Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It is early here
and I can already hear the people cheer
The sun is not yet setting
the fireworks will soon start... I am betting
tonight I will not go out
I will stay in and think about my day... what it was about
I had a splendid day
my heart was brightened in a special way
by the many people I shared the day with
I worked and had no time to sit
as I worked... the people around me were so glad
not one face was sad
as I worked I heard the people cheer
the joy was so near
and then it was not the same
it was coming to the end of the game
the game was tied at four- four
my heart was sinking to the floor
it was up to my son
to get the winning run
I saw him at the bat
my husband said "look"
but I could not do that
I knew how much he wanted to win
I closed my eyes... and put my face in my chin
I was thinking of the poem "Casey at the bat" .. . Casey struck out
"don't do that... don't do that"...I wanted to shout
and then it happened... for my son
he won the game... with his homerun!!!!

This was a very special day for me.
I am so proud of my son... and so happy!
My son has been in a slump for a while now.
This made his day.
I had the best fireworks today...the joy of seeing my son happy!
(Oh, I was working in the concession stand)
And.... that is my son in this picture with me...
not exactly baseball attire.... more like prom attire.
He is my hero though!


  1. Margie heyy thanks for dropping by!

    ur son did u proud yeyyyyyyyyyy!


  2. Wow what a nice slice of american pie! A beautiful snapshot.

    Being a (proud) parent is so rewarding. I loved watching my daughter play baseball. She was ridiculously gifted, hit several grand slams every season and yet remained humble and team oriented. As a parent it doesn't get any better than that.

    Unless of course she wins an Oscar, Emmy, Nobel, or Pulitzer ...oh silly me, I mean as long as she and her siblings are happy and healthy.

  3. Good for your son!!! Can't beat those fireworks!!

  4. keshi,
    And thank you for stopping by
    to visit me. Your blog is great...
    so, I will be back often.
    Yes, my son did me proud..
    but he always does.
    Yesterday I was so very happy
    for him.

  5. homo escapeons,
    So nice of you to drop by
    my blog. I have already been to
    yours. I will be back often.
    Such wonderful people I am
    meeting through blogging.
    Sounds like your daughter was
    quite a baseball player.And,
    you are so proud of her.
    My son is a great player...
    but his team spirit is what
    makes me most proud.
    He is always humble and there for
    all the team.
    Yes, as a parent it does not get any better than that.

  6. kai,
    My son had the winning run..
    which made him so happy.
    But, winning for his team
    was he was most proud of.
    It was such a great game!!!

  7. pat,
    Nice to see you at my blog again.
    Hope you had a nice trip.
    Yes, those were the best kind
    of fireworks for my July 4th.
    Seeing my son's face light up
    after he got the homerun was

  8. Sounds like a blast - but you mean you didn't get to SEE his home run?

    That'll learn ya...

  9. darius,
    yes, I did see it... just as
    the ball was out of there!
    I opened my eyes just in time!

  10. the most wonderful kind of fireworks!
    i'm happy for your son and you...

  11. When you see happiness in kid's eyes. No more paradise you want in your life. Those short moments your son felt for the fireworks...I love to see kids like that.

  12. prash,
    Happiness in kid's eyes
    is paradise.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Have a happy day in France!

  13. thats great that u r happy and that u have an awesome kid. I wish ur family all the very best always!


  14. Its always nice to see ur kdis achieving something!!
    I still remember the proud look in my parents eyes everytime I achieved something!
    Enjoy these moments!

  15. keshi,
    thanks for coming by again.
    You are very kind!
    I do have an awesome kid.
    Next year will be his last
    year with us though...
    as he will be in his senior
    year of high school.
    Then he will be off to
    college... How I will miss
    I wish you the very best also.

  16. anand,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I just visited yours.
    Proud moments as parents!
    That is what gives me true
    joy! Those moments are a true

  17. awwww!
    Just hopped on to ur blog thru anand's and found it really sweet!
    These are such tender and beautiful moments of being a parent..being able to see and enjoy every little achievement of ur child!
    Its these little things that make us smile!
    Hope u see many more such moments!

  18. yay! I loved this post!!! Nothing like seeing the happiness in a child and knowing this made their day (especially when it's your own). I can relate to this since I have a little brother. It truly is the best feeling in the world!

  19. Wonderful news about your son! Cheers!

  20. ekta,
    Thanks for stopping by to
    visit me.
    Yes, it is the little things
    that make us smile.
    I hope you also have many
    special little moments to
    make you smile!

  21. robyn,
    I was happy to get a visit from
    my blogger friend in wonderful
    Glad you liked my post.
    I enjoyed writing it.
    There is nothing like seeing
    joy in children.
    It is the best feeling in the
    When do you leave for Chile?
    I will miss your visits here.
    Take care Robyn, and be safe!

  22. steve,
    Thank you.
    I hope you are doing well.
    Take care.

  23. when kids leave home it's always very hard for parents..I rem my mum's face at the airport when I left home for Uni...I will never forget the expression on her face that day.

    But stay happy always. Good times will always prevail. there's many more to come sweety :)


  24. I could hear the fireworks from here. Lovely. Good warmth in the poem. Real. I liked it. Bravo.

  25. keshi,
    yes... good times will always
    Thanks for those words.
    You are very kind and nice.

  26. don,
    You are so nice.
    Thanks for the kind words
    about my poem.

  27. You know this hit home with me, mine has turned into the 'man of the house', even choosing to be the one that talks to sales people that come knocking. This was a very special 4th for us. Thank you for this, beautiful.

  28. kathi,
    Thank you.
    Is it not the most wonderful
    feeling to be proud of our kids.

  29. congrats to you and your son! Quite a day! lovely poem.

  30. ari4u,
    It was quite a day!
    Thanks for the kind words!

  31. Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker