Sunday, July 09, 2006


Don wrote a very beautiful poem that was passionate...
and just a touch "steamy"! I told him I was going to try and write
a poem like that. He said "Why not... give it a shot."
Passion is better than sitting around being sad...
yes, I am sad today... missing my friend...
but, being sad is ok... sometimes it is what the soul needs... for a little while...
so, here goes with my poem...
Not " steamy" like yours Don, I am a little bit shy!
Just romance!


oooh you move my very soul!
so sensitive to the touch...

my eyes are closed
but not quite tight

i can only utter those words

and i will call your name
at a whisper

to let you know
you're not just another

you are mine
like no one before you

the playing never stops until...
need i say more?

you know how i get
you just know


  1. sweet & romantic....

    sorry i wasn't on my chatbox...

  2. That is steamy! It gives me goosebumps!

  3. choices,
    Was it really steamy?... I did
    not mean for it to be.
    As you know how I am...
    a little on the shy side.

  4. Love it. full of the stuff that gives passion it's name in the first place. Nice use of spaces and movement in the poem.

    Shy and demure are also qualities contributing to passion. I liked the poem a lot.

  5. ok....
    i'm writing some romantic haikus

  6. :-)
    must say that seems to be coming straight from the heart!

  7. don,
    Well, I am glad you liked the
    poem. I guees it just goes to
    prove "shy and demure" girls
    can write poems with passion.
    I kind of like it myself.
    Thanks Don... as it was your poem
    that inspired me to write this one.

  8. ari4u,
    Thanks for being so nice!
    Glad you liked my poem.
    That is not usually my style.
    But, I guess I pulled it
    off ok.

  9. ekta,
    And, I loved your story about
    your parents so much,
    It was so touching!!

  10. starry nights,
    I thank you for the kind
    words. You are so sweet!

  11. kai,
    I will be waiting for your
    romantic haikus.... I love
    romance... pure bliss!!!

  12. Hey samuru,
    Simple, sweet and touching piece!

  13. anad,
    thanks for visiting me again.
    And thanks for the very kind

  14. thank u......i may have a love bug...

  15. Kai,
    That is ok... love bug's
    are good!
    Keep on with the romance!

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  17. whoaaa smokin! ;-)

    **Passion is better than sitting around being sad...

    so true...thats just so very true! I wonder why some ppl waste time crying for too long when they can use some passion up and write wonderful verses like u do :)


  18. keshi,
    You are so sweet!
    Thank you!
    You liked what I wrote then.
    It seems like all the wonderful
    people that have read this poem
    like it also.
    I am touched!
    And, hey... that was quite
    a nun's outfit you had on!

  19. feels good writing from heart

    Thank you for visiting my page .. hope u will again

  20. mindinside,
    And thanks for visiting me.
    I most defintely will come
    back to visit you.

  21. I love how this is written. hmmmmmmm!
    Thanks for stopping at my blog, now I know about you and will come back! :)

  22. Andrew,
    Thank you!
    And, I will be by often to
    visit you.
    I'm here trying to write
    another poem...but... it
    is not turning out right.
    So I will try it tomorrow.

  23. Your poem truly came from the heart. To me poetry is all in the imagination and how it is interpreted. Your poetry is getting so much better.

  24. Keshi.
    yes, lol@nun!
    I would not have made a good nun.
    I would have had my eyes on the
    good-looking priests.
    And, that would have been a very
    bad thing for an nun!lol!
    I like you... you are funny!

  25. Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker