Thursday, July 27, 2006


There is a time for sunrise when we look forward to
the beginning of a new day.

There is a time for trust when we just know that
someone will be there to hold our hand in times of

There is a time for disappointment when no one is
there with us and we are afraid.

There is a time for playing when we enjoy spreading
the music flowing into the fiber of our being.

There is a time for silence when we search again
for light in the days our lives.

There is a time for happiness when we can see in the
eyes of our children the promise of the future.

There is a time for grief when our heart is broken
by the loss of someone dear.

There is a time for rest when we just need to get away
from everything and relax.

There is a time for questioning when we cannot
make out the puzzle and mystery of our lives.

There is a time for loneliness when everyone is busy
and no one takes the time to let us know they are

There is a time for celebration when we can share
with our friends the joy they've brought into our

There is a time for trepidation when we get nervous
about what is happening to us.

There is a time for stillness when we are at peace
and take the time to treasure forgotten gifts.

There is a time for patience when there is nothing
else that we can do but wait and see.

There is a time for wonder when we hold our
breath in awe to the beauty of creation.

There is a time for confidence when we know that
we can make a difference and be somebody in the

There is a time for tears when we just need to disclose
the hurts we feel inside.

There is a time for laughter when we feel free
to be ourselves and play our foolish games.

There is a time for sickness when we are confronted
with the limitations and failures of our body.

There is a time for unity when our strength is being
together to achieve the same goals.

There is a time for freedom when we need to find
our own path along the way.

There is a time for uncertainty when we are anxious
about our tomorrow.

And there is a time when time is not a certainty any
longer and we can expect our life
to end at any time.

That is the time for the sunset when we meet God
with all the times we have lived in His creation.


  1. What a beautful way to look at life. Thanks my friend, for saying things so beautifully.

  2. Looks like there is time for everything.

  3. Hi Margie, quite sometime, I can see ure back and u had a swell time, rite?
    hey I love that poem on being ok, it simply splendid.

    ... and true theres a time for everything, we must always realise that. beautiful posts.

  4. Lovely Margie. I really like this. Could be the lyrics to a song. How is your voice? Like a songbird...I know.

  5. Samuru, I just enjoyed all the words each and everyone coz its all true in our lives.

  6. This was so on target, good stuff, again. Thanks, I needed it, too.

  7. Absolutely Beautiful! :o)

  8. Thank you soooo much! :oD

  9. enjoyed reading this. thank you!

  10. That was so beautiful Margie.Touched my heart.

  11. That was so beautiful Margie.Touched my heart.

  12. Aww...very encouraging...Nice one...:)

  13. We cover a lot of ground here don't we? Thank you for your beautiful words.

  14. choices ~ Thank you my friend for
    for the kind words!

    ozymandiaz ~ yes, a time for

    kai ~ Thanks so much!

    christabelle ~ Thanks for your
    kind words! Yes... I had a wonderful trip!

  15. don ~ Thanks so much! A song...
    maybe... I like to sing, but do
    not have a songbird's voice.
    I bet you could sing it quite nicely though.

    priya ~ I am so glad you enjoyed
    all the words in the poem.
    Thank you!

    kathi ~ Thank you! If I am able
    to add to your day, I am happy!

  16. jon ~ Thank you so much!

    polona ~ Thank very much!
    Happy you enjoyed it!

    starry ~ Thank you so much!
    It touches my heart that my poem
    touched your heart!!

  17. contented ~ Thanks so much!!

    eileen ~ Yes, I guess my poem did
    cover a lot of ground...I tried to
    capture what my life entails...
    Thanks for the kind words!

    natasha ~ Thanks so much... and
    thanks for visiting!

  18. Oh Wow!!
    That somehow made me so relieved!
    Believe me, ur post was soemthing that I really needed right now!

  19. velu ~ Thanks so very much!
    And how happy it makes me that my
    post could help you!!!
    You are very welcome!

  20. I wish u have a good time:)

  21. And of course there is a time to appreciate our resident poet and commentator on all that she sees, feels and experiences in life - and is so kind to share it with us.
    Thank you my friend.

  22. WOW, Margie! So so very true! Simply beautiful...

  23. robert~
    I do appreciate your most
    kind words!
    Thank you so much!

  24. plus ultra~
    I like the last line too!
    Thank you!

  25. awesome and well written. Couldnt have said it better. My fav... There is a time for uncertainty when we are anxious
    about our tomorrow.

    One from me :)
    There is always time to read Margie's poetry

    Take care

  26. ari4u ~
    Thanks so much!
    I am glad to see you again...
    missed you!
    And the one from you..
    was so nice... Thanks!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker