Thursday, August 17, 2006


A sweet blogger friend was feeling sad a few days ago.
She seems to be happy once again
I am glad for her
I was thinking of her last night and wrote a poem for her
I was running late for work this morning
and did not have time to post the poem then
So, I am posting it now.

Anyway... I hope you see this Kai!


What can I do
to take your sadness away
I don't want you to be blue
I want joy for you today!

Shall I bring you flowers
or some candy
soft, warm summer showers
might the candy be dandy!

I might try
and give you the moon
I'll reach up to the sky
Ok... I'm bringing it soon!

Shall I remind you
that you are sweet
and precious too
so special... so neat!

I will do this for you
so you won't be blue
even though I am far away!

And always remember
how beautiful you are
like the red, golden leaves in September
you are a shining star!


Smile Kai ... be Happy!!!


  1. How thoughtful and beautiful. Margie...this poem speaks volumes of the depths of your love for others. Thank you.

  2. Samuru: It shows who you are to KIA.
    She must be blessed to have you as her friend.

  3. that was so sweet :)

    I might try
    and give you the moon
    I'll reach up to the sky
    Ok... I'm bringing it soon!

    You are a very sweet and a caring person

  4. I'm sure Kai will love this.

  5. Margie what a sweet poem for Kia. this is going to warm her heart and bring a smile to her face.

  6. This is a very special gesture from u angelic.

    **What can I do
    to take your sadness away

    Asking that itself is enough to make someone feel better. That means u really CARE. How nice to have someone this caring and loving. HUGGGGGGGZ Margie I hope ur friend is already dancing bakk in her dancing shoes...Im sure she will after reading this.

    And Im dancing like a ballerina this time, all for u Margie ;-)

    Have a good one my golden heart!

  7. such a lovely sure kia will be happy after reading this!

  8. How thoughtful and kind, I am sure you have made kia very happy

  9. THAT wAS SO SWEEET!!! :) by the way, we (my fiance and me) took a bet on which one of the two are You in the pic!!! :)

    so tell me sometime as an aside... and i might just get that trip to McD!! :)

    Thank you so much Margie!!
    heyy, did i tell you have been to Colorado - Denver though...

  10. "I might try
    and give you the moon
    I'll reach up to the sky
    Ok... I'm bringing it soon"

    ...liked that because it is hummed from your heart, Marge !

  11. As i understand it receiving poetry always brightens a day...

  12. thank u so much....
    i really appreciate it..& it made
    me smile....
    & i always forgive u when u spell my name....
    thank u so much

    hugs & many smiles

  13. oh, margie, what a wonderful thing to do!

  14. Thank you so much Don for those
    kind words!

  15. Kia is a very sweet person priya.
    She writes poetry also... and it is wonderful!
    You should check out her blog!

  16. Hope so Aurora!
    Kia is so special!

  17. I do hope Kai will like it starry.
    She was sad this week... and it made me sad!

  18. You are so nice Keshi!
    Thanks for all that!
    Still dancing for me huh... now
    dancing like a ballerina... how sweet!

  19. Thanks neers!
    When were you in Denver?

  20. I hope it might cheer her up Pat!

  21. ozymadiaz~
    Poetry always brightens my day!

  22. kai~
    I am so glad my poem made you smile!
    And, I fixed the spelling of your I could have spelled it wrong puzzles me!
    Take care sweetie!

  23. You sure know how to cheer your friends up Margie. Using this wonderful talent and sharing it with us......Thank you!

  24. friendly~
    Thank you for those kind words!
    I so appreciate them!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker