Wednesday, July 26, 2006


"You're afraid you won't be perfect"
I'm afraid you'll think you are.
What would others have to be
to live up to your expectancy?

The narrow rim you have to walk
is far too sharp for me.
I'll drop down into a warmer neighborhood
of sinners such as me.

It is a genial atmosphere
of helping other sinners
to be their best in their humanity.

Who needs perfection
if their be gentleness
and quick and kind


  1. Wonderful poem for starters.

    Ah, the almighty question has been put forth: To be or not to be...perfect.

    The Dalai Lama said that 60% is perfect. That's good enough for me...the gray fox from Cleveland who has his wine every night, who longs for the flesh on a regular basis, who writes imperfect poetry, plays the air guitar (anything 60s), and who runs a company his way because it gives him joy.

    Perfect? Just another concept we cling to in our unwillingness to just be who we are. After all, we are that which comes before...even perfection. Imagine that. guess is that you are at least 61% perfect, and you have nothing to prove to anyone...

    Rocky Mountain High.

  2. to me human imperfection is perfection. as long as there's love, nuttin else matters.

    **I'll drop down into a warmer neighborhood
    of sinners such as me.

    great expression.


  3. yes who needs perfection when all we need is satisfaction..

  4. Great poem Margie...

    the wonderful thing about imperfection is that it is perfect... always has been, always will be...! :)

  5. don~
    You are too kind!
    61% perfect... not bad...
    I'll take that .

  6. andrew~
    Glad my poem captured
    your interest!

  7. divya~
    Thanks for visiting!
    Yes... satisfaction over

  8. indeed, who needs perfection?
    well done!

  9. don,
    Oh... by the way... you do not
    write imperfect poetry... it is
    quite perfect to me.
    And while you are playing your
    guitar... would you play a song
    for me.
    Thanks for all your kind words...
    Margie :)

  10. polona ~
    Thanks so very much! :)

  11. Guess I'm a little more comfortable in the "warmer neighborhood" myself. Good poem Margie!!

  12. Pat~
    Thank you so much!
    I only fit into
    "the warmer neighborhood"

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Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker