Thursday, June 29, 2006


In a few minutes... I am heading out to do some biking.
It is such a gorgeous day here in Colorado.
We really need rain though.
I posted a poem earlier today about sunshine.
I love the sun... and equally love the rain.
I know people are having flooding in other parts of the Country.
That causes such distress in their lives.
If only we could have a happy medium... that never seems to happen though.
We need the rain here, and others need the sun.

Anyway, here is my little poem. It is not great... as I wrote it without much thought. But, I will share it anyway.

Rain and Sunshine

Too much rain
Can cause so much pain...
Sunshine... beautiful, beautiful sunshine...
Can make us feel so fine...

The rain comes down...
On the sleepy little towns...
And causes pain...
and grief.

Go away rain
You are causing...
We need the sunshine...
to feel...

How I love the beautiful, beautiful sun... it allows me to have
But today...
I would welcome...
the rain...
All this beautiful sun ...
is causing...
me pain.


  1. I hope your bike ride was terrific! I haven't gone biking is SO long!!! Only those stationary ones at the gym. zzzzzzz! Anyway, what a beautiful poem! It was sunny here for a little bit, and now the clouds are starting to roll in again. Ah, such is life...

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Lovely twist at the end, wanting to share with those suffering. You possess a white soul, do you not?

  3. Deb,
    Thanks for stopping by my
    blog.My bike ride was pure
    bliss. CO. does have some
    beautiful scenery here.
    Some of the people I can take
    or leave though.Mostly leave,
    I guess.
    Glad you liked my simple
    little poem.
    I wish it would rain here...
    It is dangerously dry ...
    We have forest fires not too
    far away. Yikes! a little
    Sending wishes for peace and
    joy in your life!

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  6. there is a proverb in my native tongue that says

    'nobody gets the perfect world. some get an imperfect land, some an imperfect sky'

    ok, the translation sucks, but the proverb makes sense coz you don't always get what you need, and someone else may have an excess of it. happens in india all the time. some parts of the country are flooding and some face draught.

    the poem was nice - specially the twist in the last para, though i feel if taken outside the context of flood and rain, it wouldn't be easy to comprehend.

  7. sunflower,
    Glad you liked the poem.
    You are probably right about
    the twist to my poem in the
    end. But, you were able to
    appreciate what I meant.

  8. i like both equally as stand int he awesome power of a storm is inspiring...a jump inthe puddles after a gentle rain...or just a sunny day...i amall for it...

    happy 4th weekend!

  9. ok came looking for a bit of sun and found it...freezing here tonight...smiles...


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker