Thursday, August 03, 2006


I had put a poem on here a few days ago
It was about a friend of mine...
Her name is Linda... but, I took the poem off
I am now putting it back on, so Linda can read it
She was at my blog this morning and read a comment about a poem "Linda"
that was on my blog...
She sent me an email to ask if it was about her
I told her I only have one friend named "Linda"

Linda... you are the most amazing friend.
I feel like I have known you forever
and it has only been 8 months.
I never imagined I would meet such a friend like you online
thanks for listening to me this morning
and my somewhat heavy heart
it was so soothing to me
to hear your voice
and your laughter
my heart is so much lighter now
because of you .

My Heart is your heart!!!!
and... don't worry I will be just fine!

Here is your poem!


Her smile is a soft smile
A sweet smile I know
Her eyes are dark eyes
Beautiful caring eyes that are so.

Voice filled with laughter
Her words always so neat
Always the right things said
So kind and so sweet.

A personality so charming
So dear to her friends
Always lending a helping hand
Until the very end.

Often she assists me
In various little ways
Just being her own sweet self
Helps make it a brighter day.

Yes, this is Linda
A very close friend of mine
Each of us would have to go a long way
To find a friend so fine!


  1. Linda is one who defines what friendship is...I'm glad u found her Margie. Cos u deserve the best.

    tnxxx for all the very sweet words in my post..I appreciate ur love and care. When ur ard, everything seems alright. Huggggggggz!


  2. lucky to have a beautiful friend like Linda and Linda is lucky to have a friend like you.

  3. I had commented on the previous Linda post, i will comment the same again. Linda, you are so lucky to have a friend like Margie. I love this poem.

    Whats wrong Margie? In the downs again? Take care. Keep smiling -ari

  4. keshi~
    You are sweet!
    Thanks !


  5. starry~
    Yes, I am so lucky to have Linda as my friend!
    We are so good for one another!
    It is amazing to me how we became
    such good friends in such a short
    But, she knows me so well, and she
    knows when I am upset just by the
    tone in my voice.
    I realize the same thing about her!

  6. ari~
    Thanks for commenting on my
    Linda poem again.
    And such a sweet comment!

    I am ok... really I am!
    Just trying to figure out some
    personal stuff in my life!
    I will most defintely keep
    smiling though!


  7. I'm glad that you have met such a wonderful friend like Linda. I want you to know that you are a wonderful friend to me as well. In a short bit, we will be able to have that cup of coffee.
    Take care my friend.

  8. choices~
    Awwww... thanks my sweet friend!
    You know how much you mean to me.
    Always and forever!
    Dang it... I miss you so much!
    Why did you have to move away?
    Oh I know why.
    But, it just is not right that you are not here instead of there!
    But, I will see you soon!
    I cannot wait!


  9. I'm sure Linda has tears in her eyes right now Margie. She is one lucky person to have a friend like you! Life is hard at times and sharing is what's it is all about. Sharing helps to take a load of our shoulders and that friend is there to support us. How special you are and the words to describe your friend are SO BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for sharing,

  10. now this is so sweet!
    youre both lucky to have each other :)

  11. friendly~
    Linda is a most wonderful friend!
    I am always happy to share!
    Thank you my friend!

  12. polona~
    We are lucky to have each other!:)

  13. Ah, the love of friendship. Lovely Margie and glad you put this one back up.

  14. don~
    Thank you so much!
    I am glad I put it back on too
    When my friend read it made her cry.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker