Sunday, July 30, 2006


You can hear music everywhere ...
If you have a heart that sings!
You can hear a melody...
In ordinary things ...

In the whisper of the wind ...
Through the branches of the trees ...
In the chriping of the crickets ...
In the humming of the bees ...
In the chatter of the squirrel ...
In the whir of tiny wings ...

You can hear music everywhere ...
If you have a heart that sings!

In the rhythm of the raindrops ...
In the rippling of the stream ...
In the lilt of children's laughter ...
As they romp upon the grass of green ...
In the warm voice of a friend ...
And the comfort that it brings ...

You can hear music everywhere ...
If you have a heart that sings!


  1. I really like this, it has such a happy uplifting feeling to it.

    I bet I hear music everywhere today.:)

  2. True. For anyone living a life that's free of real hardship (great poverty, disease, war, etc.), I think that happiness is much more about the attitude you bring to the things around you than it is about anything else.

  3. When the heart sings the ordinary does become extraordinary. You look at things differently, everything is so much more colorful. You did it again. Good one! :)

  4. So true. Margie you sure can write.just beautiful.

  5. Margie you definitely have a heart that sings with beautiful poetry!!

  6. Well, tell me where to find one of those singing hearts! I desperately need one! :)

    Cheerful words, Margie. Very nice indeed.

  7. Wonderful poem Margie... and great for a sunny Sunday... which is what it was here! Many Hearts singing...! :)

  8. Hi Margie. You are such a sweetie, no wonder you've got all these friends checking in all the time! I like this poem. Uplifting and joyful. :^) Thanks for being you.

  9. top cat ~
    Thank you!
    I am hoping and also betting
    you did hear music everywhere

    darius ~
    I agree with you completely.
    I am looking forward to your
    next post!

  10. polona ~
    Thank you so very much!

    natasha ~
    Thank you also for the
    kind words!

  11. kathi ~
    Such kind words!
    Thank you!

    starry ~
    I thank you also for the
    very kind words!

  12. pat ~
    Oh thank you so much for
    those kind words!
    I only wish I could write
    poetry the way you do.

    aurora ~
    Thanks so very much!
    I am pretty sure you already
    have a singing heart!

  13. kathleen ~
    Thanks so much!
    Yes... many hearts singing
    on this sunny Sunday!

    mumbai guy ~
    Thank you and nice to have
    you visit me here.

    steve ~
    Glad you liked the poem....
    and thanks so much for those
    kind and thoughtful words.
    I hope so much all is going
    well in your journey!

  14. Margie... i absolutely love your poetry. So beautiful and serene and at the same time downright simple. Each word flows like silk....

    I love the way your style has changed over the last few days, from the gloomy downs those days to the cheerful petals you spread around now. Fantastic. Keep them coming.

    Sometime (ofcourse with your permission), i plan to use your lovely poetry on my blog to make my pictures look better and expressive ;)

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  16. ari4u~
    I do thank you for those most
    kind words about my poetry!:)
    They are very much appreciated!
    Your blog is wonderful!
    I do enjoy all the amazimg
    pictures you share there.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker