Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I am always finding new discoveries
about who I am
each day
What about you?


Oh, part of me is mischevious and merry
possessed of a gypsy heart
that in rollicking , laughing abandonment
scoffs at my gentler part ...

Where did she come from?
this other self
that pounds like the ocean waves
until my mind can scare contain
the way she misbehaves ...

Tell me, shall I finally choose
the gentle and quiet ways?
or the capricious elfin-heart
that leads me quite a chase?

Yet, can I not be two-in-one?
for one is such a persister!
perhaps the staid could gently mold
her Romany-blooded sister!


  1. If you pick the milder one, you will never be contented.
    On the other hand if you choose your wilder-self, you will not feel monotonous

    I think the later will suit you better but mind you that it is your choice and which ever you prefer…plz stick with it.

  2. multiple personalities!! the various manifestations of I...! and all of us have it... some acknowledge it and some deny it! hey Margie, tried posting comments yesterday too.. but guess the blogger thing was down.. wouldnt let me do a thing!! liked the post on "OK" too.. :)

    good, you had a wonderful vacation.. am looking forward to mine! :)

    thanks for coming by!

  3. It is good to have our other self. How dull the human race would be if we just had one self. It makes life interesting.

  4. First of all, beautifully said. Did I detect a bit of Elizabeth Barrett Browning or perhaps Anne Finch in this poem?

    The playful and the sensitive go nicely together...like soft gloden sun on frisky ocean waves...

  5. Can there be a yin without a yang? Not and maintain balance. It is the whole of us, the sinner and the saint, that make us who we are. If parts are denied, we are incomplete. That and those inner conversations would be much less interesting.

  6. You have beautiful, upbeat, positive posts, Margie, and thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Uh, your picture...is that you and your other self?

    Have a great day.

  7. Margie, we like to give different names to it, definitely not multiple personality. Aatma, conscience, is a different thing altogether. that too is our imagination. just one mind behaves differently under different situations. reason and emotions too is our own making. just words just names nothing else. I think I am a very passive person, but I have felt like killing people sometimes when I read news paper or watch TV

  8. Well speaking for ONLY myself, my multiple personality disorder is not a disorder, it’s a quality I think… (eh-hem) hehe…. I totally believe that the beautiful thing about a person’s persona is that it ranges from highs to lows; whether we admit to it, or not. We have many facets of our character, and some we try to hide. Sometimes showing all sides, shows how beautiful the human heart really is…

    Beautiful post!

    Now I need to take my meds! ~ ;)

  9. I guess thats so true. As for me, I surpise myself constantly with new discoveries abt moi every day! ;)

    Welcome back!

  10. I hv just blogrolled u, btw!

  11. lovely post, you expressed it well!
    you should embrace and accept both sides of your personality...

  12. thanks for the generous comment on my blog & I see it comes from a poet, too. :)
    I like the prose style you use on your posts. A unique way of posting.

    as for the content. I understand very well.

  13. To all of the many expressions of you - welcome home.
    And thank you for your most insightful prose!

  14. Nice one samuru. We all have 2 sides and we need to enjoy it in a good way.

    I will when I visit next time.

  15. jac~ I guess I will keep both the
    milder and wilder side ...
    they are both me... and one
    balances the other.

    neers~ Glad you were able to post
    here today.
    When will you leave on
    your vacation?
    CU later.

  16. choices,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I know you are busy now.

  17. don,
    You really are too kind.
    You always say the nicest
    things... I do love those
    two poets though.
    Your words "like soft golden
    sun on frisky ocean waves"
    capture very nicely how I
    might feel at times.
    Thanks Don!

  18. oxymandiaz,
    I agree with you....
    If we deny parts of who we are
    ... we will be incomplete.

  19. I know what you mean, although for me it was mainly chronological. My biggest "personality split," so to speak, came in my mid thirties. It seemed less of an actual split than starting to live out some of the things about me that were real, but just - I guess you could say secondary. I became more sociable, less the "introverted artistic type." Not that I lost the latter, but that I found I enjoyed people more once I became more at ease with myself.

  20. within without,
    As for my picture...
    it's me and my sweet daughter.
    Are we not sweet together?

  21. rauf,
    I know just what you mean.
    I also consider myself a very
    passive person... but I too
    get very mad at some of the
    stuff that goes on in
    this crazy world.

  22. deb~
    I like your words
    "sometimes showing all sides
    shows how beautiful the
    human heart really is"
    Lovely choice of words.

  23. velu~
    Thanks for the welcome back.
    All the little discoveries
    about who we are...
    are the best part of who
    we are.
    Thanks for adding me to
    your blogroll.
    CU later.

  24. eileen~
    Thanks for the kind words.

  25. priya~
    Thanks... and do let me know
    when you come here again.

  26. darius~
    I agree with you...
    I also enjoy people more
    when I am at ease with myself.

  27. Who can define this better than a gemini!!
    I think each one of us has the "other me" in them..and I so relate to this..
    There are times when I want to be surrounded by frds and there are times when I dont want a single soul ard me...

  28. ekta~
    A gemini... I understand how you
    could relate.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Take care

  29. It's the mischievious side that keeps the fire alive!!

  30. Im only one yet Im many...


  31. pat~
    Yes I agree with you.
    Having a little mischief in us
    is good!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker