Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Have you ever listened to the silent sounds
a canoe slipping through the water
a paintbrush against the canvas?

Have you ever heard your bare feet on the sandy beach
Have you noticed the stars sing
and have you heard the snow fall?

Have you listened to the autumn leaves
all shades of chrysanthemums drift to the grass
and the early morning mist fall like vapor in the pine trees?
Have you ever heard
birds in flight?
The softest breeze?

Have you ever had life whisper to you
that you are a part of all that is good?
That you can rise above all your afflictions
rise above every limitation
lift over the clouds of sorrow
and bloom as beautifully
as anything made?

Have you had your wordlessness
acknowledge with deep appreciation
for your every blessing
and the joy of being alive
in all these quiet things?

If you have a dream of quiet things
even for a few brief moments
draw your chair up beside mine.
Whatever I have not thought of ... you will
and it is all the better shared.


  1. (whispering)
    What a wonderful serene place to visit. You are so right about being still.

    I wish that I could adhere to the rule about listening (2 ears) more than talking (1 mouth) because you always get into trouble when no thought goes unvoiced.

  2. Extremely beautiful!!!! I REALLY like this one! It really makes me wanna pay attention to things like that! Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm very glad you like my Happy Fall!! :o)

  3. well written; as usual, it is normally the little things in life that gives so much joy.

  4. yes it's like reading a love letter without opening it :)

  5. beautifully written indeed.

    it's like sneaking a peak into a secret world

  6. Margie..another beautiful poem. thank you.

  7. This is beautiful, a wonderful reminder that we are more than our collective "to do" lists. Breathe, being content within ourselves then letting it ripple outward.

  8. ah, the sounds of quiet things...
    love them!
    love your poem, too!!

  9. HE
    (Whispering back)
    I am so at peace when I feel and hear all the guiet beauty around me!

    Thank you for your visit!

  10. jon
    Thank you!
    You can pay attention to all the quiet beauty around you!
    Take a walk late at night, and you will feel it!

  11. Thank you Christabelle!
    Yes, always the little things that give the most joy!

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  13. nabeel
    Thank you for that beautiful comment!

  14. kozi
    What a beautiful comment!
    Thank you!

  15. thank you Frida!
    I am at most content when I can let go of all the noise around me, and escape to the quiet things!

  16. thank you Polona!
    I often can feel all these quiet things when I go to your site!
    You have so much beauty there!

  17. this is too beautiful.

    **Have you ever heard your bare feet on the sandy beach

    to me that's the sound of heaven's music.


  18. The quiet moments of nature are so beautiful and peaceful. I love to enjoy all that beauty. Your poem made me realize how precious those quiet moments are.
    Thanks for sharing that!

  19. What a wonderful poem and such a peaceful blog. This is a great place to hang out for a bit!

  20. Beautiful Margie... I do believe this my favorite one so far! It touches everything... Lovely! :)

  21. Wow Margie. A well rounded love affair with life in the form of poetry. Enjoyed very much.

  22. Yes! I have! And I'm sitting right next to you now :-)

    I loved it Margie. Thank you!

  23. It's the small things in life that count, like connecting with other through blogging. Everyone has a purpose in life and should have the opportunity to share his or her thoughts.

  24. keshi
    Hearing my bare feet on the sandy beach is heaven's music too!


  25. anali
    I am glad you came by for a visit!
    Thanks for the kind words!

  26. kathleen
    This is my favorite poem also!
    Thank you always for the kind words!

  27. steve
    I am so glad you enjoyed my poem !
    I really enjoyed your description of my poem!
    Thank you!

  28. eileen
    I knew you did!
    Thank you so much!

  29. Jr
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Yes, it's the small things that often mean the most!

  30. Excellent. I like it... The sound of silence... Well said Margie.

    i am losing it. I thought i commented on this post today morning. Same thing happened on someone else's blog, thought i had commented but didnt. I guess i am stressed out :)

  31. Thanks Ari!
    Oh.... don't stress!
    Take care!

  32. I always look at sky, clouds and greenery and ask myself what am I doing in this world?

    The answer I get back is my own smiles thinking " you can make wonders".

  33. wow - I just took a moment and read all of the comments. Everyone is so nice here and has really constructive feedback.

    I love Jr's comment -
    "It's the small things in life that count, like connecting with others through blogging."

    I think people come into your life for a reason. I agree with the comment about your blog being very peaceful. It is calming and nice to read all of your poems. It breaks up my day and energizes me! It's a nice distraction from the daily stresses of work. Thanks Margie!


  34. Robyn, i completely agree with you. Margie's blog is very peaceful and soothing. I dont need a shrink when Margie is around with her serene and peaceful poetry. She is my stress buster :) I start my day reading her poems and end my day with it.

    Keep going Margie. :)

  35. priya
    That is wonderful you feel that way!
    Take care!

  36. robyn
    That is just so sweet of you to say all that!
    I am happy if I can add to your day !
    Take care!

  37. ari
    You always make me smile with your
    kind words!
    Thank you!
    Take care!

  38. Awwww how beautiful....margie I so need a holiday...can't go on one now..but your poem itself was like one.. :-)...sorry I am so late in coming by this time

  39. An auditory delight woven in words!

  40. So beautiful margie indeed...Yes I've heard so many of these magical moments and they're such treasures...thank you

  41. dodi
    Thank you so much!
    Hope you get to go on holiday soon!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker