, would probably be one of those 'less than perfect' angels like Travolta's Michael.

  23. I meant 'what a noble thought' sorry abt the typo :):)

    one person can make it feel like my whole life is a waste Margie. dun worry abt that..I know u love me alot. HUGGGGGGGGZ!


  24. Great one keshi said a noble one. Really loved the thought, what a beautiful thought and it could have only come to you

  25. eileen
    What sweet words!
    Thank you!

  26. "angeldust"
    Thank you!
    Glad you are sharing my wings!
    Love n joy to you also!

  27. neers
    Thank you!
    You truly flatter me...
    You are the poetess extraordinare!

  28. ash
    I but wish I had those silver tipped wings!
    Take care!

  29. deepak
    So nice to have you visit me here!
    Thanks for your most kind words!

  30. aouora
    yes how wonderful if we could have a slumber party for princess Kai
    on her b-day!
    If only I had those wings... I would fly by your place... and pick you up... and we would be on our way to see the princess!
    We will be there in spirit!

  31. christabelle
    so glad to hear from you... and you are doing well!
    I missed you too... so much!
    Love you much!

  32. choices
    Thanks for the kind words!

  33. serenity
    Thank you!
    What kind n wonderful words you always share with me!
    I appreciate your kindness so much!

    Peace, joy n love to you also!

  34. starry
    You are very welcome!
    Yes, if only we had wings to fly!

  35. patty
    thank you so much for stopping by
    and the nice comments!
    I always enjoy your site so much!
    I will keep on trying to leave comments!
    I do visit you every day... but just have not been able to leave comments lately!
    Take care!

  36. priya
    Wings to fly you to your mom!
    How happy she would be!

  37. HE
    If only!
    No, you would be a perfect one!
    I did like Michael though!

  38. keshi
    You seem so sad!
    Don't let anyone make you feel that way!
    You are wonderful n precious...
    and should always feel good!

  39. dodi
    Thank you so much!
    You are so sweet!

  40. Sounds like the perfect trip!


  41. Thanks Robyn!
    Come along with me!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker