Saturday, August 26, 2006


No poem today!
Sharing a little of the
other side of me
I saw Rick Springfield tonight
He took my breath away!!!
I was close enough to touch him
I got to dance and sway
and also sing!
I just wanted to share these pictiures of this gorgeous man
Rick Springfield in concert!
We saw him tonight
My feet are sore from standing
And dancing too!
So time for me to get some sleep
Oh, I have to thank my wonderful hubby for these awesome pictures
While I was enjoying the concert
He was taking over 70 pictures
Which he did not tell me about till we got home

(While I went up front to get a closer look which
I thought would be a few minutes
but ended up being the whole concert
as another very sweet concert goer
made room for me in her row... up front in the 2nd row
and I stayed there with her
and left him all alone
there he was taking pictures for me.

I was so happy to see all the pictures
I gave him the biggest hug ever!!!
What a night!
I spent an amazing evening watching Rick Springfield perform
And now I get to spend the rest of my night
With an amazing husband!!!
It does not get any better than that!

Have a nice weekend and see you on Monday


  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time at the concert. I know how excited you were to go. That hubby of yours is really a good guy, isn't he?

  2. Hmmm... interesting... I'm just gonna leave it at that.

    Although, I have my weird taste in women. So I can't talk. ;)

  3. Good for you! It sounds like Springfield IS poetry to Margie! Nice!!!

  4. So happy you had a blast Margie! The hubby did a great surprise for you and that was very thoughtful of him. Have a great weekend!

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  7. don
    I have never seen him in concert or really been a big fan!
    But, this was one of the best concerts I have gone to.
    He was so good!
    People were loving him!
    Me too!
    And, I guess I do think he was pretty darn cute!
    He looks like he is 35!
    Poetry in motion.... guess so!

  8. deb~
    So, I gather you are not a fan of his... I really wasn't till last night!
    He was just so neat!

    He had little kids up on the stage with him... and just loved his fans so much!
    I guess I did get carried away with my descriptives of him, but I was close enough to him to look right into his eyes... and he has
    beautiful eyes!
    But, I think I was astounded by how ccol he was with his audience!
    He was right down there among them
    just being like their best friend!

  9. friendly
    It was a blast!
    Rick Springfield loves his fans!
    It was so neat to see him walking over seats and touching everybody!
    He even took someone's cell phone and called whoever it was the cell phone owner told him to call!
    They did not answer.... but he talked to their voice mail telling them they were missing a good time
    and "Rick Springfield sends his best regards"
    I was close enough to hear the whole conservation, and it was just so neat!

    And, my hubby is the best!
    What a surprise when I saw all those pictures!
    I have to find a way to thank him
    ... any ideas.... hmmmm! That should work!!!!!
    Take care!
    And, thanks for being my great friend!

  10. choices
    I loved the concert!
    And, I cannot get over how sweet my hubby was!
    I left him alone for almost the whole concert!
    He did not mind!
    And then he surprises me with all these pics.
    What a guy!

  11. sounds like you had a wonderful night. i'm happy for you margie, thanks for sharing your joy.

  12. And where is the pics, he took of you.

  13. I did have the most wonderful night
    And, I just wanted to share all the happiness I felt here!

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  15. jac
    He did take some pics of me!
    He says I look kind of sexy in the pics, so I am keeping them to myself!
    I am kind of shy about sharing pics like that!
    Just how I am!
    Take care!

  16. thanks Kai!
    Yeah, I think he's pretty hot too!
    And, he is just so nice!
    His fans loved him last night...
    and he loved them right back!

  17. Quite understandable, don't you worry.

  18. Wow! I can really feel your joy. I'm so thrilled that you had such a great time.

    Has this man not aged??? He looks great!

    Kudos to hubby. What a blessing he is.

    Happy weekend.

  19. Eileen,
    I have to tell you!
    last night was the most amazing night!
    I really have never been a Springfield fan... but, I sure am now! He is just so nice, and loves his fans!

    I love performers like this!
    You could feel the love in him pouring out to all of us there
    last night!

    And, he is so good looking!
    Can you believe he is 57????
    He looks about 35.... I saw him up
    close, and did not see any age on his face!
    Next time he is Denver... I will be going to see him!

    And, I do have a good hubby!
    I give him kudos too!
    Happy weekend to you too!

  20. ohh great pictures .. did you use the zoom in your camera or was it that you got a good seat at the concert :) ..

    I dont know of the singer .. what songs did he sing?

  21. Nabeel,
    I think the pictures are great also. My husband took them.
    I cannot believe how good they turned out.... as he was about 100 ft. away with no lightning, he used a kodak digital... manual mode f 3.8... shutter speed 1/90... asa 400.

    Rick Springfield is a pop-rock artist that has been around for some time. He used to have a starring role in the soap opera General Hospital... I think that was quite some time ago though, I do not know how long it was as I have never watched the show.
    But, his biggest hit was "Jessie"s Girl."
    He is actually a very good performer!
    Take care!

  22. He looks great!
    Wow that must have been a gas!
    Rock On Jessie's Girl!!!! WOOHOO!

  23. HE,
    It sure was a gas!
    I had the most fun!
    And, I felt like "Jessie's Girl"
    I caanot get over how young Springfield looks...He is Hot!!!

  24. The secret side of Margie!! Love it!!!

  25. Margie - Those are really great shots! Your hubby seems sweet and quite the photographer as well. Glad you had a fun time!

    It must have been fun to rock out to JESSIE'S GIRL live!

  26. thanks so much for commenting on my new site! i really appreciate the kind words! wow-looks like you had quite the night. he does look good! i believe he could very well pass for late 20's if i didn't know how old he really was. 57? nah! i used to listen to jessie's girl all the time, but besides that song, i haven't really tryed listening to any more of his songs. i was laughing when i read how you left your poor husband behind during the concert! :) that's so cool of him to stay behind taking lots of pictures!

    and, do you like the yellow date in the corner? because there is a setting on the camera to turn that off i think. i turned mine off years ago, but once i accidently turned it on without knowing and ruined some great night shots with it. even if you turn it off, you will still be able to tell the exact time/date you took the photo on by right mouse clicking and choosing properties, as far as i know. if you don't mind it there then just keep it.

    thanks again for taking the time to visit my site! i will try to come back and visit your site as well when i can and look through your archives when i get the chance.

  27. Thanks for sharing those pics. Looks like you had a great time and good seats also.

  28. Pat, my poetic friend!
    I am glad you came by to see this post.I was hoping you would!

    And, now you see the other side of
    I told you I had another side to me!
    You always mention my gentle side, and I do have it, but I was just a little wild and crazy at Springfield's concert!
    I danced and sang, and felt like a teenager again!
    I think I may have even caught Springfield's eye!
    He was in front of my eyes, and gave me a smile!
    It was just the most amazing night!
    I LOVED every minute of it!!!!!

  29. Hi Robyn
    It was the most fun you can imagine to rock to JESSIES GIRL live!
    I had the most fun you can imagine!
    Yeah, my hubby is pretty sweet!
    I left him all alone at the concert, but he did not mind, and took the best pics for me!
    I think I will keep him!

  30. patty
    I was most happy to comment on your new site!

    Yes, it was quite the night at Springfield's concert!
    You said you laughed about me leaving my husband behind at the concert!
    But, there was no way I could go back to Row 20... when I was able to be in Row 2!

    I knew he would forgive me for being a meany!
    I had to stay up front to keep my eyes on Springfield!
    He looked so good, and sang so great!
    And, yes he is 57! Amazing!

    My husband took great pics!
    He is a good photographer!
    I am thrilled at all his pics!

    I will come and visit you soon!
    Good luck on the new venture!
    I am sure you will be very successful!
    Take care!

  31. starry
    I did have a great time!
    I had a good seat only due to a sweet person letting me stay in her row!
    My hubby was back in row 20.
    Glad you liked the pics.

  32. Nice pictures! they look like it was a whole lot of fun! Hope you're revived and well rested now :)

  33. OMG he's HOT! Margie u r so lucky and now Im as J as a green monster lol!

    Glad u had a great time sweety...I simply love concerts!


  34. thanks natasha!
    I like the pics too!
    I am well rested... but, can't wait till the next time I can go to another Rick Springfield concert!
    I had the best time!

  35. Keshi girl
    You would have loved the concert!
    He was so amazing!
    And, yes totally HOT!


  36. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Hope you had a great time at the concert...

    Oh, by the way - your poetry is excellent!

  37. isn't he that soap opera guy? Yea, he had a song or something. Something about someone elses girlfriend?

  38. im glad you had fun :) huggzzzz
    You and your husband look like made for each other :) Be happy

  39. I loved him years ago, haven't heard anything lately...but good Lord, the man is HOT still!!!!

  40. ari,
    I did have a lot of fun!
    Thank you!
    I guess my husband and me are made for each other!
    He treats me very sweetly!
    I felt kind of badly about leaving him behind at the concert, but he did not mind one little bit!
    Take care!

  41. kathi,
    Yes, good Lord the man is HOT still!

  42. ozymandiaz,
    You are right on both counts!
    On General Hospital, and the song
    was Jessie's Girl!


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