Tuesday, June 20, 2006


When we lose a loved one
A part of us dies also.

For as much as the one you loved
did not belong to you...
your heart belonged to them.
You were entwined with one another.

You wonder... how shall I walk
in this world.. a world that...
no longer holds those footprints
of my loved one.

You will wonder
how can this world go on..
when your world has stopped.

In the language of tears...
You wiil speak to your loved one...
as your heart tries to comprehend...
what it cannot.

But wait... the power of love
will give you comfort.

In the hearts of those who love you...
and surround you with their caring hearts...
love can be found.

Friends who have been in
your place of sadness...
will be there
for you now.

Your grief will become your traveling companion...
the part of you...
that is strong... deep, and compassionate.

Peace will come
to you again
as you accept the mysteries
that are a part of life.

In time this veil of sorrow will lift...
and you will realize
what is most sacred
is the love we share
with the ones we love.

Soon... peace will come to
your heart...
and you will know...
that this love...
is an eternal

Love lives forever!


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  2. Again, this was remarkable. But, I think this one is my favorite...until your next one, I guess, lol. But this is something that anyone who has lost anyone (person or animal even) will relate to. I love the verse:
    You will wonder
    how can this world go on..
    when your world has stopped.

    That's a great line!

  3. choices,
    I am always happy when my poetry can help another relate to a situation... whether it be a situation of joy... or perhaps sadness. That is what our lives are all about... the joy and sadness making us who we are.
    Joy and peace be with you.

  4. Kathi,
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    You commented on the lines:
    You will wonder how
    this world go on.
    {glad you pointed that out
    as... it should have been.
    can go on... I fixed that)
    But, we have no choice...
    we must go on ... and continie
    to love our lives with all the
    gusto we can manage.

  5. Having lost my very best friend to a long illness and my nephew recently,(and my father many years ago) this poem says it all about loss and love. I am learning that healing takes time and our loved ones will always be in our thoughts, hearts, and what we shared with them will be the memories that will last forever.

  6. choices,
    Yes, healing takes time.
    Sometimes... a very long time.
    I have lost many loved ones in
    my life. It doesn't get any
    easier each time it happens.
    We just have to remember how
    blessed we were to have those
    special people in our lives.
    Hey, want to come over for some
    tea... shucks ... why in the
    heck (see, I don't cuss.. except
    at my hubby when he does not
    listen to me) do you have to
    live so far away. The teapot is
    on. See you.

  7. You are so right. We do and will always remember our loved ones and think of them in a very special way.
    Meeting up for tea? What a nice thought. Keep the tea pot on, maybe we might meet up some day.
    Take care of yourself.

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Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker